Tom Cruise's The Mummy gets some grim reviews

When the movie decides it wants to focus on its title character it gets a little better, but then it's right back to the two boring non-entities who are supposed to be our main characters. "The most awesome thing for me watching the fight was they are both incredible actors and both have done their fair share of fight scenes in movies separately but to watch them come together was great", he said. [Full Article...]

NHL's Penguins take 2-0 Stanley Cup lead

NHL's Penguins take 2-0 Stanley Cup lead Pittsburgh goalie Matt Murray stopped 37 of 38. It didn't stop the Penguins from knocking off Columbus in five games and Washington in seven. The NHL's stats showed that Bonino returned to play one shift late in the period. During game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators - a fan chose to hurl a dead catfish on the ice for his and others ... [Full Article...]

Glenne Headly, star of 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,' dead at 62

Glenne Headly, star of 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,' dead at 62 At the time of her death , she was in production on Future Man , a Hulu original series created by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg . The Emmy nominee was married to actor John Malkovich from 1982 to 1988. A cause of death has not yet been reported. Headly worked steadily throughout her career, averaging at least one role each year, often appearing in stage productions as well as in fe... [Full Article...]

Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland may be election key

Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ) Arlene Foster celebrates the election of Gavin Robinson in East Belfast at the Titanic exhibition centre in Belfast where counting is taking place in the general election , Friday June 9, 2017 . The DUP's Republican rivals in Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein, increased its number of seats from four to seven. About 30 per cent of Northern Ireland's exports go s... [Full Article...]

MS 12-year-old helps deliver baby brother

MS 12-year-old helps deliver baby brother Despite her initial reaction, she allowed her daughter to help, when a doctor asked. Carraway says years ago her daughter was too young when she'd wanted to be inside the room during her middle son's birth. Jacee had plans to be a veterinarian, but her mom says she bets the 12-year-old starts thinking about a career as an OBGYN. She agreed. In the process, her father began taking photos to capture... [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande 'inked with Manchester bee tattoo tribute'

Manchester's city symbol is a bee, and in the wake of the attack on Ariana's concert on 22 May (17) residents flocked to get a bee tattoo to show solidarity with the victims. Ariana's single One Last Time was re-released to raise funds for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund . 'All week you have been incredible and as a friend, I'm so proud of you my love. [Full Article...]

Bill Cosby 'drugged friend then sexually assaulted her'

Bill Cosby 'drugged friend then sexually assaulted her' Constand's mother followed her on the stand and bolstered her account. "The victim stated that the date of the alleged incident may have been March 16, 2004", a police reported dated January 19, 2005, said. Bill Cosby's primary accuser says she viewed the comedian as a mentor and someone she trusted. Cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting Constand at his home outside Philadelphi... [Full Article...]

Black Panther si unisce a Avengers: Infinity War

Black Panther si unisce a Avengers: Infinity War Avengers : Infinity War sembra proprio che sarà un film piuttosto affollato, dal momento che include vecchi e nuovi eroi Avengers - da Thor a Scarlet Witch, passando per i Guardiani della Galassia , fino a Doctor Strange e Ant Man. Nel cast di Black Panther , che uscirà il 16 febbraio 2018, oltre a Boseman , ci sono Michael B. Jordan , Lupita Nyong'o , Danai Gurira , Martin Freeman , Daniel ... [Full Article...]

Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot ringrazia i fan con un dolcissimo videomessaggio

Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot ringrazia i fan con un dolcissimo videomessaggio L'attrice protagonista ha dunque realizzato un videomessaggio per ringraziare tutti i suoi fan. "È una cosa assolutamente impari, dato che nessun essere umano può essere un'isola [inteso sentimentalmente parlando n.d.a]". Uno spirito gigantesco che è poi quello a cui ogni uomo aspira, senza paura di essere complicato e che elargisce senza vergogna complimenti a tutti. È una di quelle cose rare. [Full Article...]

CNN sacks Kathy Griffin over Trump video as backlash builds

CNN sacks Kathy Griffin over Trump video as backlash builds The Grass Valley Center for the Arts has canceled Kathy Griffin's scheduled June 16 appearance at the Grass Valley Veteran's Memorial Building, said Julie Baker, the center's executive director. CNN reported the company has not determined what to do about the New Year's Eve coverage. Griffin was also dropped as the official spokeswoman for Squatty Potty. [Full Article...]

