India is a huge market for anyone to ignore: Warren Buffet

India is a huge market for anyone to ignore: Warren Buffet In the case of Google, however, Buffett said he could have figured out the company had a great advertising business because he was, in effect, contributing to its profits. In 2015, Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) worked with Brazilian private equity firm 3G to merge Heinz with Kraft Foods. Buffett was also critical of the American Health Care Act approved by House Republicans last week, s... [Full Article...]

Syria: Safe zones plan comes into force

Syria: Safe zones plan comes into force But the full details of the proposal were not made available and prospects for its success appeared bleak. Three countries backing different sides in Syria's war have agreed to set up "safe zones" in the country, while delegates for rebel forces stormed out in protest. [Full Article...]

Michelle Obama criticises Trump administration on school meals

Michelle Obama criticises Trump administration on school meals Former first lady Michelle Obama participates in a discussion on the importance of healthy food choices for children and the need for nutritious school lunch options, during the Partnership for a Healthier America's 2017 Summit, in Washington , D.C., on Friday. [Full Article...]

Defense attorneys decry Sessions' directive

Defense attorneys decry Sessions' directive Attorney General Jeff Sessions is telling the nation's federal prosecutors to pursue the most serious charges possible against most suspects. Under the new order, there is still room for prosecutors to decide to pursue less severe charges - but those decisions must be cleared with Sessions' office, which presumably will be a hard process. [Full Article...]

North Korea sends protest to US Congress over sanctions

The statement reiterated Pyongyang's request to the United Nations secretariat to hold an global forum of legal experts to assess the legality of sanctions introduced against North Korea. Moon symbolically has greater means to entice North Korea towards engagement based on his familial roots in the north, as his parents fled the port city of Hungnam in late 1950. [Full Article...]

US prosecutors told to push for more, harsher punishments

US prosecutors told to push for more, harsher punishments In choosing this moment to resurrect the demons of the war on drugs , perhaps Sessions is aiming to distract voters from Russian connections, failed health care initiatives and inexplicable drone attacks on faraway lands. Attorney under President George W. Bush, said in a statement in response to the order. "This policy affirms our responsibility to enforce the law, is moral and just, and produ... [Full Article...]

Sheriff: Gunman kills police chief, 2 nursing home workers

Sheriff: Gunman kills police chief, 2 nursing home workers He is a father of six with another child on the way, Thorp said. By early afternoon, flowers and flags were appearing in an impromptu memorial outside the village police hall. According to CBS affiliate WBNS , the Licking County Sheriff's Office, Ohio State Highway Patrol, and members of Homeland Security responded to a shooting in the 200 block of East Main Street in Kirkersville, approximatel... [Full Article...]

Syria Rejects UN Monitors For Safe Zones

The deal is meant to allow medical and humanitarian access to besieged areas and encourage refugees to return home to the protected de-escalation zones. United Nations mediator Staffan de Mistura has announced a new round of peace talks in Geneva between the Syrian government and the opposition on May 16. [Full Article...]

Trump hails 'very productive' first 100 days, but slams media

Trump hails 'very productive' first 100 days, but slams media Trump is set to visit the Ames tool factory in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, which has manufactured shovels since 1774, and then hold a campaign-style rally in Harrisburg, the state capital. But others blamed any shortcomings on obstruction from Democrats. "A respected Supreme Court justice: confirmed", the ad says while showing a clip of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch as he takes his oath to uph... [Full Article...]

U.S. troops deploy along Syria-Turkish border

U.S. troops deploy along Syria-Turkish border On Tuesday, Turkey bombed the headquarters of Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, killing 20 of our soldiers. "The U.S. role has now become more like a buffer force between us and the Turks on all front lines", he said . But Washington views YPG as its most effective ground partner in the fight against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria. Erdogan is due in Washington on May 1... [Full Article...]

Apple shares short tutorials on how to shoot on iPhone camera

Apple shares short tutorials on how to shoot on iPhone camera The firm raised its Apple price target to $170 from $164, representing a 10% potential upside from the stock's closing price Thursday. To this point, Jankowski adds that Apple's larger-screened iPhone models have become increasingly popular with each successive iPhone release, which is to say that demand for premium iPhone models is growing. [Full Article...]

Senate Intelligence Panel Subpoenas Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn

Senate Intelligence Panel Subpoenas Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Heading off another instance of very bad optics, perhaps, President Donald Trump's lawyers are struggling to keep him from "reaching out" to former national security adviser Michael Flynn, according to the Daily Beast . White House officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, had insisted that Mr Flynn did not discuss US-imposed sanctions with Mr Kislyak during the presidential transition pe... [Full Article...]

NHS Borders confirms it is affected by a cyber attack

Britain's health service was also hit hard Friday as the attack froze computers at hospitals across the country, shutting down wards, closing emergency rooms and bringing medical treatments to a screeching halt. At least 16 organisations within the state-run National Health Service, some of them responsible for several hospitals each, have reported being struck. [Full Article...]

Massive ransomware attack hits 74 countries

Spanish telecom company Telefónica was also hit with the ransomware. Britain's National Cyber Security Centre and its National Crime Agency were looking into the United Kingdom incidents, which disrupted care at National Health Service facilities. [Full Article...]

White House was warned Flynn at risk of blackmail

White House was warned Flynn at risk of blackmail The FBI has requested the business records of associates of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in the context of the probe into Russian influence on USA elections, CNN reported on Tuesday citing unidentified sources familiar with the matter. [Full Article...]

British hospitals hit by ransomware cyberattack

The only people suffering are people that need emergency care. The NHS has confirmed that a ransomware attack is responsible for major IT problems affecting a number of hospitals. "The investigation is at an early stage but we believe the malware variant is Wanna Decryptor ", NHS Digital, the computer arm of the English health service, said in a statement. [Full Article...]

Strong gains in local polls boost May's chances in June election

We'll have to wait and see what the final results are - and overall, of course, the turnout is much lower than you get in a general election", said United Kingdom defence secretary Michael Fallon, playing down the Conservative gains. As expected The Conservatives have made gains while nearly all the other parties have lost ground. The anti-EU party has struggled to find a footing and has been fa... [Full Article...]

Operations cancelled after cyberattack — NHS hospitals hacked

The security team has confirmed attacks in Russia, Ukraine and India. Routine appointments had been cancelled and ambulances were being diverted to neighbouring hospitals. The East and North Hertfordshire NHS trust updated its website shortly after the attack, telling visitors that they were "currently experiencing significant problems with our IT and telephone network". [Full Article...]

UK hospitals report tech problems in possible cyberattack

A large cyberattack crippled computer systems at hospitals across Britain on Friday, with appointments canceled, phone lines down and patients turned away. There's no evidence so far that patient records have been accessed, nor does it appear the NHS was purposefully targeted. Derbyshire Community Health Services in central England said on Twitter: "All IT systems have been temporarily shut do... [Full Article...]

Abbas warns of painful steps against Palestinian rival Hamas

The first meeting of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas with U.S. President Donald Trump in the White House on Wednesday apparently focused on the upcoming U.S. Mr Abbas, 82, who was among the negotiators on hand for the historic signing of the Oslo Accords on the White House lawn in 1993, indicated that he did feel optimistic that almost a quarter-century later, Mr Trump might be the president... [Full Article...]

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