Manchester City midfielder Fabian Delph delighted to return to winning ways

Andrea Ranocchia did pull one back late on, as Claudio Bravo let a weak effort trickle past him.Son Heung-Min struck twice as Tottenham Hotspur maintained the pressure on leaders Chelsea with a 40 victory against Watford at a sun-soaked White Hart Lane yesterday. [Full Article...]

Playoffs: Spurs beat Grizzlies, Cavs defeat Pacers

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) reacts after a dunk in the third quarter against the Indiana Pacers in game one of the first round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs at Quicken Loans Arena. Just putting work in and understanding I'm not the best shooter on that team when it comes to 3-pointers. George was also upset that the fiery Stephenson briefly lost his composure. [Full Article...]

Comedian Charlie Murphy dies from leukemia aged 57

Charlie Murphy , pictured in 2006, was best known for his work on Chappelle's Show. Not only was he a stand-up comedian, but he co-wrote some of Eddie's movies, including Vampire in Brooklyn, Norbit , and had roles in films like Are We There Yet? , Black Jesus , and The Boondocks . [Full Article...]

Netflix Reported better-than-expected Earnings in the first quarter

The California-based company says it expects to hit the milestone this weekend. Netflix also provided guidance for the second quarter. However, numbers of subscribers were 98.75 million, missing expectations of 98.93 million. HBO takes pride in having 134 million subscribers at the global level, covering viewers paying for an internet-only variant of the channel that was sparked by Netfl... [Full Article...]

Prince William warns "stiff upper lip" can damage mental health

Heads Together released a short film showing William discussing mental health issues with the USA popstar Lady Gaga , who has gone public with her own struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after she was raped aged 19. "We have to make the strongest, most relentless attempt we can to normalize mental health issues, so that people feel like they can come forward", Lady Gaga said in th... [Full Article...]

Thankfully, Carrie Fisher Won't Appear in Star Wars: Episode IX After

Thankfully, Carrie Fisher Won't Appear in Star Wars: Episode IX After But, just a handful of months after the icon passed on, Mark Hamill took the stage at this year's Star Wars Celebration to pay tribute to his dear friend. The Last Jedi will be in cinemas on 15 December. Lourd will also make a cameo in the movie as a Resistance officer. The first fully-formed trailer for " The Last Jedi " had nearly half a million views and more than 13,000 comments on YouTube... [Full Article...]

Anticipazioni Amici 2017, serale domani 22 aprile | Morgan passa alla concorrenza?

L'ex coach dei bianchi ha abbandonato la scuola nel bel mezzo della precedente registrazione di puntata . Vi aspettiamo presto per le anticipazioni della nuova puntata del serale di Amici 16 . I giudici danno il punto a Thomas , decretando la vittoria della Squadra Bianca . Come andrà a finire? Insomma parole importanti che senza dubbio avranno riempito di gioia e orgoglio il cuore di... [Full Article...]

La dedica di Raz Degan a Paola Barale su Instagram

Se infatti l'israeliano su Instagram ha pubblicato una indirizzata proprio alla Barale dall'altra parte sembra che Paola a Verissimo abbia scongiurato qualsiasi tipo di ritorno di fiamma . Dove possiamo fare l'amore sotto le stelle . Tra i commenti spunta lo stesso Raz , che scherza: "Se si vuole conoscere il barometro della libertà di espressione di un Paese , non bisogna guardar... [Full Article...]

Isola dei Famosi, Simone Susinna parla della "cilecca" con Malena

Isola dei Famosi, Simone Susinna parla della Degan ha segnato un altro punto a suo favore anche dopo la vittoria dell'Isola dei Famosi 2017. Questa edizione dell'Isola , caratterizzata da un percorso evolutivo che ha coinvolto i naufraghi di puntata in puntata , culmina in una finale che per la prima volta vedrà gli aspiranti vincitori sfidarsi in un'ambientazione inedita: il futuro . [Full Article...]

Uomini e Donne anticipazioni: Luca elimina Giulia e punta Cecilia?

Uomini e Donne anticipazioni: Luca elimina Giulia e punta Cecilia? Entrati tutti i tronisti e il momento di corteggiatori e corteggiatrici, per Marco arriva Giorgia , poi Maria spiega che nella scorsa puntata Marco , in esterna con lei, disse che gli poteva capitare di perdere la testa per poco tempo, - un fuoco di paglia - e Federica ci rimane male, lo raggiunge in camerino e glielo dice chiaramente - hai screditato a me e le altre -; Marco spieg... [Full Article...]

