Priyanka Chopra Starrer 'Baywatch' Censored 'A' Certificate With Five Cuts!

Priyanka Chopra Starrer 'Baywatch' Censored 'A' Certificate With Five Cuts! Prepare for the return of The Rock and Zac Efron's abs. According to most of the critics, there is an over-portrayal of red swimsuit-clad playmates running along the sandy coast of the beaches. "We would take it overseas". IGN's Gav Murphy wrote , "The only other highlight is Priyanka Chopra as nefarious entrepreneur Victoria Leeds , who outshines pretty much anyone she's in a scene with". [Full Article...]

Colta da raptus accoltella la sua tassista: arrestata per tentato omicidio

Colta da raptus accoltella la sua tassista: arrestata per tentato omicidio Secondo quanto si è appreso dalle prime ricostruzioni della Polizia, la donna accoltellata è una tassista a cui l'altra donna si è rivolta per farsi accompagnare da un paese a poca distanza da Isernia a un maxi center cinese di Macchia d'Isernia . [Full Article...]

Trump says Kathy Griffin 'should be ashamed of herself'

CNN did not make clear whether it was cutting its New Year's Eve deal with Griffin for just the upcoming 2017 broadcast or for good. Chelsea Clinton called the images "vile and wrong" and Anderson Cooper , Griffin's co-host on CNN's New Year's Eve special, said the photos were "disgusting and completely inappropriate". [Full Article...]

Musicians and Actors Pay Respect to Chris Cornell at Memorial Service

Hundreds of people gathered to say their goodbyes to the Soundgarden frontman. Numerous members of rock royalty such as Perry Farrell, Tom Morello and Krist Novoselic joined Hollywood A listers including Brad Pitt and Christian Bale at Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell's memorial service at the storied Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Friday. [Full Article...]

Fifth Harmony drops first song without Camilla Cabello

Fifth Harmony drops first song without Camilla Cabello In graphic tops and high-waisted silhouettes, denim and leather alike, the singer channels her inner supermodel in her first shoot for the brand-though, having been born in 1997, the 20-year-old is surely drawing more on those who came before her than her own decades-old sartorial experience. [Full Article...]

LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 Includes Beetlejuice, Powerpuff Girls and More

LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 Includes Beetlejuice, Powerpuff Girls and More And last but not least is the Beetlejuice Fun Pack. There'll also be a Teen Titans Go! Buying either pack gives people an exclusive episode of the show telling how the Teen Titans ended up in Lego Dimensions . The Powerpuff Girls Fun Pack contains a Buttercup minifigure and the 3-in-1 Mega Blast Bot. When competition beckons, players can go head-to-head in the Battle Arena for endless fun. [Full Article...]

Melania Trump's strong words about that Kathy Griffin photo

I was wrong. Griffin had shared the image in now-deleted tweets . Hours later, Griffin attempted to clean up the damage by apologizing , saying she was wrong and went too far. "And then soon after, she made a very fulsome apology and asked - begged for forgiveness", Franken said. Many on social media called for Griffin to be jailed or the Secret Service to investigate the comedian. [Full Article...]

UK Labour's Corbyn to join TV debate as gap with Conservatives narrows

UK Labour's Corbyn to join TV debate as gap with Conservatives narrows May. Jeremy Corbyn's party are favourites in 175 different constituencies and remain a close second in another 81 areas. "There is a debate in Cambridge tonight". Her reply was, and I asked this at Prime Minister's Question Time when we knew the election was coming, she said: 'Well, this is the debate.' Well, it isn't the debate. [Full Article...]

Lorde surprises shop assistant with Governors Ball invite

Lorde surprises shop assistant with Governors Ball invite Take Ayesha from Liquiteria in New York City for example, she is a new hire at the smoothie shop, and was lucky enough to serve Lorde . "She got a Blue Velvet , I am shook ", she says in the video. Lorde is super smooth ― and we're not just talking about her drink preferences (we're not sorry). Presuming the date and time displayed in the tweet does indeed mean a follow-up to " Green Light... [Full Article...]