Italia, Immobile: "Contro il Liechtenstein dovremo anche segnare più gol possibili"

Facendo bene è ovvio che i giocatori buoni vengano richiesti. "Il Liechtenstein ha pareggiato in Finlandia , dobbiamo avere rispetto per un avversaria che verrà qui a fare la sua partita". Il passato pescarese alla corte di Zeman l'ha lanciato nel calcio dei grandi: Borussia Dortmund, Torino e Siviglia le sue squadre più importanti. Chiellini ha ragione. [Full Article...]

Taylor Swift's music is returning to Spotify, Pandora, more

Taylor Swift's music is returning to Spotify, Pandora, more In a press release, Swift's official representative has since confirmed her full catalogue of music will return to all streaming platforms as the morning of Friday 9 June 2017. With significant overlap between their fan bases, some listeners who would have played " Witness " on repeat may spend time exploring Swift's music on Spotify instead. [Full Article...]

London Attack: Attacker Known to Authorities As PM's Record Called Into Question

May's chief rival in Thursday election, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has seized on this fact and called for her resignation on Monday. Saturday's rampage followed a suicide bombing that killed 22 adults and children at a pop concert in Manchester two weeks ago, and an attack in March when five people died after a auto was driven into pedestrians on London's Westminster Bridge. [Full Article...]

Ex-Penn St officials sorry didn't do more in Sandusky case

Former Athletic Director Gary Schultz and former university Vice Ppresident Tim Curley were sentenced to similar jail terms, to be followed by house arrest. In the 1998 case, a victim's mother called police and filed a report, saying her son had been inappropriately touched by Sandusky in the football locker room shower. [Full Article...]

In 'The Mummy,' Tom Cruise dances with the undead

So they're dusting off the familiar names that have graced cinemas for almost a century now, like " Bride of Frankenstein " and " Creature from the Black Lagoon ". Boutella plays ancient princess Ahmanet , whose destiny to become a pharaoh is snatched away when a brother is born. She needs it to turn her "chosen" into a god, and you can imagine on whom she's set her sights as the flawless immor... [Full Article...]

Trump's lawyer rejects Comey's testimony, suggests prosecuting him for leaks

President Donald Trump fired Comey , who was leading an investigation into his campaign's ties to Russian Federation, last month - setting off a flurry of leaked documents and increasing scrutiny of the Trump administration. His remarks are his first public statements since his firing on May 9, which came as he was leading an FBI investigation into potential coordination between Russian Federat... [Full Article...]

Qatar says state news agency first hacked in April

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said isolating Qatar would not resolve any problems. "There are numerous uncertainties regarding Qatar's response, the extent to which these measures will be imposed, and their longevity", said the ratings agency. [Full Article...]

Police attend incident at Manchester service station

His father, Ramadan Abedi, was arrested in Tripoli on May 24, along with Salman's brother Hashim, who Libyan security forces said was "aware of all the details" of the attack. USA pop star Ariana Grande visited young fans injured in the suicide bombing on Friday night. Grande shared an image of her visit to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital with her 107 million Instagram followers. [Full Article...]

British police arrest man in London Bridge attack investigation

British police arrest man in London Bridge attack investigation Five remain in custody , the police said. Eight people died and almost 50 were wounded. One of the businesses to re-open was Leon. On the night, they pretended to lock the doors in a move that was thought to protect 20 customers inside. One of them runs towards an officer, who along with his colleagues, continue shooting until the suspect is down on the ground, motionless. The Sun newspaper h... [Full Article...]

Gordon Ramsay's Father-In-Law Sentenced To Six Months In Prison

Gordon Ramsay's Father-In-Law Sentenced To Six Months In Prison Using his sons, who held gigs in IT, Chris Sr. accessed Ramsay's computers a reported 2,000 times between October 2010 and March 2011. It included accessing information relating to Ramsay's intellectual property rights. Prosecutor Julian Christopher said that the two families had already reconciled and did not support criminal prosecution, the Guardian reported. [Full Article...]

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