Morto Giovanni Sartori, il politologo aveva 92 anni

Morto Giovanni Sartori, il politologo aveva 92 anni E' morto Giovanni Sartori , uno dei più noti politologi italiani. "Dalle colonne del Corriere della Sera lanciò i termini Mattarellum e Porcellum ", come scrive il sito del Corriere della sera , quotidiano per cui era editorialista. Dal 1969 al 1971 fu preside di Scienze politiche. Nel 1956 ottenne la prima cattedra di scienza della politica in Italia, una nuova materia appena inserita nell... [Full Article...]

Perry decries election of 1st gay Texas A&M student prez

Perry decries election of 1st gay Texas A&M student prez Despite The Washington Post's suggestion, Perry's criticism wasn't pointed at Brooks; it was pointed at the administrators responsible for disqualifying McIntosh on a technicality. "He made a compelling case which I fully support and continue to fight for", McIntosh told the Battalion . "It's cool that it's important to him, too, that our campus president is something that he's taking his... [Full Article...]

Rihanna's Latest Puma Shoes Have Already Been Ripped Off By Topshop

Rihanna's Latest Puma Shoes Have Already Been Ripped Off By Topshop The lawsuit details that a total of three designs have been duplicated, including best-selling styles the Creeper, the Bow Side and the Fur Slide. Fenty x Puma faux fur slides in gray. "I wanted this shoe to be a part of the fancy brand, I wanted it to be the first thing that people saw because it was what I was into at the time", she said. [Full Article...]

Storms take aim at Alabama after killing 2 in Louisiana

Storms take aim at Alabama after killing 2 in Louisiana Confidence is growing that widespread severe weather will hit central Louisiana Sunday afternoon through much of Sunday night. The National Weather Service is forecasting stormy weather in Alabama in the upcoming week. Fire officials in the Texas village of Point Venture said several people witnessed an apparent funnel cloud there Sunday morning. "There was one home with pretty heavy damage". [Full Article...]

PM Netanyahu Welcomes New US Ambassador 'to Jerusalem'

Last month, Haley blocked the appointment of former Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad to be the new United Nations envoy to Libya simply because he is Palestinian. Netanyahu thanked Trump for his "strong support of Israel" during his address to AIPAC on Monday . There is a comfort level in both governments and in Congress with a return to the "old" U.S. [Full Article...]

Germany: Merkel's CDU victorious in Saarland

In yet another WTF moment uncovered from President Donald Trump's disastrous meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel last weekend, The Sunday Times is reporting that Trump actually serviced the German leader with a fake invoice for $300 billion, for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation services. [Full Article...]

Most Disapprove Of Trump, Except On Economy

Most Disapprove Of Trump, Except On Economy Only 38 percent of registered voters said they approved of the job Trump is doing as president, compared with 51 percent who disapproved. Only 19 percent said they consider it "effective and informative". Adam Marquart, 26, an independent voter with disabilities who lives in Lake Ozark, Missouri, said he'd given Trump an F - and wanted to give him an F minus - for not telling the truth, includin... [Full Article...]

Home prices jump 3.5% since start of 2017

Brisbane values were up 3.7% for the 12 months to March, while Adelaide values were up 3.4%. The property boom is being driven by record-low interest rates, buoyant investor demand and rapid population growth. Hobart and Canberra also saw double-digit growth for the year, while Perth and Darwin suffered falls in prices. Other officials have also voiced concerns about the housing market in rece... [Full Article...]

Hong Kong police arrest more 2014 Umbrella Movement pro-democracy protest leaders

Tsang is vastly more popular among Hong Kong's people.Protested demonstrated outside the voting center, fearing another five years of their country being effectively ruled by Beijing.District Councilor for Yuen Long Ka Lun To said the past five years had been "a nightmare for Hong Kong people", which would now continue for another five years. [Full Article...]

