Belen e Stefano, tensione alle stelle dietro le quinte di Selfie

A quanto pare, Belen avrebbe conquistato un altro uomo e la persona in questione sarebbe Enrique Iglesias . A differenza di quanto accadeva qualche tempo fa a Pequeños Gigantes - all'epoca Belén e Stefano si erano appena lasciati e approfittarono della trasmissione per rivolgersi ben più di qualche frecciata - a Selfie i due e coniugi stanno mantenendo una certa distanza di sicurezza. [Full Article...]

Former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes Is Dead

But Ailes, whose perch at the top of Fox News ended suddenly last summer following sexual harassment allegations, also leaves behind several pending lawsuits alleging harassment or race or gender discrimination involving two dozen current or former employees. [Full Article...]

Beckham makes acting debut in 'King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword'

Speaking at the premiere, Charlie, 37, said: "It was lovely working with Beckham, he did an unbelievable job". Meanwhile, Charlie recently revealed he did one thousand push-ups a day in preparation for " King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ". [Full Article...]

Dipinto del teschio di Basquiat venduto all'asta per 110.5 milioni

Dipinto del teschio di Basquiat venduto all'asta per 110.5 milioni Un dipinto senza titolo di Jean-Michel Basquiat , conosciuto come " Teschio ", è stato battuto all'asta giovedì 18 maggio da Sotheby's a New York per la cifra record di 110,5 milioni di dollari, pari a 99,5 milioni di euro. Ad aggiudicarselo Yusaku Maezawa , 41 anni, miliardario giapponese, re dell' e-commerce, che ha annunciato l'affare attraverso il suo account Instagram. [Full Article...]

Tom Hardy to play supervillain 'Venom' in new Marvel-based movie

Tom Hardy to play supervillain 'Venom' in new Marvel-based movie This was accompanied by the baffling news that the film would be R-Rated, and set in its own cinematic universe. Audiences are going to see this with J.K. Hopefully this version will turn out better, but it's still confounding how it works without having Spider-Man at least in the first quarter of the movie. [Full Article...]

Here We Go Again! Mamma Mia Sequel Hits in 2018

Here We Go Again! Mamma Mia Sequel Hits in 2018 The film was released in 2008, breaking box office records. Plot details are still scarce, but the film will be "based on" the songs of ABBA . Subtitled, with a somewhat appropriate weariness, Here We Go Again! But the appeal of a new Mamma Mia! story will surely be irresistible to movie-goers next year. [Full Article...]

CW 2017 Fall Schedule Announced Today

CW 2017 Fall Schedule Announced Today For the first time in the show's history, Arrow is moving off its Wednesday timeslot to Thursday nights at 9 p.m. following Supernatural. " Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" stays on Friday nights, followed by "Jane the Virgin", which moves from Mondays. [Full Article...]

Will Smith, Almodovar open a testy Cannes Film Festival

Will Smith, Almodovar open a testy Cannes Film Festival A remake of the 1971 Clint Eastwood tale, it's set in America's south during the Civil War and sees Colin Farrell play a wounded soldier looking for help at Martha Farnsworth's (Kidman) isolated school. Well, tell us how you really feel. With Netflix they get the benefit to watch what they never would have seen, it brings great connectivity to them to the world. [Full Article...]

Judge declares Prince's 6 siblings the heirs to his estate

Judge declares Prince's 6 siblings the heirs to his estate Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson , and his half siblings, Omarr Baker, Alfred Jackson, Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson and John Nelson, were designated as the musician's heirs by Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide. McMillan, an entertainment lawyer, had been brought in by Bremer Trust, the first court-appointed representative. Some individuals whose claims of heirship were rejected have filed... [Full Article...]

New Star Wars Battlefront II Story Trailer

Blank says that to put the story of Battlefront II into video game form is to take advantage of a medium that can accomplish so much more than a comic or a novel. Apparently, this was one of the reasons that sold the game to the team. According to Thompson, Star Wars Battlefront 2's Versio is the "perfect candidate" to reflect these characteristics, as she has a vested interest in believing in... [Full Article...]

Alien: Covenant, Where Are the Aliens?

