Israel Lauds US Security Ties Following Trump Disclosures

Israel Lauds US Security Ties Following Trump Disclosures Israel's top-selling newspaper Yediot Aharonot reported in January that Israeli intelligence officials had been told in a meeting with USA colleagues that " Israeli intelligence information, methods of operation and sources " could leak from a Trump administration seen as having close ties to the Kremlin . [Full Article...]

Pakistan Not Allowed To Play Kulbhushan Jadhav 'Confession' Video At UN Court

Pakistan Not Allowed To Play Kulbhushan Jadhav 'Confession' Video At UN Court Pakistan repeatedly denied consular access to India and no document of Jadhav's trial process was given by Islamabad, India says at ICJ. India has called for the immediate suspension of Kulbhushan Jadhav's death sentence. "Under Article 36, jurisdiction exists in respect of all cases that parties refer to and in respect of all matters specially provided for in treaties and conventions", Salve ... [Full Article...]

Man and young girl missing in Quebec flooding

But Coiteux said Quebecers must be realistic and realize things will not return to normal for sometime. Soldiers help residents of Pierrefonds after heavy flooding caused by unrelenting rain. Claude Doiron. The town of Rigaud, west of Montreal, has been particularly hard hit and a state of emergency has also been declared there. Homes have been evacuated in that borough as well as on the two n... [Full Article...]

Trump decides against embassy move to Jerusalem

According to NBC affiliate Channel 2 news in Washington, a senior official within the White House asserted that, while the move would happen before the end of Trump's presidential term, it would not happen immediately as the Israelis have requested, cited by the Times of Israel . [Full Article...]

Comey may have been using memos to build a case against Trump

James Comer of Kentucky said of Trump. According to the memo, details of which were first revealed by The New York Times , Trump told the then-FBI chief, "I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go". The New York Times reports that Comey created memos regarding his interactions with the president, documenting what he perceived as improper efforts to influence an ... [Full Article...]

Kyenge, Borghezio condannato per la frase: "gli africani sono africani"

Kyenge, Borghezio condannato per la frase: I giudici hanno ritenuto fondate le richieste del pm, ma hanno concesso all'imputato le attenuanti generiche e ridotto la somma del risarcimento chiesta dall'ex ministro del Governo Letta. Borghezio in aula si era difeso sostenendo che le sue erano solo critiche al governo e non frasi razziste. I giudici hanno stabilito che l'esponente della Lega Nord deve risarcire l'ex ministro con 50mila ... [Full Article...]

Why Trump should be very afraid of James Comey's memos

In addition Trump is facing pointed questions about his discussions with Russian diplomats during which he is reported to have disclosed classified information. Michael Flynn was sacked as national security adviser in February after it emerged that he misled the vice-president about meetings with the Russian ambassador during the election campaign. [Full Article...]

Australia and New Zealand largely escape global cyber attack

Australia and New Zealand largely escape global cyber attack In a blog post late Sunday, Microsoft President Brad Smith appeared to tacitly acknowledge what researchers had already widely concluded: The ransomware attack leveraged a hacking tool, built by the U.S. "Ransomware, like the name suggests, is when your files are held for ransom", said Peter Reiher, an adjunct professor at UCLA who specializes in computer science and cybersecurity. [Full Article...]

Syrian opposition seeks extension of current Geneva talks

Syrian opposition seeks extension of current Geneva talks The Syrian leader said "nothing substantial" would come from the talks and that they were "merely a meeting for the media". A new constitution is one of four separate "baskets" on the agenda at the talks, alongside governance, elections and combating "terrorism" in the war-ravaged country. [Full Article...]

House Democrats urge budget meeting with Illinois governor

House Democrats urge budget meeting with Illinois governor Cullerton says Democrats are also willing to freeze property taxes for 2 years, not any longer. Illinois Senate Democrats on Wednesday voted for a $36.5 billion spending plan that would pay universities and social service providers that have gone months without funding, but the effort may prove to be more about political theater than ending the state's almost 2-year-long budget impasse. [Full Article...]

