Blood donations desperately needed after Hurricane Harvey, ahead of Labor Day

Blood donations needed across the country in the wake of Harvey

Blood bank asks Manatee residents for donations to help Texas

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, United Blood Services is asking for northern Nevadans to give.

In the wake of the storm, many blood drives have been cancelled and donor centers closed in the affected areas. O positive is the most common blood type, and people with O negative blood are often called "universal donors" because their donations can be given safely to nearly any person, regardless of blood type. The storm has had a significant impact on blood collection and patients in Texas.

"We're just sending every resource we can to help in that response effort", Red Cross regional communications director Trisha Burnett said. "We did ship 150 units to Texas here on Monday morning". "This is preventing blood centers in the path of the storm from collecting blood supplies necessary for lifesaving transfusions at hospitals based in and around the Houston community".

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Group O blood donations and platelet donations are most critically needed at this time; however, all donations are welcome.

A major problem blood centers in Southeast Texas are facing is transporting blood to hospitals, officials said.

Miller-Keystone said it is working with America's Blood Centers (ABC) and The Community Blood Centers' Exchange (BCx), and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is arranging the transportation of blood products into the Houston area. Help save a life this week - give blood.

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