A brand new Mozilla Firefox is here. Changes and new features inside

Firefox Quantum is updated to look the same of any display regardless of the device or platform — be it mobile desktop or tablets

A brand new Mozilla Firefox is here. Changes and new features inside

It's different from the Firefox Focus but it's also fast and powerful.

Firefox 57 hasn't rolled out in all Play Store locations just yet, but you do want to check it out, you can pick up the APK file here. The agreement recalls an older deal that was scuttled when Firefox and Google's Chrome web browser became bitter rivals.

The tagline adopted for the new Firefox marketing campaign is Fast for Good and conveys the message that with Firefox 57 there is no trade-off between performance (the "easy" choice) and the "right" choice - mentioning powerful privacy options and Mozilla's mission-driven not-for profit status. While it was a small change, it was part of a number of moves that turned users against Firefox because it didn't always feel as if Mozilla had the user's best interests in mind. It also ships with more than 60 pre-installed search engines, with Google rather surprisingly set as the default for browsers in the USA and Canada.

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On iOS, Firefox v10.1 gets the Photon UI, search suggestions enabled by default, trending stories from Pocket in the new tab interface, a brand new "no image" mode for faster loading times, and a highlights interface to quickly jump back to a previously viewed site. The latest browser has more than 60 search providers pre-installed across more than 90 languages. Mozilla claims that it is 30% lighter than Chrome, which could free up more memory for other programs. To create Photon, our user research team studied how people browsed the web. What's that you say?

According to a blog post, Mozilla's year-long overhaul changed or added over 11 million lines of code, though it's not clear if "changed" includes "deleted" (presumably it does). This clause also allowed Mozilla to walk away at its sole discretion. Since then, Verizon purchased the troubled Yahoo, ousted Mayer, and combined the company with AOL under a new name, Oath. Gizmodo has reached out to ask if it'll make those terms available before its annual statement. The entire Mozilla London office wears fox onesies for the launch of Firefox Quantum.

A visual analogue of what the Quantum CSS engine means for the new browser. It's also a win-win for Google. A lot of these payments go to Apple Inc., which runs Google search as the default on Safari.

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