Oil stable as OPEC says it is committed to rebalance markets

The global benchmark traded at a premium of $2.27 to WTI. The latest American Petroleum Institute (API) data recorded a draw in inventories of 0.8mn barrels for the week ending April 7th and the third successive weekly draw although it was lower than the expected draw of 1.3mn barrels. [Full Article...]

Wells Fargo ups sales practices settlement to $142 million

WFC has been the subject of several other reports. Zacks Investment Research lowered Wells Fargo & Co from a "buy" rating to a "hold" rating in a report on Saturday, December 31st. The company's quarterly revenue was down.9% on a year-over-year basis. If you are accessing this news story on another website, it was illegally copied and republished in violation of U.S. [Full Article...]

Saudi oil export drops to lowest level since 2015

Saudi oil export drops to lowest level since 2015 Recently, OPEC published a report stating that the group has cut output for March beyond the agreed amounts. "Unless the (EIA) data shows something drastically different, this report should cause a severe dent in the bullish case (for oil prices)", said Sukrit Vijayakar, director of energy consultancy Trifecta. [Full Article...]

Apparel retailer Bebe Stores says to shut all stores

Apparel retailer Bebe Stores says to shut all stores The company said it was not clear yet how large a loss the decision would trigger. ( BEBE ) will close all its stores by the end of May 2017. For the six months ended January 2, same-store sales decreased 7.4%. Founded by CEO Manny Mashouf in San Francisco, 1976, the store drew its name from Shakespeare's phrase, "To be, or not to be". Bebe has not commented on the closure and there was... [Full Article...]

Trump signs 'Buy American, Hire American' order

Specifically, they would look into whether waivers in free-trade agreements are leading to unfair trade by companies outside the US and whether it undercuts American companies on a global playing field. Under the current system, a company who is sponsoring a potential employee or current employee's H-1B petition may fill out a form to expedite the processing of that petition. [Full Article...]

Mike Pence: USS Carl Vinson Location Snafu Wasn't Intentional

The U.S. Pacific Command announced earlier this month that the strike group led by the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson was redirected to the Western Pacific from previously planned port visits to Australia. "We can not comment on details of U.S. operation of its assets", a military official said in Seoul, South Korea's capital. "We said that it was heading there, and it was heading there, it ... [Full Article...]

BP's leaking Alaska well stops spraying crude oil, still emitting gas

The network said other quantities of natural gas were leaking from the site along with crude oil and investigations were underway to find out the causes of the accident. But its infamous 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill focused the world's attention on the environmental and economic importance of the Gulf of Mexico. The production of the North Slope rose to about 565,000 Barrels per day in the mon... [Full Article...]

Britain set for 'watershed' first coal-free day since Industrial Revolution

Britain set for 'watershed' first coal-free day since Industrial Revolution The IEA said earlier this week that gas accounted for 44% of United Kingdom power generation in 2016, compared with coal at only 9%, noting that low gas prices and the UK's carbon tax had reduced coal-firing; it added that the respective United Kingdom figures for 2015 were 30% and 23%. [Full Article...]

Canadian envoy downplaying talk of potential trade rift with the US

U.S. President Donald Trump's protectionist speech in Wisconsin included a harsh and direct attack on trade with Canada. The governor recently joined Wisconsin Gov. Trump said. "I'm sure we'll hear lots about dairy and we'll hear lots about other things and I'm sure there will be a lot of things that we will want to talk to them about, too". [Full Article...]

Trump says Iran not living up to nuclear deal

Tillerson accused Iran of " alarming ongoing provocations " to destabilize countries in the Middle East. And he said that the Trump administration sees the Iran deal as part of a "failed approach" of previous administrations that helped bring about a nuclear North Korea. [Full Article...]

US Existing Home Sales Jump To Ten-Year High In March

US Existing Home Sales Jump To Ten-Year High In March Total housing inventory at the end of last month increased 5.8 percent to 1.83 million, but it was still 6.6 percent lower than a year ago, and has fallen for 22 straight months. Homes sold in the Akron area were on the market for 61 days, on average. Economists have been predicting a "spring revival" since the beginning of the year thanks to hearty buyers who refuse to let low inventory keep th... [Full Article...]

Regina commemorates 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

The variety of commemorative activities were created to bring Canadians, especially youth, together, to honour Canada's victory at the Battle of Vimy Ridge and contribution to the First World War. I can say without hesitation that Manitobans have never forgotten, and we will never forget, the sacrifice made by our fearless men and women in uniform. [Full Article...]

"I said it was obsolete. It's no longer obsolete".

Trump made these remark at a joint press conference with visiting NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the White House. He has also repeatedly insisted that member nations pay more for NATO's operations; supporters of the argument say this pressure pushes our allies to live up to their responsibilities, while critics have argued that it makes North Atlantic Treaty Organisation look more l... [Full Article...]

Soldier killed by anti-Maduro protesters in Venezuela

The European Union today called for calm in Venezuela after "highly regrettable" deaths during protests against the government of the oil-rich country. "We have to protest because this country is dying of hunger said Alexis Mendoza, a 53-year-old administrator marching in the Caracas neighbourhood of El Paraiso". [Full Article...]

Force India F1 team boss Vijay Mallya arrested in London

The Scotland Yard on Tuesday arrested absconding Indian liquor baron Vijay Mallya in London , local media reported. "He was arrested after attending a central London police station, and will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court later today, 18 April", it said. [Full Article...]

14 killed, 17 injured as truck runs into crowd in southern India

14 killed, 17 injured as truck runs into crowd in southern India The truck then ran into shops on the roadside, trampling at least six persons to death. According to the police, the truck driver lost control of the vehicle and rammed into a auto first, then hit an electricity pole after which it crashed into roadside commercial shops at the busy Putalapatu-Naidupet junction. [Full Article...]

Unilever reports rising sales and boosts dividend

Unilever reports rising sales and boosts dividend Rival Nestle on Thursday reported a slowdown in quarterly sales, in line with analyst expectations. The company noted that sales in Foods, impacted by the later Easter this year, were flat. Distiller Pernod Ricard SA in March lifted the cost of some spirits and wines in the United Kingdom. Positive aspects of the period for Nestle, the maker of Lean Cuisine meals, included accelerating sales... [Full Article...]

United Airlines Is Less Unpopular Than Donald Trump

United Airlines Is Less Unpopular Than Donald Trump As the president has waded more into world affairs, 39 percent of respondents said they believe he will embroil the United States into World War III, while a slightly bigger group, 40 percent, believe Trump won't start a massive war. Despite reports that say more flights are on time and that airlines are losing fewer bags, the incident fueled the perception that flying has become a nightmare and... [Full Article...]

Tesla recalling 53000 vehicles worldwide for brake problem

Tesla recalling 53000 vehicles worldwide for brake problem The company said the cars are safe to drive until the parking brake is replaced. In a statement released by the company, it said that only around 2% of the recalled vehicles were known to be affected by the brake issue. Tesla has already confirmed that the issue won't cause any danger to the safety of the occupants of the auto. We have also determined that only a very small percentage of gear... [Full Article...]

Christie defends killing tunnel project, says it 'stunk'

Christie defends killing tunnel project, says it 'stunk' And since the cancellation, a new Hudson River tunnel plan has been drafted, known as Gateway , which more fairly distributes the costs among federal government and NY and New Jersey "under a deal that I negotiated", Christie said. But as the politicians spoke, protesters organized by the New Jersey Working Families Alliance stood behind them, holding up signs that directly targeted Christie. [Full Article...]

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