Torch-bearing throng protests efforts to remove Lee statue

The protest comes ahead of Monday's Charlottesville City Council meeting, where councilors are expected to decide the remaining recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Commission. According to The Daily Progress , The chairman of the Charlottesville Republican Party, Erich Reimer, agreed, saying, "Whoever these people were, the intolerance and hatred they seek to promote is utterly disgusting and di... [Full Article...]

Chiara Ferragni foto hot quando era Diavoletta87. CHIARA FERRAGNI, ECCO LE FOTO

Si tratta di un anello in oro bianco con un diamante enorme incastonato sulla parte centrale della montatura, che si abbina perfettamente all'abito luccicante che la blogger ha indossato sul palco dell'Arena di Verona . Basti pensare che Tbs Crew e Serendipity, le due floride aziende che vedono a capo Chiara Ferragni nel ruolo di primo azionista, vantano la presenza di Esuriens, azienda con... [Full Article...]

'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2': James Gunn Almost Included A Deadpool

It nearly functions as a hangout movie where you're entertained by just spending time with interesting characters as they banter with each other instead of following them into a complicated plot. His crew is on the edge of a mutiny and he's been blacklisted by fellow ravagers led by Staker (Sylvester Stallone). Director/writer James Gunn accomplishes these tasks remarkably well, adding a virtually... [Full Article...]

Melissa McCarthy's "Spicey" Spotted Riding Motorized Podium In NYC

Turning serious, she added, "I don't have any advice for Sean Spicer". Potentially being replaced by Mike Huckabee's daughter, the firing of the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, having to hide in among bushes in an attempt to dodge reporters-it's enough to make the Spicer of just a few weeks ago seem relatively carefree. [Full Article...]

Per Chiara Ferragni se si parla di portafoglio è meglio l'ex

Chiara era seducente come sempre nel suo minidress rivestito di Swarovski Saint Laurent . E su internet, nelle pagine social dei quotidiani nazionali che hanno riportato la news, sono iniziati a comparire commenti con tanto di ricette e testi presi a caso da siti come Wikipedia. [Full Article...]

Pope nixes Medjugorje visions but says shrine has benefits

Once canonised, Jacinta and Francisco will join the ranks of recognised saints such as Mother Teresa. "I couldn't ask for better, so he has answered all my prayers", she said . Perhaps most disturbing, commenting on the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Francis declared "one cannot make fun of faith" and that anyone who throws insults can expect a "punch", offering a tacit justification for terror and viol... [Full Article...]

Katy Perry's Close To Signing American Idol Deal!

Clarkson is set to appear alongside Shelton and Levine in the upcoming 14th season, set to debut in January 2018, with NBC indicating that neither Cyrus nor Hudson will be returning for that season by adding in its announcement that "a fourth coach will be named at a later date". [Full Article...]

Eurovision Song Contest: vince il Portogallo, Gabbani sesto

Eurovision Song Contest: vince il Portogallo, Gabbani sesto Ma ha conquistato il premio dei critici internazionali perché la canzone è stata la più votata dalla stampa. Come hanno ricordato i commentatori dell'Eurovision Song Contest , Sobral è affetto da dei problemi di salute che non gli permettono di stare troppo a lungo lontano da Lisbona . [Full Article...]

Trump Suggests Canceling Daily Briefing, Doing Press Conferences Himself Every Two Weeks

Pirro said that until Trump takes the matter off the table, the country won't be able to focus his accomplishments while people "play politics" with the negative details. "It's impossible for a person, or two people, or three people, who are press people, to cover every aspect of what I'm thinking and what I'm doing", said Trump. [Full Article...]

Press Briefings to Have Much Less Sean Spicer This Week

Press Briefings to Have Much Less Sean Spicer This Week After being bothered by all of the questions surrounding his job security, Spicer left the conference on his motorized podium and head to NY to find Trump. There's apparently no such thing as a conflict of interest in the Trump White House. An enraged Spicer ripped a column out of the ground and threw it at the press. [Full Article...]

