Corbyn vows to force May to resign 'within a matter of days'

Corbyn vows to force May to resign 'within a matter of days' Jeremy Corbyn , the Labour Party leader has the vote of several British artists, which is not surprising. Labour, meanwhile, appeared to make significant gains, winning 261 seats - 29 more than in 2015. Neither the Conservatives or the opposition Labour Party were able to reach the 326 seats required for an absolute majority government. Former Conservative minister Anna Soubry, who just he... [Full Article...]

Temptation Island le foto di Riccardo e Camilla a Temptation Island

Chi ha smentito la propria partecipazione è stata invece la coppia formata da Luca Onestini e Soleil Sorge , che a quanto pare non vuole correre alcun rischio. La trasmissione nasce da un'idea della conduttrice Maria De Filippi . Proprio a dimostrazione di come l'amore vinca su tutto, un anno dopo quel falò, il 15 Giugno 2016, Alessandra ed Emanuele sono convolati a nozze presso la Basil... [Full Article...]

Cosby's accuser, wife see defense's argument

She testified he offered her three blue pills that he said were herbal and would help her relax. "And he knows the effects of what he gave her". "And I don't feel her say anything". "We're talking about all the man's tomorrows", he said. The closing arguments took place after the defense rested its case after questioning just one witness. [Full Article...]

5 takeaways from the Tonys, including leave Bette alone

In his acceptance speech last night, Platt summed up the importance of the musical, his role and the larger conversation Dear Evan Hansen has created around mental health in a very quotable few words: "Don't waste any time trying to be like anybody but yourself, because the things that make you unusual are the things that make you powerful". [Full Article...]

Foggia festeggia Sant'Antonio da Padova

Foggia festeggia Sant'Antonio da Padova A celebrarle il Padre Superiore, fra' Zaccaria Donatelli . Veniamo sempre a salutare Sant'Antonio; io vivo nel convento di Sant'Antonio de L'Asmara e anche là la devozione è forte. Inizio collegamento alle ore 16.50 e termine alle ore 20.00 circa. Partenza alle 20. 30 da piazzale Azzurri d'Italia e concerto conclusivo delle campane di tutta la città alle 21. [Full Article...]

Britain's PM May to face party lawmakers after election disaster

Britain's PM May to face party lawmakers after election disaster Conservative MPs "will not rock the boat" once an agreement is reached with the Democratic Unionists to form a new government , the former Northern Ireland first minister David Trimble has predicted. May has shown little public contrition for the electoral gamble that backfired spectactularly, but was forced to accept the resignations of her two top aides - reportedly a requirement by cabinet c... [Full Article...]

'Wonder Woman' soars in its second weekend as 'The Mummy' staggers

The Mummy now has a score of 4.3/10 on reviews aggregator Douban and 6.6/10 on ticketing platform Weying, considerably lower than the other Hollywood titles on release - Wonder Woman scores 7.3/10 on Douban and 8.5/10 on Weying, while Pirates 5 sits at 7.4 and 8.7, respectively. [Full Article...]

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Both Released Music This Morning

Taylor Swift is celebrating sailing past 100 million song sales by releasing her entire back catalogue on all streaming services tonight. You read it right, Taylor Swift's music is making a comeback on Spotify , Pandora, and other streaming platforms. [Full Article...]

Abarth 695 Rivale: acqua, fuoco e asfalto

Abarth 695 Rivale: acqua, fuoco e asfalto Abarth celebra il compleanno di Riva attraverso un'edizione ultra-limitata della 695 Rivale , la 175 Anniversary: 175 unità per la berlina e 175 per la cabrio. Questa "ultra-limited edition" accentua le finiture artigianali aggiungendo elementi personalizzati, cerchi dedicati, logo celebrativi e sedili anteriori in pelle blu e neri rifiniti a mano. [Full Article...]

School Yearbook Removes All Signs of Trump

School Yearbook Removes All Signs of Trump The family says they received proofs of the photos previous year that still had a campaign logo visible on Grant's shirt and the family approved those photos. Montana Dobrovich-Fago had submitted the Trump quote, "I like thinking big". Two other students said they were similarly censored. In fact Dyer said the school administration is all for students getting involved in politics, taking ... [Full Article...]

