Amanda Knox svela le immagini della sua vita: Cappuccetto Rosso fa discutere

Amanda Knox svela le immagini della sua vita: Cappuccetto Rosso fa discutere Arrestata all'alba del 6 novembre successivo con Raffaele Sollecito , venne scarcerata il 4 ottobre del 2011 dopo l'assoluzione in appello. Ma una nuova pronuncia della Cassazione ha assolto in maniera definitiva Amanda e Raffaele . L'apertura del profilo Instagram di Amanda Knox è in linea con la nuova vita della ragazza, che da quando è stata assolta sta lavorando come giornalista freel... [Full Article...]

Compenso Fazio, Fico all'attacco: "Comunista con il portafoglio a destra"

Ora che arrivato il suo compare Orfeo viene spostato a Rai 1, gli aumentano lo stipendio e non vuole più scappare alla Rai . In pratica, sì Fazio guadagnerà di più ma sempre meno di quello che avrebbe potuto guadagnare, visto che lavorerà per Raiuno . [Full Article...]

Uomini e Donne, Gianni Sperti avverte Claudio e Juan: "Dovete chiarire"

Uomini e Donne, Gianni Sperti avverte Claudio e Juan: Negli ultimi giorni in effetti Claudio non ha più voluto rispondere pubblicamente al suo ex fidanzato , ma ha solo postato un messaggio su Instagram per difendere la redazione di Uomini e Donne , finita sotto accusa per non aver controllato se lui all'epoca del trono fosse ancora o meno legato ad una persona e per averlo eventualmente coperto. [Full Article...]

Trump looking forward to discussing strategic issues with 'true friend' Modi

The White House official said Trump administration's priorities and the nature of relationship with the two countries were different. "Our economic ties continue to follow an upward trajectory". "We will also discuss ways to further enhance the bilateral engagement, especially in the areas of economic cooperation, science and technology, space collaboration and people-to-people ties". [Full Article...]

Experts Discuss Why Cosby Jury Couldn't Agree

O'Neill could schedule the retrial within weeks. But Cosby's reputation remains in tatters, following a slew of sexual assault allegations from about 60 women that have destroyed the "America's dad" image he built as star of the long-running 1980s TV comedy " The Cosby Show ". [Full Article...]

Maturità: Seneca al classico, le ruote quadrate allo scientifico

A quanto pare sì. Di Seneca è stato proposto un brano tratto da 'Il valore della filosofia' . Stiamo cercando il brano! Oggi, 22 giugno, tocca alla temutissima seconda prova , diversa in base all'indirizzo scelto. Il secondo problema invece, riguarda lo studio di una funzione con limiti e grafici di derivata e primitiva. Forse alcuni quesiti molto tecnici daranno filo da torcere anche agli... [Full Article...]

London homes evacuated on fire issues

London homes evacuated on fire issues Some refused to leave. Camden Council took the decision to evacuate 650 households from Chalcots Estate on Friday night after receiving warnings from the London Fire Brigade. Every home will be checked for a working fire alarm and the marshals will inform all residents of the fire safety procedures for their blocks. "There's no organization and it's chaos", she added. [Full Article...]

Maturità, seconda prova scritta: al classico Seneca

Allo scientifico, nonostante ci si potesse aspettare fisica, sarà come sempre Matematica la materia scelta. Archiviati Caproni, Montale, rinascita economica e progresso, i giovanni studenti oggi si stanno cimentando con le materie d'indirizzo. [Full Article...]

See Jeremy Corbyn Introduce Run the Jewels at Glastonbury

Corbyn's Labour Party surprised United Kingdom general election watchers earlier this month by gaining seats in Parliament, while the ruling Conservative Party lost seats, leaving Prime Minister Theresa May clinging to power. He was introduced by festival founder Michael Eavis. JEREMY Corbyn got a rock star's welcome at Glastonbury today - before addressing 100,000 fans with a 20-minute spee... [Full Article...]

Baseball Gunman Had List of GOP Congressmen in Pocket During Attack

Baseball Gunman Had List of GOP Congressmen in Pocket During Attack TheDC and Fox News received the information from anonymous sources with intimate knowledge of the investigation. James Hodgkinson began firing at Republicans during a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) rolls up his pant leg to reveal a Trump sock at an event where U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order to expand drilling for oil at the White House... [Full Article...]

