'Dynasty' Reboot Picked Up To Series At the CW

'Dynasty' Reboot Picked Up To Series At the CW Alan Dale ("The O.C."), Sam Adegoke (" Murder in the First "), Robert Christopher Riley (" Hit the Floor "), and Rafael de la Fuente (" Empire ") also star. Here's the description: "The boundaries between military discipline and human desire are tested on a U.S. Army base that houses an elite unit of helicopter pilots trained to perform clandestine global and domestic missions". [Full Article...]

Buddha Jayanti celebrated in Arunachal

As all these incidences happened on Vaishakhi Pournima, these places have become important pilgrimage centres for Buddhists.In North India Buddha is considered as the 9th incarnation and Lord Krishna as the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu . [Full Article...]

Patti Lupone Destroys Madonna in Epic 'WWHL' Clip, Calls Her 'Movie Killer'

Patti Lupone Destroys Madonna in Epic 'WWHL' Clip, Calls Her 'Movie Killer' She's dead behind the eyes. "She can not act her way out of a paper bag", LuPone said. The stage veteran also opened up about the 1993 production of Sunset Boulevard in London, which she was famously fired from by Andrew Lloyd Webber and replaced by Glenn Close. [Full Article...]

Jennifer Hudson Is the Newest Coach for The Voice

Jennifer Hudson Is the Newest Coach for The Voice Her TV credits include NBC's "Smash ", Fox's " Empire " and HBO's " Confirmation ". There's a new coach coming to The Voice . "She embodies the experience, expertise, positivity and sheer talent that " The Voice " stands for", NBC Entertainment alternative and reality group president Paul Telegdy said in a statement . [Full Article...]

The CW Renews iZombie and The Originals

The CW Renews iZombie and The Originals Apparently the network liked what it saw, though there's now no news regarding the number of episodes each series will have. Creator Rob Thomas ( Veronica Mars ) previously said that he was sure the series would return for season four despite its low ratings. [Full Article...]

Belen a seno nudo con Iannone coccole hot alla finestra /Guarda

Da un semplice problema di look, alla micro e macro chirurgia, fino all'aspetto più interiore della personalità che riguarda problemi psicologici come fobie, piccole ansie, manie o dipendenze. E immediatamente De Martino confessa stupito: "È la prima volta che mi dà ragione nella vita". "Una donna ha bisogno di attenzioni", ha detto e la replica di Belen non è tardata ad arrivare: "Solo ... [Full Article...]

Stefano De Martino e Belen: frecciatine tra gli ex coniugi a Selfie

Il ballerino 27enne è uno dei mentori , stavolta in coppia con Bernardo Corradi, la showgirl 32enne l'inviata a cui la conduttrice, Simona Ventura , ha dato un ruolo assolutamente primario all'interno del programma di Canale 5 . Nel corso della prima puntata di " Selfie - le cose cambiano" sono state tante le richieste di aiuto che si sono avvicendate e alcune sono state respinte. [Full Article...]

Uomini e Donne news: i messaggi pre-scelta per Luca Onestini

Le tre ragazze scopriranno presto chi fra loro è la scelta di Luca Onestini e due di loro hanno voluto scrivere un post sui propri profili Instagram per far sapere al tronista il proprio stato d'animo. Dalle prime indiscrezioni possiamo leggere che l'esterna tra Luca e Soleil è durata solo qualche ora, cosa anomala rispetto alle classiche esterne della durata di una giornata intera: la loro ... [Full Article...]

Thames hits 13th HR, Brewers outslug Red Sox in 11-7 win

Thames hits 13th HR, Brewers outslug Red Sox in 11-7 win Kyle Kendrick gets the ball, and he is 0-1 with a 13.50 ERA and one strikeout this season. The right-handed hitter moved his hands slightly on his bat. It was Pomeranz's first real clunker since his April 16 start against the Rays, in which he allowed five runs in 4.1 innings. The 2012 AL Cy Young Award victor is recovering from a strained left elbow. [Full Article...]

Pope Francis Tries To Heal Wounds During His Speech In Egypt

The Pope's visit comes almost two weeks after the Palm Sunday bombing of two Coptic churches , brazen strikes that left at least 45 people dead . His comments came during the now-customary news conference the pontiff conducts at the end of his global trips, in this case a two-day visit to Cairo, Egypt. [Full Article...]