5 conversations to have with your kids after "Wonder Woman"

Her work on Wonder Woman already drew comparisons with Richard Donner's Superman . Gal Gadot is Princess Diana who later transforms into Wonder Woman , while Chris Pine is the sidekick, a "man in distress". I was talking to one of the girls that hadn't seen the movie, and the next day she came and very seriously told me 'you were right, Wonder Woman was way better than Frozen '. [Full Article...]

Wonder Woman, Pirates of the Caribbean top Korean box office

Her domestic cume now stands at $115M. While we still don't know what Wonder Woman 2 will be about exactly, considering the character has such an impressive legacy, the story options are pretty much endless. "I'm not a big obligation person when it comes to art". You can feel the love and gratitude exuding from every word the actress says to her fans . [Full Article...]

'Black Panther' Teaser Trailer Racks Up 89M Views in First 24 Hours

'Black Panther' Teaser Trailer Racks Up 89M Views in First 24 Hours A lot of people have been seeing Africa as an extremely poor country, but Black Panther offers us a look at the society that somehow manages mix progress along with culture and tradition-like an ideal for the country to strive for. Serkis will reprise his role as Ulysses Claw from Avengers: Age of Ultron . Black Panther reigned supreme in the first poster for the film, which was also releas... [Full Article...]

Four inmates, including one murderer, escape from Oklahoma jail

Officials with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office released video in April of Baker's and Moody's previous escape. Moody, Baker and Goodnight face property crime charges. 'They get up on top of that and they're able to jump over an air vent'. Dougherty said he is meeting with contractors about sealing the opening. He believes they headed down Highway 9 and Highway 102 in Pottawatomie County. [Full Article...]

Megyn Kelly says important to 'shine a light' on Alex Jones

Jones alleges that 9/11 was "an inside job ", that the Sandy Hook massacre was created to get Americans to side with gun control, and that there's a secret fungus epidemic spreading across the country and slowly killing Americans. @ nbc #SandyHook ", she wrote. I encourage you to "shine light" on affirming the losses suffered here- NOT on a person who mocks those losses.... Márquez-Greene ... [Full Article...]

Svelata la data d'uscita di Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Svelata la data d'uscita di Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Revenant Kingdom racconta la storia del re deposto e del suo incredibile viaggio alla ricerca di alleati per costruire un nuovo regno e riunire l'intero mondo. Il celebre sviluppatore giapponese Level-5 , si è riunito ancora una volta l'ex artista dello Studio Ghibli , Yoshiyuki Momose , per la realizzazione dei personaggi, e Joe Hisaishi , per la composizione delle musiche, nella nuova avvent... [Full Article...]

Rumor - Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle concepito già nell'era Wii?

Rumor - Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle concepito già nell'era Wii? L'obiettivo è capire le origini dell'instabilità e salvarlo. Il filmato, che trovate al termine della news, si è concentrato particolarmente sulle strategie del sistema di combattimento tattico a turni , mostrando tutte le varie scelte che si potranno intraprendere quando l'azione si farà più intensa. [Full Article...]

Sessions' testimony before Senate panel to be open to public

Sessions' testimony before Senate panel to be open to public He recused himself from the federal probe in March after acknowledging that he met twice a year ago with the Russian ambassador to the United States. But it didn't take long for Sessions's flat disavowal of knowledge of Trump campaign communications with Russian officials to fall apart. [Full Article...]

E3 2017: finalmente un gameplay trailer per Far Cry 5

E3 2017: finalmente un gameplay trailer per Far Cry 5 Come ha spiegato il creative director Dan Hay , il punto cardine del quinto capitolo di Far Cry sarà la sua non-linearità, grazie a una grande mappa di gioco dinamica, in grado di reagire alle azioni del giocatore . [Full Article...]

Maryland, DC attorneys general plan lawsuit against Trump

Maryland, DC attorneys general plan lawsuit against Trump A similar suit was filed in a NY federal court in January by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington , or CREW, a public-interest group. Racine and Frosh on Monday said they had legal standing to pursue the case on behalf of the residents they represent and do not have to demonstrate that Maryland or Washington businesses suffered any specific financial harm from Trump's ... [Full Article...]

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