Attivisti No Tap cercano di fermare eradicazione ulivi

Attivisti No Tap cercano di fermare eradicazione ulivi Non si placano le tensioni sul gasdotto che sta realizzando il consorzio Tap in Salento e sulla rimozione degli ulivi. La ditta Mello Lucio si è occupata in prima istanza delle potature e delle pratiche agronomiche per la cura degli ulivi, quindi degli espianti dei 211 alberi presenti nell'area del cantiere di San Basilio, località di San Foca e dopo della movimentazione verso l'area stoccaggi... [Full Article...]

PIA crew returns from UK after plane search

PIA crew returns from UK after plane search According to PIA sources, an inquiry has been launched into the matter of the heroin found on the flight, and CCTV footage from the flight is being reviewed to trace the culprit behind loading the heroin. The UKBA, however, has said that the PIA has been notified in both Pakistan and in the UK. The operation on the plane continued for three hours, after which the plane was declared clean follo... [Full Article...]

PWR BTTM's music is being taken down

PWR BTTM's music is being taken down Cordero-Kolin also included a photo of Hopkins taken several years ago posing next a Swastika drawn in the sand. Hopkins, who uses gender-neutral pronouns, apologized profusely, claiming the 2011 photo was from "a time in my life where I thought being "politically incorrect" was really amusing and had literally no concept of my actions". [Full Article...]

Republicans are starting to defy Trump on Russian Federation

The statement also said the panel had asked Andrew McCabe, the acting FBI director, to send any notes or other memos prepared by Comey about communications he may have had with senior White House and Department of Justice officials in relation to the investigation into Russian Federation and the 2016 election. [Full Article...]

Buckingham Research Downgrades J C Penney Company Inc (JCP) to Neutral

Narrowing in, the stock is at a distance of -26.29% from the 50 day high and 12.95% off of the 50 day low. The stock has a market capitalization of $1.44 billion, a P/E ratio of 1556.67 and a beta of 0.69. Horrell Capital Management Inc. now owns 27,360 shares of the department store operator's stock valued at $169,000 after buying an additional 100 shares during the period. [Full Article...]

South Korea says communication link with Pyongyang must reopen

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, center, Japanese Ambassador Koro Bessho, right, and South Korean Ambassador Cho Tae-yul speak to reporters before a Security Council meeting on North Korea Tuesday. First, the test-firing was conducted just days after Moon Jae-in had been sworn in as the new president of South Korea. "President Trump talked largely about the big picture and stre... [Full Article...]

Adylkuzz Crytocurrency miner Is not the next WannaCry

Adylkuzz Crytocurrency miner Is not the next WannaCry Cyber bandits have again deployed both the EternalBlue and DoublePulsar exploits developed and used by the NSA which were released by the ShadowBrokers hackers back in April. The Microsoft Windows flaw (MS17-010) exploited by ransomware "WannaCry" has now been exploited for spreading another type of virus that is now generating digital cash quickly from infected machines. [Full Article...]

At a Glance: Some of Google's new features seem ... familiar

At a Glance: Some of Google's new features seem ... familiar For example, Google's platform could be used to develop neural nets that are able to make more accurate diagnoses in diseases such as breast cancer, which is notoriously hard for humans to diagnose. Google's Assistant is already available on its Pixel smartphone, as well as the Home speaker. Many of Google's products are also vying against similar offerings from other tech conglomerates like Amazo... [Full Article...]

BC election results are 'beginning of something different,' Clark says

Opposition leader John Horgan, appearing moments later at his election party down the block in Vancouver, declared: "A majority of British Columbians voted for a new government and I believe that is what they deserve". Harrison said it is not clear, with the Liberals still in power, how the Green Party can achieve its goals of stopping the Site C hydroelectric dam in northern B.C. [Full Article...]

Bernie Sanders Is Not Ready To Impeach Donald Trump... Yet

Bernie Sanders Is Not Ready To Impeach Donald Trump... Yet Now more than ever we need to make sure that the next Federal Bureau of Investigation director is independent of the Trump administration. "The things that have swirled around this White House are the reasons that caused me not to. Sanders then criticized Trump for choosing to share this information with Russian Federation, but not with the United States' closest allies. The Vermont senator, who... [Full Article...]

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