Scott Disick and Bella Thorne fly off to Cannes together

Scott Disick and Bella Thorne fly off to Cannes together So, it is safe to say that the two are spending a lot of time together. "It's immature but that's Scott ", said the source. "It's not like they're hiding". " Younes is young, but very responsible", the insider added. "He doesn't really party". "He is very sweet to Kourtney ". "After all the drama with Scott , he is a great distraction. [Full Article...]

Dwayne Johnson introduced Baywatch castmates to 'butt glue'

Dwayne Johnson introduced Baywatch castmates to 'butt glue' According to most of the critics, there is an over-portrayal of red swimsuit-clad playmates running along the sandy coast of the beaches. He said: "As soon as I knew Baywatch was happening, I wanted David involved - you don't do a Baywatch movie and not consult the Hoff". [Full Article...]

Deadpool 2 casts Jack Kesy as its villain, possibly Black Tom

Deadpool 2 casts Jack Kesy as its villain, possibly Black Tom It was not made clear exactly which role Kesy will be playing, but Deadline's sources suggest that it will be Black Tom. The baddie in question will be Black Tom who is "a nemesis in the X-Men universe, a Dublin-born mutant who can manipulate, bond with, and project energy through plant life." . [Full Article...]

Who Will Win 'Dancing With The Stars'? Rashad Jennings Is Most Improved

And this is the first time personally that I've vibed out and turned on Fifth Harmony on my own because I love the songs so much. " People did not expect to see you here", added Lindsay, who acknowledged her partner's been an underdog not just on the show, but in baseball as well. [Full Article...]

Happy Mother's Day to all

She said, "If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week". On May 10, 1908, Anna Jarvis held a public service at Andrews Methodist Church, where her mother taught Sunday School for 25 years. All around the world, it will be a treat from sons & daughters to their mothers . Happy Mother's Day-you're a gift from above! My wife and I love the holidays... [Full Article...]

Brad Pitt's War Machine filmed in Abu Dhabi

Brad Pitt's War Machine filmed in Abu Dhabi Pitt, who was also joined by director David Michod , narrated his own experience of trying to play the piano and failing to do so. As SRK said that an action and dance film takes upto 120 days to shoot and a simple film 70 days, Pitt exclaimed: "It's the same there". [Full Article...]

Nicole Kidman vows to support female filmmakers

The actor, who is now promoting four separate projects at the Cannes film festival , said that it was important for women to support female directors at a time when there are so few working in film and television. "Only 4.2 percent of women directed the main motion pictures of 2016, that's a statistic from the Women in Film group ", she explained. That says it all. [Full Article...]

British PM to cut short G7 program after Manchester attack

Salman Abedi, who was 22 when he died in Monday's attack, was reportedly born in the Libyan parents who had fled the regime of Moammar Gadhafi. Charlotte Campbell spent the hours after the attack desperately searching for her 15-year-old daughter Olivia, but on Wednesday she confirmed that she had died. [Full Article...]

Russian probe: Mueller briefed on secret Comey memos

It is unclear if a similar memo was prepared by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to document Trump's conversation with Coats. On May 10, US President Donald Trump met with Lavrov and Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak in the White House. [Full Article...]

Kane's pride at scoring Tottenham's last goal at White Hart Lane

Kane's pride at scoring Tottenham's last goal at White Hart Lane Spurs are building a new £800m ground next to White Hart Lane , so have to go to the national stadium next season - where they lost two and drew one of their four "home" games in Europe this season. Harry Kane said he was thrilled to score what proved to be the last winning goal at White Hart Lane . "We are disappointed, but at the same time we need to move on", Pochettino told Sky Sports . [Full Article...]

Raoul Bova e Rocio Munoz Morales, vacanza bollente a Ibiza

Raoul Bova e Rocio Munoz Morales, vacanza bollente a Ibiza Hanno scelto un restor extralusso e sono partiti soli, soletti. Il servizio fotografico della coppia alle Baleari lo pubblica Chi nel numero in edicola. Come sempre lei è in splendida forma ( clicca qui per vedere la foto ), mentre l'attore italiano, da sempre considerato uno dei nostri sex-symbol, sfoggia un addome un po' rilassato: colpa del troppo relax in vacanza? Sette giorni in isolame... [Full Article...]