We are not ready for something like the Met Gala

As Met Gala's co-chair, Katy Perry went all-out this year pushing her fashion limits to the edge. The occasion is in aid of the Metropolitan Museum Of Art Costume Institute in NY. When it comes to fashion, Rihanna knows what she is talking about. While some have mocked him, it has also been pointed out that Kawakubo coined the phrase "red is black" and the colour plays a central role i... [Full Article...]

Massimo Giletti e Barbara d'Urso in vespa proprio come "Vacanze romane"

Massimo Giletti e Barbara d'Urso in vespa proprio come Barbara ha inoltre voluto rendere omaggio all'amico Giletti, scrivendo una piccola ma pur sempre toccante dedica, proprio sotto il divertente scatto. Massimo Giletti e Barbara d'Urso come non li avete mai visti! I due big della domenica sono molto amici. [Full Article...]

North Korea accuses Central Intelligence Agency of plot to kill leader Kim Jong

North Korea accuses Central Intelligence Agency of plot to kill leader Kim Jong A similar charge was laid against Pyongyang by Seoul in February following the murder of Kim Jong-Nam, allegedly at the hands of North Korean agents. Five were allowed to return to Japan that year. Some of Pyongyang's security officials believe terror cells sponsored by the CIA and South Korea's National Intelligence Service have seeped through the country's borders with plans to kill North K... [Full Article...]

Sales tax creditors kick off deluge of lawsuits against Puerto Rico

But the expiration Monday night of the stay against litigation provided by PROMESA makes the government vulnerable to lawsuits by its creditors. The complaint, filed in federal court in San Juan, accuses Puerto Rico's leadership of impairing contractual rights of so-called COFINA bondholders, whose debt is backed by sales tax revenue, and trying to take their property in what they say are viol... [Full Article...]

Mets plan to start Matt Harvey Friday vs. Brewers following suspension

Mets plan to start Matt Harvey Friday vs. Brewers following suspension He played golf that morning and got a headache. Rosario entered Saturday hitting.381 with 15 RBIs and seven stolen bases in 28 games. "He plays the game so relaxed". Wilk made six starts in Las Vegas this year after signing a minor league deal with the Mets in the offseason. Wilk lasted 3 2/3 innings, giving up six runs . [Full Article...]

Charlie Hunnam lands his dream job as King Arthur

Charlie Hunnam lands his dream job as King Arthur There are bloodlines , sure, and the rabble occasionally goes along with all that crap about noble births and divine right, but you can never predict the outcome of a conflict based on whose daddy was more famous. "Disappointing. No, kidding!" he said . Even " Sons of Anarchy " actor Charlie Hunnam gets that. I could start a sentence, and he could finish the sentence. [Full Article...]

Vinod Khanna's most memorable performances over the years

Vinod Khanna's most memorable performances over the years India's home minister Rajnath Singh said " Vinod Khanna had an illustrious career in films and politics". A large number of Bollywood personalities attended the last rites of veteran actor-turned-BJP politician Vinod Khanna at the Worli Hindu Crematorium here on Thursday evening. [Full Article...]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 smashes United Kingdom box office

Currently, the movie's score sits at an 88% on Rotten tomatoes, with 78 fresh reviews and 11 negative reviews. But it's unwise for Marvel to ditch their more grounded movies in order to fling all the action into space. The Guardians of the Galaxy are back in the dark rooms and one of the characters nearly did not become part of the adventure. After spending much of the first film trying to k... [Full Article...]

After Comey Firing, Calls For Independent Probe Come In Lots Of Flavors

A congressional source with knowledge of the matter said Comey told lawmakers within the past few days he had asked the Justice Department to make additional resources available - mainly more staffing - for the Russian Federation probe. He added, "Dems have been complaining for months & months about Dir. The attorney general frames it to the president with a recommendation that Comey be fired". [Full Article...]

SNP win the Scottish council elections

She added: "Applications flooded in from across the country to stand in this election, such is the determination of members to elect a Labour government for the many, not the few". But a recent surge in support for the Scottish Conservatives could make that success hard to repeat. And this, I suggest, is a problem for the first minister. [Full Article...]

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