Trump expected to renew waiver postponing USA embassy move to Jerusalem

A senior administration official said Wednesday that Trump still supports the move but believes with the possibility of peace between Israel and the Palestinians at hand, now may not be the best time to anger the Palestinians by moving the embassy to contested land. [Full Article...]

White House official: Trump plans to pull US from Paris deal

White House official: Trump plans to pull US from Paris deal Rajoy and Modi agreed to boost bilateral cooperation in the field of combating climate change . However, the USA president faced huge pressure during his first foreign trip since taking office to uphold the pact from both world leaders and Pope Francis, who gave Trump a copy of his papal encyclical on climate change during their meeting at the Vatican. [Full Article...]

Tiger Woods 'asleep at the wheel' of stopped vehicle before arrest

Tiger Woods 'asleep at the wheel' of stopped vehicle before arrest The incident occurred less than a week after Woods expressed optimism about his future following back surgery, saying on his website that he experienced "instant relief" and had not "felt this good in years". Two breathalyzer tests showed Woods' blood alcohol content to be zero, according to the report . "I'm concerned about him", said Steve Stricker, the Presidents Cup captain who chose Wood... [Full Article...]

Sofia Coppola becomes second woman to win Cannes director prize

A satire of the art world, the film tells the story of a museum director desperate to make a success of his gallery, who stages a new installation called "The Square " to promote it. Lynne Ramsay's riveting pitch-black thriller, about a deeply troubled vet-turned-hitman, won him the prize for Best Actor. The runner-up Grand Prix went to festival favourite "120 Beats Per Minute " by French direc... [Full Article...]

Final Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus performance

Sunday night's 7 p.m. performance was the last of three final shows at the Nassau County Coliseum in Uniondale, N.Y., about 30 miles east of New York City. Tiger trainer Taba Maluenda performs with a white tiger during a show in Providence. The move also came after animal rights activists took aim at the show, taking issue with the use of elephants and other animals by the performers. [Full Article...]

Olivia Newton-John combatte contro il cancro al seno per la seconda volta

Olivia Newton-John combatte contro il cancro al seno per la seconda volta La terribile diagnosi è arrivata dai medici, che hanno suggerito alla cantante di iniziare immediatamente una terapia di radiazioni fotoniche , oltre a terapie naturali per la sua salute, e di interropere l'attività lavorativa. Per l'artista 68enne si tratta purtroppo di un incubo che ritorna: nel 1992 il cancro le è stato diagnosticato la prima volta e la Newton-John è stata costretta a sottop... [Full Article...]

Great white shark leaps into fisherman's boat

Great white shark leaps into fisherman's boat Fisherman Terry Selwood, 73, is still trying to wrap his head around how it all happened. "This thing was beside me and I looked over and thought, 'Oh, a bloody shark.' So I just climbed - he was doing a mad dance around, he was thrashing everywhere", he added. [Full Article...]

Chris Cornell laid to rest at LA memorial service

Brad Pitt , Pharrell and Christian Bale were among the stars paying their respects to Chris Cornell at the Soundgarden and Audioslave singer's funeral. Although Chris Cornell's funeral service at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery was a private event, fans waited outside the gates in preparation for a public viewing, which is scheduled to take place at 3 p.m. [Full Article...]

Trump keeps up criticism of Germany

On Saturday, German chancellor Angela Merkel said in Munich that Europe must "really take our fate into our own hands", since old alliances between the continent and the USA were not what they once were. Nonetheless, Merkel's plans to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang this week reflect Berlin's willingness to work with other countries if Washing... [Full Article...]

Diana Takes Her Sword Everywhere In New Wonder Woman Clip

We all felt the tone of the movie was similar to Casablanca and the Christopher Reeve Superman . I have the illustrious honor of reviewing Wonder Woman upon its impending release. I'm not one to jump on board the whole debate on body size, body hair, or all other battles women have to face on a daily basis, but I do have to say that at no point during the film did it even cross my mind th... [Full Article...]

Police say Tiger Woods' car showed fresh damage

He was wearing his seat belt, his vehicle was running, the brake lights were on and the right blinker was flashing, according to a police report. At one point, police said Woods appeared to be on the verge of falling over and one officer rushed over to catch him if he had. [Full Article...]

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