Prince Harry Will Bring Meghan Markle To Pippa Middleton's Wedding

Prince Harry Will Bring Meghan Markle To Pippa Middleton's Wedding Back in February, the Los Angeles native's choice of jewelry made headlines when photographers captured her wearing it while shopping for flowers around Kensington Palace. Pippa's wedding will mark the couple's most high-profile appearance to date. "They will be engaged by the end of summer", a source told Us. It is becoming more and more clear that the two are getting very serious if Markle i... [Full Article...]

The Fate of the Furious heading for record global opening

Actor Vin Diesel has said he feels "humbled and blessed", as his latest The Fast And The Furious film is on course to become the biggest worldwide debut of all time. The $100.2 million is slightly below analyst expectations for the film. By contrast, " Furious 7 ", which served as a tribute to Paul Walker , who died in a auto crash before filming was completed, raked in $147.2 million in its fi... [Full Article...]

Prince Harry Shares Emotional Struggles After Diana's Death

Because of the process that I've been through over the last two-and-a-half to 3 years", he said, "I've now been able to take my work seriously, be able to take my private life seriously as well, and be able to put blood, sweat and tears into the things that really make a difference". [Full Article...]

Tomi Lahren Cryptically Accuses Glenn Beck Of 'Misconduct'

Tomi Lahren Cryptically Accuses Glenn Beck Of 'Misconduct' In the initial response to Lahren's suit, Beck's company said Lahren wasn't fired as she suggested, but is still an employee drawing benefits and compensation. According to Beck's filing, the pro-choice views were not the main reason Lahren got benched but "d$3 uring her appearance, she made a statement that not only diverged dramatically from her previous public positions but also effectively cal... [Full Article...]

Kathleen Kennedy: Carrie Fisher Will Not Be in Star Wars Episode IX

So sadly, Carrie will not be in IX. "We'll see a lot of her in [Episode] 8". "[Billie and I] were like, 'yes, how do you take her out of it?' and the answer is you don't..." "To me, 'Star Wars " is the holy grail of storytelling and lore and you can't mess with it". [Full Article...]

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper begin filming 'A Star Is Born' at Coachella

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper begin filming 'A Star Is Born' at Coachella In addition to playing Ally, Germanotta aka Gaga, earned an Oscar nomination for the song "Til It Happens to You" from The Hunting Ground previous year . But as Ally's career quickly eclipses his own, Jack finds it increasingly hard to handle his fading glory. For his feature directorial debut, Bradley Cooper has figured out a rather ingenious solution: put his popstar leading lady on a sta... [Full Article...]

Next Star Wars movie to feature new female character

PreviousSlide 2/4Next Will Rey Go Gray? Asked about the WWJBD slogan, she said, "That's my new motto". And there's plenty exciting in The Force Awakens. The movie franchise is popular equally with male and female fans. He also went on to add that players will be able to customise and unlock new abilities for the heroes and that players will, "find new ways of personalizing them to their play s... [Full Article...]

Search warrants in Prince's death to be unsealed Monday

A bodyguard carries Prince, who is unconscious, from the plane. And how long was he taking opioid pain medication? Criminal justice experts say the pace of the investigation doesn't necessarily mean it's in trouble or that no one will be charged. [Full Article...]

Fox Investigating Sexual Harassment Claim Against O'Reilly

Since then, Fox News has faced multiple claims from women who alleged they were mistreated by current and former employees. When Zimmerman tells O'Reilly that Rice said she didn't leak the names, O'Reilly continues looking for a different answer. [Full Article...]

Borgo dei Borghi, Otranto sfiora il podio

La "corona" gli è stata data ieri, il giorno di Pasqua, su Rai 3 durante la trasmissione Kilimangiaro (presentata da Camila Raznovich ). Ad aggiudicarsi il titolo, però, è stato Venzone , in Friuli, che ha battuto Arquà (Veneto) e Conca dei Marini (Campania). [Full Article...]

A year on, few answers from probe into Prince's death

Several medications were prescribed to Prince under the name of Kirk Johnson, his longtime bodyguard, assistant and personal friend. It has been reported vitamin bottles were also found throughout Prince's home during the inspection. Search warrants and other documents related to criminal cases are normally public record, but authorities had requested all documents related to the Prince death in... [Full Article...]

Things You Missed From The Teaser For Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I can not talk about the specifics of this, but we have something different in mind that will allow you to play longer, be [more] invested in the game without having a fragmented community. " The Last Jedi ", whoever the heck he is, opens on December 15, 2017. " 'Star Wars Forces of Destiny' is for anyone who has been inspired by Leia's heroism, Rey's courage or Ahsoka's tenacity", Kennedy said... [Full Article...]

Special prayers mark Easter celebrations across Kerala

The day was observed with solemnity and prayers with special sermons on salvation. The Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park remained the centre of attraction as hundreds of Christian community members visited the park and laid flowers at the place where a suicide bomb martyred over 80 people, including children and females, on March 27, 2016. [Full Article...]

Star Wars Rebels: Ahsoka Tano Still Set to Appear Again

We can call this the Rogue One strategy. "Anything's possible in Star Wars storytelling, I've learned that lesson". This marks Rukh's move from a "Legends" character into official Star Wars canon. They're really hesitant to actually fight. The fan version loses a bit of that, but thanks to the expendable rebel troops playing along as good sports, Vader still looks pretty powerful refle... [Full Article...]

Lady Gaga Making Coachella Music Festival History

With Coachella (which concludes its opening weekend tonight) set to conclude next weekend, Gaga and Bradley Cooper will be filming scenes for their upcoming remake of "A Star is Born" at Coachella during the in-between period while the festival is dormant - and fans are invited to participate in the filming. [Full Article...]

April's giraffe calf height, weight revealed

April's giraffe calf height, weight revealed Seconds after birth, April tenderly licked her calf, which began to slowly pick his head up from the floor of the pen. The newborn stood up on his wobbly legs about 45 minutes after he was born. Now, Animal Adventure Park wants you to help name the calf. Almost two months after April the pregnant giraffe made her YouTube debut on February 11, she has finally delivered a healthy calf - a male. [Full Article...]

The Fate of the Furious breaks global box office record

The film's opening weekend haul includes $ 190 million earned in China, a record for a Hollywood film in that country. Directed by F. Gary Gray, the film also features Charlize Theron , Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson and hip-hop star Ludacris. [Full Article...]

Pence warns North Korea 'era of strategic patience is over'

Last week, Trump himself told The Wall Street Journal that he didn't actually understand China's position on North Korea until the president of China, Xi Jinping , explained it to him. Meanwhile, China made a plea for a return to negotiations. One called for "dual-track" talks on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula - the top priority of the United States - and replacing the armistice tha... [Full Article...]

Trump attends Easter service at Episcopal church

The day before, the president also passed the morning playing golf at Trump International Golf Club, according to someone who saw him on the course. Basing its findings off of a widely cited estimate of $3.6 million per trip, the CAP calculates that the total thus far of $25 million could fund four thousand Medicaid recipients for a year. [Full Article...]

Mel B restraining order

Mel B restraining order They will be providing Mel with a lot of inspiration and comfort'. Meanwhile, Belafonte is said to have contacted ex Nicole Contreras - whom he was convicted of assaulting - and whined about his cash flow being cut off. "He has had instant access to a fortune for such a long time that he doesn't seem to know what to do". On Tuesday, Mel turned up at the Public Storage lock-up, where she ... [Full Article...]

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