The " Alien " film franchise has been plugging away for nearly 40 years. Waterston would make a fine Ripley-esque lead, if she didn't feel like a supporting character in David's relentless quest of creating something flawless. Where Alien traced the contours of sexual violence, Scott's new prequel excavates the original's mystery, horror and feminism, leaving an empty shell that is all too ... [Full Article...]

Mom forgoes Emmy campaign, donates to Planned Parenthood instead

Mom forgoes Emmy campaign, donates to Planned Parenthood instead The donation comes after the Republican majority in the House of Representatives voted to repeal Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act earlier this month (May17), passing President Donald Trump's controversial American Health Care Act, which, if passed by the Senate, would eliminate funds for many of Planned Parenthood's services. [Full Article...]

Analysts Showing Optimistic Trends For Delcath Systems, Inc. (DCTH)

Investors who are keeping close eye on Delcath Systems, Inc. This stock ( DCTH ) is ahead of its 52-week low with 22.52%. Return on Investment measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment's cost. Over the last week of the month, it was -17.08%, -80.80% over the last quarter, and -98.44% for the past six months. Taking a look at several key technical indicators,... [Full Article...]

Sachin: A Billion Dreams to have Sachin's 'private personal' videos

Sachin: A Billion Dreams to have Sachin's 'private personal' videos Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar wants to dedicate Sachin A Billion Dreams' to his father Ramesh Tendulkar and brother Ajit Tendulkar. Last month, soon after the trailer of the film was unveiled, superstar Rajinikanth, who rarely tweets, gave his best wishes to Sachin Tendulkar . [Full Article...]

French Socialists prepare to expel Manuel Valls

French Socialists prepare to expel Manuel Valls The statistics show the average Le Pen voter is likely to be much younger than the average Macron voter despite Macron winning the most votes in all age categories. " The second act in the redrawing of our political life will be the building of a parliamentary majority in the elections in June ", secretary general of the movement, Richard Ferrand , told reporters on Monday. [Full Article...]

X Factor, ecco i nuovi giudici: Fedez, Agnelli, Mara Maionchi, Levante

X Factor, ecco i nuovi giudici: Fedez, Agnelli, Mara Maionchi, Levante Resterebbero, sempre secondo Fiorello, al loro posto Fedez e Manuel Agnelli . Mara Maionchi ha dichiarato: " Per me è un ritorno alle origini , è iniziato tutto dieci anni fa al banco dei giudici e sarà emozionante sedermi di nuovo lì". [Full Article...]

Rahman, Shruti Haasan thrilled about Cannes debut

Rahman, Shruti Haasan thrilled about Cannes debut The first look poster of this movie that also stars Jayam Ravi and Arya was released on Thursday at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival. Shruti has been taking sword fighting lessons in London for the last few weeks for her film. It is expected to give tough competition to SS Rajamouli's Baahubali 2. Rahman is now with the team of " Sanghamitra " at the festival, marking his Cannes debut. [Full Article...]

ICE detains Colorado man after judge orders early prison release

Under a 1984 agreement, Cuba agreed to take back 2,746 of their citizens who came to the United States as part of the boat lift. FILE - In this May 7, 2014 file photo, Rene Lima-Marin sits for an interview with The Associated Press about the circumstances of his sentencing and incarceration, in a meeting room inside Kit Carson Correctional Center, a privately operated prison in Burlington, Col... [Full Article...]

Fox News fires 'The Five' co-host Bob Beckel

Fox News fires 'The Five' co-host Bob Beckel Beckel, an outspoken liberal who had served as Walter Mondale's 1984 presidential campaign manager, was frequently in hot water during his time at Fox, particularly for his occasional on-air cursing and controversial remarks. Sometime on or after February 2015, Beckel went on leave for major back surgery, and subsequently went into rehab for an addiction to pain pills, Mediaite noted in April ... [Full Article...]

Obama's birthday could be commemorated in IL

The bill heralds Obama's work in his adopted home state as a state lawmaker and US senator and says he "dedicated his life to protecting the rights of Americans and building bridges across communities". Many Republicans refused to vote for a bill that would give state workers and students the day off. "He deserves this honor", said Rep. Steve Andersson, R-Geneva. [Full Article...]

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