Mourners gather in Derry to remember Martin McGuinness

Deputy Doherty was among those who paid tribute to Mr. McGuinness after news emerged on Tuesday of his death at age 66. But relatives of the victims of paramilitary Irish Republican Army bombs said they could not forgive the former IRA commander for his previous actions. [Full Article...]

USA spurns China over DPRK

In a telephone conversation with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi said the coming meeting between the two leaders is now a top priority for bilateral ties, and bears great significance to the development of China-U.S. [Full Article...]

At 87 Buzz Aldrin becomes oldest person to fly with the Thunderbirds

At 87 Buzz Aldrin becomes oldest person to fly with the Thunderbirds The Florida Institute of Technology established the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute at the university in 2015, and Aldrin joined the faculty as a Research Professor of Aeronautics and serves as Senior Faculty Advisor for the Institute. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second human to walk on the moon, today became the oldest person to ever fly with the U.S. Thunderbirds. Aldrin's historic flight comes as ... [Full Article...]

1 dead after shots fired in Langley

1 dead after shots fired in Langley Langley RCMP were called in after a report of shots fired, said Cpl. They heard four shots, Reschke said. The parking lot was cordoned off for several hours as police gathered evidence and interviewed witnesses. The regional Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has taken over the case, but have so far yet to comment. Anyone with information is asked to call the IHIT timpline at 1-877-551-IHI... [Full Article...]

Trump to target trade abuses with executive orders

China, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Vietnam, Italy, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Switzerland, Taiwan, Indonesia and Canada were countries named in the briefing by Mr. He told reporters: "Nothing we're saying tonight is about China". A letter sent to key members of Congress as part of a consultation process required before triggering a renegotiation suggested the administra... [Full Article...]

Gov't watchdog to examine cost of Trump's Florida travel

The Government Accountability Office chose to look into Trump's trips to his Palm Beach resort in response to a request from Democratic lawmakers. Trump's handling of USA security information at Mar-a-Lago came under congressional scrutiny in February after photos taken by private guests in the club's public dining area showed Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reviewing documents fo... [Full Article...]

North Korean missile launch fails

North Korean missile launch fails The officials said the USA had increased its surveillance over the North and had detected a North Korean missile launcher being moved, as well as the construction of VIP seating in Wonsan. Does that mean we should stock up on canned sardines and start practicing "duck and cover"? What is known is that North Korea has conducted nuclear tests in recent times, the most recent being past year. [Full Article...]

Lawyer says Trump administration moved to squelch testimony

Nunes told reporters Tuesday he wouldn't. "What's the objective?" the California Republican asked. The Trump administration sought to block former acting attorney general Sally Yates from testifying to Congress in the House investigation of links between Russian officials and Donald Trump's presidential campaign, The Washington Post has learned, a position that is likely to further anger Dem... [Full Article...]

Terrorismo, sgominata la cellula jihadista nel cuore di Venezia

Tre persone sono state arrestate, un minorenne fermato. Eseguite anche 12 perquisizioni , 10 nel centro storico di Venezia , una a Treviso e una a Mestre. Nelle intercettazioni in mano agli inquirenti, i tre - tutti camerieri presso strutture ricettive della laguna - avrebbero cominciato a pensare alla preparazione di un attentato sul famoso ponte di Rialto, uno dei quattro ponti che attraversan... [Full Article...]

22-year-old Oklahoma police officer dies after chase, shooting

Police say the officer returned fire, and the suspect was wounded. Terney was wearing a bulletproof vest and body cam footage was retrieved, KTLA reported . The Oklahoma City Police Department released a statement regarding Terney's death. A warrant was ultimately issued for Shepard's arrest, which is believed to be why he shot and killed Tecumseh Police Officer Justin Turney. [Full Article...]

Taiwan democracy activist said to be detained in China

Taiwan democracy activist said to be detained in China China has confirmed the detention of a Taiwanese pro-democracy activist who was reported to have gone missing more than a week ago. SEF spokeswoman Lee Li-jen said her organisation has twice contacted its counterpart in China, the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, but received no response. [Full Article...]

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