Apple, takes the OLED Screen from the Samsung once again!

The internet is ablaze with excitement. Regardless, it stands to reason that pre-orders for the iPhone 8 will still open up on Friday, September 15.

"Apple will retake second place with the new iPhone in late September, but Chinese manufacturers' market share will only rise in the long run". This is because the Cupertino-giant has not made its mind about the specifications on the iPhone 8.

Well, it could be that too.

The good news is that we only have to wait a few more days before Apple introduces the iPhone 8, a device that will arguably introduce more new features than any other iPhone release in history.

Despite overcoming Apple, Huawei is not present in the world's Top 10 best-selling smartphones. Lack of awareness among consumers about the potentials of the iPhone 8's new and powerful features.

Apple will also be launching an Apple Watch during the event.

Insiders expect the new iPhone 8 to be substantially different from its previous models. The main casualty here is the Touch ID panel, which will - depending on who you listen to - be shifted to the back of the handset, or become embedded within the front display itself. How much will the new iPhone cost?

So, I shouldn't bother then?

By shrinking the bezel, smartphone makers are able to cram bigger displays into smaller bodies, making devices more pocketable.

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That means no home button.

Ah yes, that old thing. The same firmware also revealed the existence of Face ID, which uses an infrared scanner to unlock the phone via facial recognition.

Apple is working on that, although there won't be an overnight fix. Many analysts claimed that Apple had ditched the idea of embedding a fingerprint sensor underneath the tenth anniversary iPhone's display due to yield issues and technology constraints. What are the specs?

Nevertheless, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are expected to hit the retail shelves as early as September 22 in line with their proposed release schedule.

"This could be potentially one of the more interesting and exciting Apple events", he said.

In a briefing note obtained by Mac Rumours, he said the phones would use a sheet of graphite to stop them overheating while charging wirelessly.

Apple sold 41 million iPhones in the second quarter.

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