Gemma Galgani ha un nuovo lavoro grazie a Uomini e Donne

Una notizia tristissima per i fan della coppia che hanno continuato a sperare che i due potessero ritornare insieme. Uomini e Donne: Gianni Sperti contro Juan Sierra? Gemma Galgani è diventata scrittrice della Posta del cuore , la rubrica del nuovo settimanale SPY: dopo aver trovato l'amore (della sua vita? ), la dama di Uomini e Donne è pronta a cimentarsi in questa nuova esp... [Full Article...]

At Glastonbury, Depp asks about assassinating the president

At Glastonbury, Depp asks about assassinating the president Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth , was an actor. Depp says to the crowd, which responds with widespread boos, according to videos of the remarks. He began by saying Trump "needs help" before taking things further. His remarks drew rebukes from Trump supporters, and the White House described Depp's remarks as "sad". [Full Article...]

Feds tell judge he lacks power to halt Iraqi deportations

Feds tell judge he lacks power to halt Iraqi deportations More than 100 were arrested , including Chaldean Christians and Shiite Muslims. U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith said in a written order that deportation is halted for 14 days while he decides if his court has jurisdiction to hear their plight. [Full Article...]

Shah Rukh Khan meets Gujarat Chief Minister

Shah Rukh Khan meets Gujarat Chief Minister Self-proclaimed critic and movie reviewer Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK is now on news once again, for his exceptional take on upcoming Shah Rukh Khan 's Imtiaz Ali directorial " Jab Harry Met Sejal ". From the latest reports , Shah Rukh Khan will be launching the first song in Ahmedabad . But they have not come back to us with the deletion. After releasing the mini trails, now the latest pos... [Full Article...]

Singapore arrests 2 police over plan to join Syria conflict

Singapore arrests 2 police over plan to join Syria conflict Muhammad Khairul bin Mohamed, 24 , was issued with an order of detention in June 2017, after he was radicalised and had plans to undertake armed violence in Syria. Even at the point of his arrest, the MHA said Khairul was still keen to join either the FSA or any militant group in Syria and engage in armed violence there, hence deeming him to be a security threat to Singapore . [Full Article...]

Blade Runner 2049 Anniversary Trailer

Blade Runner 2049 Anniversary Trailer Without a shadow of a doubt, Blade Runner 2049 is probably our most anticipated film this year (sorry, The Last Jedi) and everything we've seen so far looks incredible. And we know the date it will take place, as is conveniently explained in the film's title. That is to say, our curiosity has gotten a taste of what an updated Blade Runner looks like, and it's pretty damn cool. [Full Article...]

White House reacts to Depp 'assassin' comments

White House reacts to Depp 'assassin' comments After the deputy prime minister of Australia threatened to euthanize Depp and then-wife Amber Heard's Yorkshire terriers when the then-couple brought the pooches Down Under without declaring them, the " Pirates of the Caribbean " actor and Heard made nice in April 2016 with an exceedingly awkward apology video that was mocked by pretty much everybody, including Depp himself. [Full Article...]

Severe weather still possible from lingering tropical depression

The storm's maximum sustained winds are near 40 miles per hour and it's expected to weaken to a tropical depression later in the morning and become a remnant low Thursday night. That should limit flooding threats to nuisance street flooding. In Knoxville, Tennessee, the power-generating Tennessee Valley Authority, said it was drawing down water levels on nine lakes it controls along the Tennesse... [Full Article...]

Seth Rogen, James Corden deliver pizzas on 'Late Late Show'

Seth Rogen, James Corden deliver pizzas on 'Late Late Show' Inside the apartment, Rogen introduced a yellow leotard wearing Corden as "Yellow Thunder" and a green leotard wearing Cooper as "The Green Machine". Sometimes that's a disappointing "pizza" that's really just a goopy pile of "gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free" tomato sauce in a box. [Full Article...]

Kim Kardashian just bought a piece of fashion history

Kim Kardashian just bought a piece of fashion history Auction house Christie's estimated that the timepiece would fetch in the region of £47,000 - £94,000, but Kim's winning bid of £300,000 was more than three times the higher amount. While JFK and Jackie didn't personally participate in the hike, they organized friends to take part in the challenge in Palm Beach. The watch fits that claim, as it has no diamonds and is described as "understated". [Full Article...]

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