Ellen DeGeneres Agrees To Do A Stand-Up Special For Netflix

Ellen DeGeneres Agrees To Do A Stand-Up Special For Netflix DeGeneres is the lastest big name in comedy signed to a comedy special after a long break. Plan your weekend with our hand-picked list of the Quad Cities' best bets for entertainment. The Ellen Degeneres Show, which was Ellen's third TV show following two sitcoms, premiered in 2003, and she has been doing it ever since. In addition to her daytime show, DeGeneres has also hosted the Oscars... [Full Article...]

Nancy O'Dell responds to Billy Bush

Nancy O'Dell responds to Billy Bush On Good Morning America , Bush claimed that he reported Trump's remarks after the interview and learned that they had been recorded a few days later. Bush told Roberts that his wife remained supportive "the whole way through" in the aftermath of the tape's release. I look back and I wish. "And she said, 'No". [Full Article...]

Weekend Box Office: Good News And Bad News For 'Alien: Covenant'

At #1, Fox's Alien: Covenant debuted with an estimated $ 36 million , almost 43% of which came from its Friday performance, which included $4.2 million from Thursday previews. Two other new releases landed in the top five. Fassbender's roles as both David and the upgraded model, Walter, are a big part of the latter. The movie generated $7.2 million in sales. [Full Article...]

Police in Manchester make 3 more arrests in concert bombing

Asked whether the USA leaks had compromised the investigation, she said: "I wouldn't go that far but I can say that they are perfectly clear about the situation and that it shouldn't happen again". "In the last 15 years, I haven't seen him in trouble at all". Abedi and another brother stayed behind to finish up school, the news service reported . [Full Article...]

Game of Thrones 7: online delle nuove immagini

Game of Thrones 7: online delle nuove immagini Concorda Harington: "Le cose accelerano verso la fine, è tutto molto diverso ed è emozionante". " Game of Thrones " (anche conosciuto come " Il Trono di Spade ") è ormai parte pregnante della cultura popolare. Sempre rimanendo nella zona di Grande Inverno , ci sono anche l'immancabile Brienne di Tarth e Tormund Veleno dei Giganti . La foto uscita ieri in anteprima di Daenerys sul dorso di ... [Full Article...]

"Top Gun 2" si farà! A confermarlo è Tom Cruise

L'attore protagonista delle famosa pellicola, durante il tour promozionale di 'La Mummia' , lo ha rivelato durante una puntata dello show australiano 'Sunrise': "È vero, è vero - ha detto - sto per cominciare le riprese, probabilmente, l'anno prossimo". [Full Article...]

Il nuovo Spider-Man Tom Holland interpreterà Nathan Drake nel film di Uncharted

Il nuovo Spider-Man Tom Holland interpreterà Nathan Drake nel film di Uncharted Alla regia Shawn Levy , alla produzione Charles Roven , Avi Arad e Alex Gartner . Il film dovrebbe essere un prequel delle avventure narrate nella serie di videogame di Naughty Dog , la cui ispirazione è stata presa da una sequenza flashback di Uncharted 3 in cui un giovane Drake incontrava per la prima volta il professionista della truffa, Sullivan . [Full Article...]

Playboy model pleads no contest for post of nude woman

Mathers was roundly criticised after she took the photo at an LA Fitness club in July past year and posted it on Snapchat with the caption: "If I can't unsee this then you can't either". "She pleaded no contest to a misdemeanour, she won't do a day in jail for that and she wants - to get on with her life", he continued. The victim, who has not been named, was expected to testify if the case went... [Full Article...]

Roger Moore had prouder achievements than playing James Bond

Roger Moore had prouder achievements than playing James Bond We have to tell them that", Moore said. "Blofeld might find out I was here", he said, referencing the Bond supervillain. You represented a large part of my life (...) You were a magnificent James Bond who showed me the way. Clearly Moore's sense of humour will never be forgotten. The actor, who came to the role in 1973 after Connery exhausted of it, had already enjoyed a long career in films... [Full Article...]

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