Wsj, verso taglio 20.000 posti di lavoro nel mondo

Wsj, verso taglio 20.000 posti di lavoro nel mondo Una decisione che arriva sotto la pressione dall'ad Mark Field, che guarda al valore delle azioni, pericolosamente in discesa in Borsa. New York, 16 mag. Tagliare i costi e diventare più leggeri ed efficienti possibile", conclude la Casa " resta parte dei piani . Con Fields alla guida, i titoli di Ford sono finiti sotto pressione e la sua capitalizzazione di mercato è scesa anche sotto quel... [Full Article...]

Lions reeling as Billy Vunipola forced out of tour

Lions reeling as Billy Vunipola forced out of tour Vunipola had been expected to be a Test starter on the gruelling tour and he will be hard to replace. At the top of his game he is a player who Gatland, ... The news will certainly cast a shadow over this week's training camp at Carton House near Dublin, where 30 players will be in attendance. The Lions say that "routine medical screening" will be conducted over the next 24 hours. [Full Article...]

Commissione UE: reintrodurre tassa prima casa

Commissione UE: reintrodurre tassa prima casa Presentato oggi il "pacchetto di primavera", ricco di raccomandazioni e pareri e che "fa seguito al pacchetto d'inverno del semestre europeo di febbraio - si legge nella nota - e tiene conto delle conclusioni in esso contenute, anche per quanto concerne la procedura per gli squilibri macroeconomici". [Full Article...]

New Zealand space launch has nation reaching for the stars

New Zealand space launch has nation reaching for the stars There is a 10-day attempt window to launch the vehicle into orbit. Rocket Lab chief executive Peter Beck said high winds on Sunday had prevented the company from rolling its rocket out to the launch pad. It plans to keep costs low by using lightweight, disposable rockets with 3D-printed engines. He said the launching fewer than two-dozen commercial rockets a year and remains a world... [Full Article...]

Oil rises on expectations of extended, possibly deeper, output cut

Oil rises on expectations of extended, possibly deeper, output cut In the US, drillers targeting crude added rigs for an 18th week. OPEC and other global producers such as Russian Federation had agreed to reduce production in the first six months of this year, and the decision to extend the cuts will be taken when they meet in Vienna at the end of the month. [Full Article...]

Key Takeaways From Wal-Mart's Q1 Earnings

Ascena Retail Group, the parent company of Ann Taylor, Loft and other clothing chains, saw its stock nosedive some 38 percent on Thursday after it lowered its forecasts for the year, citing "unprecedented secular change" in its category of retailing. [Full Article...]

Kuwait Joins Saudis, Russia to Seek Oil-Cuts Extension Into 2018

A report published Tuesday by the International Energy Agency found the global market for oil was "almost balanced". OPEC and non-OPEC participants will meet on May 25 to review its production agreements, and signs suggest the deal is likely to be extended. [Full Article...]

Germany, France confident of unlocking Greek aid

Le Maire attends the Brussels talks after a morning stop in Berlin where he met Schaeuble to discuss the future of the eurozone. The vote was greeted by a heated protest of 10,000 people outside parliament, with many Greeks fed up with yet another round of austerity to meet demands of the country's eurozone partners. [Full Article...]

President Trump calls for unity against terrorism

President trump addressed the leaders of 50 Muslim-majority countries, telling them they must take the lead in the fight against extremist groups like ISIS. The speech on Islam, billed as the centerpiece of the Saudi visit - for a president who was highly critical of the religion throughout the campaign and proposed banning all Muslims from entering the U.S. [Full Article...]

Ford to cut 1400 jobs in North America, Asia

DETROIT-Ford Motor Co. has confirmed plans to cut 10 per cent of its salaried jobs in North America and the Asia Pacific region this year, about 1,400 positions. In product development and those who work for Ford Credit, which already are improving total operating costs in other ways. The manufacturing team, because the workforce in that division is tied to our production levels. [Full Article...]

Jharkhand: Villagers lynch 6 on suspicion of child theft

Jharkhand: Villagers lynch 6 on suspicion of child theft Police today fired in the air to disperse a mob which blocked roads here, demanding arrest of those involved in the lynching of four persons of a community in Seraikela-Kharswan district. The messages widely circulated on WhatsApp had information about sedatives seized from the miscreants, injections and handkerchiefs used to administer them on children, and about how they dress in black speaking ... [Full Article...]

