2nd Video Shows Jason Mitchell Cursing Out Passenger Before First Class Meltdown

Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell

Mitchell previously missed his original flight, with a first class seat, and was flying standby. In the footage, both passengers and crew can be heard trying to calm Mitchell to no avail.

While Mitchell was clearly upset, someone has to explain this logic of paying for a flight and the airline deciding, "Sorry, boo - someone else got that seat".

"Am I talking to you?"

TMZ obtained new video of the insane scene which shows Mitchell actually sitting in the economy seat to which he got bumped.

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A flight attendant approached, the situation escalated with Jason screaming, "I'll bat the f**k outta you!" Instead, he was offered a Comfort+ seat, which was reportedly the only seat left.

Jason Mitchell as Eazy-E in "Straight Outta Compton". I got my confirmation, I got my everything. "Why I can't sit in my seat?"

Well, the whole plane was able "to see this sh*t" and so has the whole world because TMZ got video. Jason was on his phone telling someone about his ordeal, and a first class passenger overheard and apparently made a comment. "What you doing? Why you doing that?" He was then removed from the plane, and law enforcement took him into custody. No charges were filed against the actor, according to a Delta rep. It is not immediately clear if Mitchell was re-seated on a separate flight to Salt Lake City.

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