Rapper Travis Scott arrested in northwest Arkansas

Rapper Travis Scott arrested in northwest Arkansas He will be required to appear in Arkansas court in the future. The crowd responded by following his directions - and injuring multiple people, including a security guard and a police office in the process. A fan jumped from a second-floor balcony at a Scott show in New York City two weeks ago, and another jumped from a third-floor balcony and was injured as a result. [Full Article...]

Renzi: "Il PD tornerà al 40%"

Al di là di ogni polemica e problematica, il Pd ha voluto offrire un grande contributo per rendere più decorosa la 'città eterna'. "Grazie all'iniziativa lanciata da Matteo Renzi la città si è mobilitata e anche il M5S ha sentito la responsabilità di dover essere partecipe attivamente per ridare dignità e decoro ad una capitale sull'orlo di una emergenza senza precedenti". [Full Article...]

CONSIDER THIS: Never pass up an opportunity to see Mom

CONSIDER THIS: Never pass up an opportunity to see Mom I know that honoring mom will be easy for many of you and more hard for others. This year, as a public service to children of all ages, I'm here to help you give the flawless gift for Mother's Day. For this moment maybe we are making our dreams come true and facing our adult life and grow, but they are also getting old every day. Nearly everything I know I learnt from my mother . [Full Article...]

De Bortoli: "Sicuro della bontà del mie fonti"

Da Banca Etruria alla legge elettorale: Matteo Renzi , ospite de L'Arena di Giletti , torna un fiume in piena. Mi aspetterei invece da Renzi che chieda scusa al collega del Corriere che, in quella occasione, stava facendo il suo lavoro e alloggiava nell'hotel. [Full Article...]

Salvador Sobral Of Portugal Wins Eurovision Song Contest

A visibly tired Sobral added: "I'm exhausted and just want to rest". "I just wanted to sing a handsome song as it is - it's in Portugese", he said of his decision to sing in his native language despite speaking fluent English. Australia has come ninth in Eurovision with some wondering if a mooning reveller with an Australian flag hampered Isaiah Firebrace's chance at victory. [Full Article...]

Melissa McCarthy will play Sean Spicer once more

McCarthy first started parodying Spicer's press briefings in February and has reprised her role quite a few times , despite (or maybe because of) the fact that President Trump hates the portrayal, according to Politico . She has since returned to the show to play the Trump spokesman several times . McCarthy will undoubtedly have plenty of spicy Spicey material to work with this weekend. [Full Article...]

Zabaleta to leave Manchester City

Mahrez beat Willy Caballero with 13 minutes remaining but had slipped in his run-up and inadvertently struck the ball twice, once with each foot. City boss Pep Guardiola (on disallowed penalty) said: "The shot was a little bit unusual and when I saw the reaction from (goalkeeper) Willy (Caballero) I understood immediately it was two touches and the referee was so fearless to interpret the rule".... [Full Article...]

Charlie Hunnam inspired by UFC champ Conor McGregor for King Arthur role

While the story is a familiar one for most, Guy Ritchie's interpretation gives life to it, making a quick trip to the restroom almost impossible to do. Aside from the lead roles, the character of The Mage (Astrid Berges-Frisbey) really stood out - even maybe outshone the males. "There is a scene where he tries to pull out his sword and I get out there, he's got a spiky bit and he got a bit overl... [Full Article...]

Trump says 'major help from God' need to win

Bush, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter all spoke at that in school during their first year as president. Trump underscored how the school's founder persevered. "We are Liberty students who are disappointed with President Falwell's endorsement and are exhausted of being associated with one of the worst presidential candidates in American history", the letter reads. [Full Article...]

Portugal wins Eurovision Song Contest for first time

Portugal wins Eurovision Song Contest for first time Bulgaria came second and Moldova third. Lucie Jones has called performing at the 62nd Eurovision song contest "incredible" and an "unbelievable feeling". Media captionItaly's Francesco Gabbani and a dancing gorilla. He was wrestled off the stage by a security guard as the singer continued to perform. [Full Article...]

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