Zimmer returns to Vikings after tending to eye issues

Zimmer returns to Vikings after tending to eye issues However, he remained in communication with members of his coaching staff to stay up to date on what was happening involving his team. It's Mike Zimmer's 61st birthday on Monday, but the best news he could have received for the day came from his eye doctor. [Full Article...]

Rogers to expand CityNews into Calgary by winter 2018

Rogers to expand CityNews into Calgary by winter 2018 CityTV will elbow its way back into the crowded Vancouver TV news market next year with the launch of new 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts. Rogers Media, which owns the CityTV network of stations, announced the expansion of its CityNews , now seen in Toronto, with local versions of the newscast produced and airing seven days a week in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Montreal. [Full Article...]

Halle Berry Is Not Pregnant, She Swears

Halle Berry Is Not Pregnant, She Swears Halle Berry has a bit of a belly. Reports say that either Halle Berry has something she's trying to tell her fans, like she's pegnant, or that she might have had a huge dinner before attending the ball on Saturday night. "She is not pregnant". Berry already has two young children: 9-year-old Nahla Aubry and 3-year-old Maceo Martinez , whose fathers are model Gabriel Aubry and director ... [Full Article...]

Usa, spari in un'azienda a Orlando almeno 5 morti

Usa, spari in un'azienda a Orlando almeno 5 morti Secondo quanto riportato dallo sceriffo Angelo Nieves, ci sarebbero "diversi morti". La polizia ha subito parlato di "più vittime", precisando che il fatto non ha alcuna matrice terroristica. L'ennesima sparatoria di oggi americana, cade un anno dopo la strage di Orlando del 12 Giugno scorso, in cui un uomo di oirigini afgane, Omar Mateen , fece 49 morti e 53 feriti sparando a raffica dentro ... [Full Article...]

Kellyanne Conway's husband criticizes Trump tweets

Kellyanne Conway's husband criticizes Trump tweets In a series of early-morning tweets on Monday, Trump called on the Justice Department to "seek an expedited hearing on the watered down Travel Ban before the Supreme Court" while working on a "much tougher version in the meantime". Clearly, though, George isn't disappointed that he wasn't honored with that appointment. The March directive narrowed the scope of the original order, which was hasti... [Full Article...]

Emotions high as Ariana Grande, others perform in Manchester

The concert had a somber tone as it was a day after seven people were killed and 48 injured when three men drove into a crowd and began attacking people with knives in London. She even collaborated with others onstage: She sang Fergie's verse on the Black Eyed Peas hit, "Where Is the Love?" along with the group; she performed a duet with Cyrus; and she sang her debut song, "The Way", with rapper... [Full Article...]

Gazebo lascia Rai 3 e va su La7 con Andrea Salerno

Gazebo lascia Rai 3 e va su La7 con Andrea Salerno A dire il vero, il comunicato non parla di un 'trasloco' di Gazebo , ma del passaggio alla rete della squadra del programma, ingaggiata da Urbano Cairo per nuovi progetti televisivi . L'editore del Corriere della Sera arricchisce così il parco nomi del suo canale. Poco dopo il post su Facebook di Mentana, ecco arrivare la conferma di Andrea Salerno via Twitter . [Full Article...]

Wonder Woman 2 sarà ambientato in America

Un divertente video condiviso su YouTube prova ora a immaginare la reazione di Batman davanti alla scoperta che la storia della supereroina abbia ottenuto un punteggio estremamente positivo sul sito Rotten Tomatoes . Ho fatto Wonder Woman , ok. Wonder Woman è pronta per fare il suo ingresso oggi nelle sale italiane ma dovrà rinunciare al suo debutto in Libano. [Full Article...]

Cosby arrives at court before sex assault trial

But the trial concerns the allegations of one woman, Andrea Constand , over one incident in January 2004. Keshia.that still sounds right to you? Cosby has pleaded not guilty to the charges and denies the allegations of more than 60 women. [Full Article...]

