South Korea: North Korean missile test fails

South Korea: North Korean missile test fails Parade in which the North Korean army exhibited some sixty missiles, including what appeared to be a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile. "The missile blew up nearly immediately", Benham said. They added that the missile was launched from land, rather than a ship or submarine. Pence is the son of a Korean War veteran and displays his late father's Bronze Star in his office. [Full Article...]

House Intelligence Chair Recuses Himself From Russia Investigation

ABC News also received a statement from Congressman Nunes , concerning the investigation, " Several left-wing activist groups have filed accusations against me with the Office of Congressional Ethics". "DEVIN-NUNES-.pdf">complaint with the ethics office asking that Nunes be investigated for "the unauthorized disclosure of classified material by Chairman Nunes for what appear to be blatantly polit... [Full Article...]

Traders Alert: Eaton Corporation plc (ETN)

Zacks Investment Research's earnings per share averages are an average based on a survey of sell-side research firms that cover Eaton Co., PLC. Eaton Corporation plc (ETN ) has been given an average price target of $75.11 from analysts, according to data collected by Finviz. [Full Article...]

Chris Matthews, who said same thing in 2013, defends Spicer's Hitler remark

Chris Matthews, who said same thing in 2013, defends Spicer's Hitler remark At Tuesday's press briefing, the White House press secretary's remarks ignored the chemical weapons used in Holocaust. On Wednesday, Spicer said the comments were "inexcusable and reprehensible" and all the more painful because they were made at a time sacred to Jews and Christians. [Full Article...]

Alec Baldwin Defends Kendall Jenner

The Pepsi commercial featured supermodel Kendall walking off a glamorous photo shoot to join a protest in favor of some generic cause . The creation of the advertisement itself shows how far removed wealthy, white individuals are from the reality of issues such as Black Lives Matter; in the name of profit, corporations will approve the manipulation of political movements without understanding ... [Full Article...]

The North Korea problem

Asked about the "options" against North Korea, he said Trump has made very clear that he is not in the business of announcing in advance exactly what hes going to do in any particular situation. Seattle the "ultimate target" for North Korea nuclear bomb, expert says. While interest in North Korea spikes immediately after a missile launch, within hours internet search traffic is again dominated by ... [Full Article...]

Couple booted from United flight in Houston

According to KHOU , when they boarded the flight in Houston , they found a man spread out and sleeping in the row where they had been assigned seats and so they chose to sit three rows up, not thinking much of it as the flight had many empty seats. [Full Article...]

Arkansas governor says execution plan just part of the job

Arkansas governor says execution plan just part of the job Arkansas originally planned to execute eight inmates between Monday and April 27 because its supply of one of the three execution drugs, midazolam, expires on April 30 and the state says it does not have a supplier to replenish it. This photo provided by Sherry Simon shows Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen taking part of an anti-death penalty demonstration outside the Governor's Mansion... [Full Article...]

Russian Federation vetoes United Nations condemnation of Syria attack

Russian Federation vetoes United Nations condemnation of Syria attack Both disagree on the approach to Syria and traded words over what exactly should be done. We have stated our position on many occasions. The head of Iranian diplomacy has in recent days talked to many of his counterparts in a bid to persuade them of the need to open an impartial investigation. [Full Article...]

US May Launch Preemptive Strike If North Korea Moves Toward Nuclear Test

The failed launch from North Korea's east coast, ignoring admonitions from the country's major ally, China, came a day after a military parade in Pyongyang in which what appeared to be new long-range ballistic missiles were on display. South Korea, which hosts 28,500 USA troops and holds a presidential election on May 9, warned of punitive action if the Sunday launch led to further provocation. [Full Article...]

Su-Yeon Jang takes LPGA Tour's Lotte Championship lead

Su-Yeon Jang takes LPGA Tour's Lotte Championship lead She earned $300,000 - moving her into fifth on the 2017 LPGA Official Money List - pushing her over $18 million in her career (she sits third on the LPGA Career Money List). Hawaii's Michelle Wie, the 2014 Lotte champion, shot 71. Ko, meanwhile, made a poor start with a bogey on the second followed by further dropped shots on the sixth and 12th. [Full Article...]

Gorsuch confirmed to Supreme Court

Gorsuch confirmed to Supreme Court Senate Democrats have fiercely opposed Gorsuch's nomination, citing Republican's refusal to meet with Obama's Supreme Court pick Merrick Garland and the millions of dollars in donations from unidentified sources that have gone to political organizations supporting his confirmation. [Full Article...]

Pence calls North Korea missile test a 'provocation'

Pence landed in South Korea at the start of a 10-day trip to Asia and was quickly confronted with the stakes facing the United States as Pyongyang seeks to flex its muscles around the birth anniversary of the country's late founder and advance the regime's nuclear and missile capabilities. [Full Article...]

United issues refunds to all passengers aboard flight

United issues refunds to all passengers aboard flight We wouldn't get (someone) off just because the airline wants them off. Mideast carriers are having fun at United Airlines' expense. He said that plane seats are perishable commodities - once the door has been closed, seats on a flight can't be sold and lose all value. [Full Article...]

Microsoft responds to latest Shadow Brokers zero-day exploits leak

The other big revelation from the Shadow Brokers dump is the claim that the NSA infiltrated the SWIFT banking network through a firm called EastNets in Dubai. A spokesperson said in an email in the middle of the night that the company has "investigated and confirmed that the exploits disclosed by the Shadow Brokers have already been addressed by previous updates to our supported products". [Full Article...]

McCain: 'China is the key' to dealing with North Korea

McCain: 'China is the key' to dealing with North Korea McCain and the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee , added that China will be key in how the world addresses the situation. McCain said tensions between the U.S. Here's how we are going to handle post-Mosul Iraq. Mr. Trump two weeks ago abandoned his noninterventionist campaign rhetoric and ordered military strikes in Syria, and last week said he no longer considers China a "curre... [Full Article...]

'SNL:' Jimmy Fallon, Harry Styles lead flash mob in 'Let's Dance' number

The One Direction star mimicked the Rolling Stone frontman for a sketch on the USA comedy show, where he also showcased some of his new music. Jimmy Fallon plays John Travolta, Harry Styles play Mick Jagger, Kate McKinnon plays Kristen Stewart in the sketch " Celebrity Family Feud: Time Travel Edition ". [Full Article...]

Secret UK tomb found to contain remains of 5 archbishops

Secret UK tomb found to contain remains of 5 archbishops Considering Lambeth Palace has been the residence of the archbishop of Canterbury, the Church of England's most senior cleric, for almost 800 years, it is little surprise the remains date back as far as the 17th century. Garden Museum director Christopher Woodward said: "We know there are five archbishops buried here". Visitors to the Garden Museum will be able to view the undisturbed coffins t... [Full Article...]

White House national security adviser: United States eager for Syrian regime change

Also, the missile strike implies "if you don't do things our way, we will start a war with you". Syrian Deputy UN Ambassador Mounzer Mounzer denied the country's use of chemical weapons, stating at the UN special session that Syria "would never use such weapons in any of its operations against armed terrorist groups". [Full Article...]

Manhunt underway for man who livestreamed homicide

He is 6ft and is said to weight 240lbs. He is bald, but sports a full beard, according to NBC News . He was last seen wearing a black or dark blue and grey striped polo shirt. He seemed kind enough to stop to talk to Stephens when he was first approached, but he had no way of knowing something horrific was about to happen to him. [Full Article...]

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