Amazon's newest smarthome device could break your phone obsession

That is, while many are aware that Amazon makes voice-activated Echo appliances, fewer are probably aware that the firm has brought those capabilities to smartphones via an Alexa app. Additionally, free video calls are on offer if you have the Echo Show or the Alexa app. There's also noise-cancellation built in, so the Show can hear your commands while playing music from its pair of 5cm s... [Full Article...]

Harvard English Major Submits Rap Album in Place of a Senior Thesis

Harvard English Major Submits Rap Album in Place of a Senior Thesis The 20-year-old grew up in Atlanta and exclusively listened to Christian rap before discovering the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper, then finally beginning to sing and rap himself. "I didn't think they would respect rap as an art form enough for me to do it". It took him a year to write. He had recently started writing his own raps and performing them at open-microphone nights on c... [Full Article...]

Tulsa cop Betty Shelby found not guilty of manslaughter

The shooting was captured in aerial footage by helicopter and by dashboard camera, and showed Crutcher walking away from Shelby toward his SUV with his hands raised above his head. But the Shelby verdict is a setback, Crutchers family said, because it shows a larger failure of the legal system — and by extension society — to recognize the value of a black mans life. [Full Article...]

No laptop ban for European Union flights heading to the US

No laptop ban for European Union flights heading to the US EU Home Affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos and Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc took part in what USA officials said were four hours of "robust" talks with a U.S. In the meantime, the existing ban continues to be the object of harsh criticism from the public, the media, and representatives of the travel industry. [Full Article...]

Trump holds talks with Gulf leaders

Trump holds talks with Gulf leaders The president also pledged America's support of Middle Eastern countries in their fight against terrorism and extremism but said all Muslim countries must do "their fair share". A picture of Donald Trump , Saudi Arabia's King Salman and Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi with their hands on a glowing orb has the internet confused-prompting comparisons with Lord of the Rings , Star Wars: Th... [Full Article...]

Oil rises on expectation of extended, possibly deepened output cut

The markets are being supported by reports that the next move to trim supply and stabilize prices by OPEC and other major non-OPEC producers will include an extension into next year and deeper production cuts. At the Multi Commodity Exchange, the June month contract of crude oil rose by Rs 34, or 1.04 per cent, to Rs 3,311 per barrel in a business turnover of 2,024 lots. [Full Article...]

Calciomercato Sassuolo, Acerbi ai saluti: "E' stata l'ultima in casa"

Calciomercato Sassuolo, Acerbi ai saluti: E Di Francesco si dice soddisfatto anche per questa stagione: "Stiamo facendo un grande cammino - prosegue - La squadra è cresciuta tanto, stiamo ritrovando calciatori importanti anche se ne abbiamo persi alcuni come Dell'Orco". "Abbiamo preso Ragusa, Ricci, Sensi, Iemmello, Mazzitelli, Lirola.che un domani diventeranno da Champions League magari, ma ora è utopistico, noi siamo bravi a costruire d... [Full Article...]

Florida woman awarded $100K after being burned by Starbucks coffee

Florida woman awarded $100K after being burned by Starbucks coffee While passing the coffee to the passenger's seat the lid suddenly fell off and the 190-degree cup of coffee landed in her lap. The woman also had $15,000 worth of medical bills as a result of the spill. However, the brand stands behind its store partners. According to the statement, a Starbucks representative testified during the trial that the coffee company receives 80 complaints a month abo... [Full Article...]

North Korea says U.S. has to roll back 'hostile policy' before talks

North Korea says U.S. has to roll back 'hostile policy' before talks Experts said the missile would have flown a distance of some 4,500 km if launched on a standard trajectory, enabling Pyongyang to reliably strike USA sites on Guam, some 3,400 km from North Korea. The North has bragged that the missile test was aimed at verifying its capability of carrying "a large-size heavy nuclear warhead". The U.N. Security Council first imposed sanctions on North Korea in 2... [Full Article...]

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