Pres Trump Lays Out Case For Privatization Of Air Traffic Control System

Under his plan, air traffic control would be turned over to a non-profit entity that would initially rely on loans. Pence adds that by "electing a builder" he will help encourage job creation and institute reforms that will ensure the safety of air traffic controllers. [Full Article...]

MIT says Donald Trump totally misunderstood its climate science

The U.S. was supposed to provide an additional $2 billion, but Trump has balked at that idea, and his proposed budget includes cuts to global climate programs. Separately, the Trump administration is reviewing fuel-economy standards that were reaffirmed in the final days of President Barack Obama's tenure. [Full Article...]

'Wonder Woman' Might Be Banned in Lebanon Because Gal Gadot Is Israeli

'Wonder Woman' Might Be Banned in Lebanon Because Gal Gadot Is Israeli At DC, " Wonder Woman " beats out Christopher Nolan's " The Dark Knight ", which earned a 94 percent freshness rating , and this year's "The Lego Batman Movie", which earned a 90 percent. It was directed by Patty Jenkins , who helmed Monster (2003), and written by Allan Heinberg. So yes, Diana could beat Superman in a fight, somehow. [Full Article...]

Former Eagles CB Brandon Boykin signs with Ravens

Former Eagles CB Brandon Boykin signs with Ravens Over his career, Boykin has eight interceptions, five forced fumbles and a pair of sacks. According to Spotrac , the move will free $2.1 million in cap room for the Ravens , doubling what the Ravens before Arrington's release. Baltimore's other options to replace Young included Lardarius Webb , who switched from corner to safety last season; Maurice Canady , who has not played a defensive sn... [Full Article...]

Macon, Georgia honors rocker Gregg Allman at his funeral

After the funeral, the Big House, home of the Allman Brothers Band Museum, hosted a private concert by members of Allman's solo band and Allman Brothers Band drummer Jaimoe Johanson in celebration of Allman's life. The singer was spotted entering the small chapel to attend the private service, which was only open to friends and family. "No suits", Allman's longtime manager, Michael Le... [Full Article...]

Top Secret NSA Report Details Russian Hacking Days Before Election

Officials requested that we not publish or report on the top secret document and declined to comment on it. The NSA report reveals the agency is convinced that the Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) is behind Russian interference in the election. [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande critic Piers Morgan apologizes to singer

I'm so sorry for all of your loss and all the pain that you've gone through. The mother of Olivia Campbell-Hardy - the 15-year-old killed in the Manchester terror attack - has thanked Ariana Grande for the Manchester gig, saying that her daughter would have been "smiling" at her tribute. [Full Article...]

Al Pacino to portray Joe Paterno in HBO movie, report says

Al Pacino to portray Joe Paterno in HBO movie, report says According to reports , the script will be written by Debora Cahn ( Grey's Anatomy ), John C. Richards ( Nurse Betty ) and David McKenna (American History X). There is no release date or further information about the film. He was the head football coach at Penn State from 1966 until his dismissal in 2011. [Full Article...]

Wallace and Gromit actor Peter Sallis dies, aged 96

Wallace and Gromit actor Peter Sallis dies, aged 96 Peter Sallis hailed from a generation of British working actors who managed to appear on TV and in movies consistently throughout the course of his 60-odd-year career. To Park's great surprise, Sallis said yes. He also established a robust career in film and television, appearing in films like Saturday Night and Sunday Morning , Taste the Blood of Dracula , and Wuthering Heights . [Full Article...]

Hackers release stolen episodes of Steve Harvey's ABC show

Hackers release stolen episodes of Steve Harvey's ABC show Eight episodes of it are currently available on The Pirate Bay now so you can check it out now and let us know what happens. The authenticity of the leak is yet to be verified, but it appears the file uploads on The Pirate Bay are the first eight episode titles of 'Steve Harvey's Funderdome '. [Full Article...]

'Wonder Woman' gross revised up to $103.1 million

'Wonder Woman' gross revised up to $103.1 million However, " Wonder Woman " is the first in Warner Bros .' flagship franchise to benefit from a "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an A CinemaScore . "They're about women as well", said Jeff Goldstein, distribution chief for Warner Bros. That was decidedly not the case heading into the weekend. [Full Article...]

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