Bill O'Reilly ousted from Fox News amid harassment allegations

Fox News addressed the announcement rocking the media world that longtime host Bill O'Reilly will not return to the network in the face of sexual harassment allegations during a primetime program Wednesday evening. O'Reilly is also one of the country's most popular nonfiction authors. O'Reilly had rarely been out of the headlines since a New York Times investigation revealed on April 1 that ... [Full Article...]

Starbucks barista has meltdown over Unicorn Frappuccino

Starbucks barista has meltdown over Unicorn Frappuccino After being turned away from the Starbucks on Jackson Avenue because they already ran out of the ingredients on day two, my coworker Jonathan saved the day and brought me one from the on-campus location in Coulter Hall. Whether it meant to or not, Starbucks has provided the world with a multicolored anger sponge: the Unicorn Frappuccino . Burson said Starbucks aficionados began itching ... [Full Article...]

Getting caught up in the Unicorn Frappucino frenzy

Getting caught up in the Unicorn Frappucino frenzy Running through the components of the drink, Colbert explained that the Unicorn Frappuccino contains basically all of your food groups: "Mango, pink, blue, and obviously, "topping" ..." "This limited-time offering is as fleeting as a rainbow, available April 19-23, while supplies last in participating Starbucks stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico", the Seattle-based coffee shop giant ... [Full Article...]

Orlando Sentinel named Pulitzer finalist for Pulse coverage

What's more, numerous announced recipients were awarded for work that was largely critical of Trump Jr.'s father and his presidential campaign - including the Washington Post's David Fahrenthold, whose journalism chiefly covered the NY real estate mogul turned politician's problematic charitable group, the Donald J. [Full Article...]

Racist Threats Toward State Attorney Aramis Ayala

Racist Threats Toward State Attorney Aramis Ayala The Orlando Sentinel ( ) reports a clerk saw a racist message scrawled on an envelope addressed to Ayala, who is Florida's first African-America state attorney. The brief filed Friday says Scott has no authority to interfere with Ayala's cases. On the other side, there's the Florida State Conference of NAACP Branches, the Florida Legislative Black Caucus , Color of Change... [Full Article...]

Giuly: Mbappé has a contract with Monaco and will continue here

Giuly: Mbappé has a contract with Monaco and will continue here The 18-year-old has been the talk of the town of late, after some dazzling performances this season in Ligue 1 and the Champions League for Leonardo Jardim's men. "Yes, he has a clause and it's quite big. I don't have his contract so I don't know exactly how much, but it's a lot", Cordon confirmed to Cadena Cope. [Full Article...]

Bill O'Reilly to receive maximum of one year salary

Parent company 21st Century Fox announced the divorce Wednesday, a few weeks after news surfaced that O'Reilly had paid out millions to settle allegations of sexual harassment against him. "I wouldn't put up with anything that would be perceived as intimidating or harassing", Palin told Tapper in the interview , held a day after Fox host Bill O'Reilly was forced out of the network. [Full Article...]

Jimmy Kimmel tearfully shares his best memories of late comedian Don Rickles

Jimmy Kimmel tearfully shares his best memories of late comedian Don Rickles RIP Don Rickles . One of the funniest people that ever lived, you dumb schmuck. The infamous comedian studied acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts after he served in the military and was born in New York City. Don Rickles has made millions of us laugh over a long career run. We thought they'd never end. That move led to him taking The Don Rickles Show on tour around the country, where ... [Full Article...]

Vinyl music gives record stores a boost in a digital world

Vinyl music gives record stores a boost in a digital world Tempest will give an exclusive preview of a special track she recorded straight to vinyl at Abbey Road Studios to celebrate RSD. Recordland's intimidating collection of used vinyl is a risky place to start; it's easy to spend a whole day digging through the towering shelves. [Full Article...]

Sport, il Giro d'Italia torna "a casa"

Sport, il Giro d'Italia torna L'arrivo in piazza Duomo sarà preceduto dal passaggio in luoghi simbolo della città, portati sugli schermi del mondo intero, dal momento che le immagini della corsa raggiungeranno 194 Paesi. "Milano è una città importantissima per Rcs , e anche per me". La tappa milanese della Corsa Rosa nasce dal sodalizio tra la città di Milano e il gruppo RCS: una collaborazione che si è consolidata negli an... [Full Article...]

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