France's would-be presidents rally in Paris days before vote

However, many in the crowd, which waved French and European flags, continued to believe he would win because of his pro-EU stance and his pledge to transcend the Left-Right divide. While Metz is celebrating Franco-German friendship, on the other side of town Le Pen is holding a rally. "When I was little I learned that Germany was our enemy, but we've managed to overcome this ancestral hatred... [Full Article...]

U.S. ambassador: Regime change in Syria is a priority for Trump administration

Russian President Vladimir Putin said USA strike was an "act of aggression". Early this morning, 7 April, the United States government took unilateral military action against the armed forces of the Syrian government. "As a firm Trump supporter, I say, yes, the pictures were disgusting, but I'm surprised", Farage continued, arguing that in a region riven by Islamic extremism, "whatever Assad's s... [Full Article...]

Iran's Rouhani condemns US attack on Syria, chides Gulf Arabs

Iran's Rouhani condemns US attack on Syria, chides Gulf Arabs Publicly, US officials had little to say about the reduction in strikes against the militants. Trump aides said that they could not unequivocally rule out future strikes against Assad's forces, but they cautioned that the president's decision did not signal a broader ramping up of US military engagement on the ground. [Full Article...]

La passione di Cristo nella versione di Mel Gibson

La passione di Cristo nella versione di Mel Gibson Una tradizione che si ripete negli anni e che ha le sue radici nel 1922, quando nacque la Congregazione. Tra questi, la medaglia celebrativa del presidente della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitano , in occasione della rappresentazione a Montecassino e la partecipazione ad un'udienza di Papa Francesco da parte di una delegazione dell'Associazione, l'anno scorso. [Full Article...]

Britain blames Russian Federation for 'every civilian death' in Syria chemical attack

Britain blames Russian Federation for 'every civilian death' in Syria chemical attack But for Russian Federation or any other nation, McMaster said, supporting Syria's regime isn't in its best interest, and Russian Federation ultimately decides the kind of relationship it wants with the United States. Secondly, we don't see a peaceful Syria with Assad in there. There's no evidence that chemical weapons were stockpiled at the Shayrat airfield targeted by the strike, Russian Defens... [Full Article...]

Amid tensions, Pence visits military camp near Korean DMZ

China, which Trump has urged to do more to rein in North Korea, has spoken out against its weapons tests and has supported United Nations sanctions. Lu Chao, director of the Border Studies Institute at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, said the latest test, despite its failure, could be another defiant message from Pyongyang that it will not change its tough stance in the face of USA pres... [Full Article...]

Trump won't rule out second Yellen term, signaling drift to the mainstream

And would she accept? "It's very early." During the 2016 campaign, Trump had signaled that he would not reappoint Yellen over her approach to monetary policy , but in today's interview, he said that he "do [es] like a low-interest rate policy, I must be honest with you". [Full Article...]

Moto Z2 Force 360-degree video leak

Moto Z2 Force 360-degree video leak These are the cheapest handsets by Motorola. Both the smartphones were earlier spotted on FCC listing. What makes the Moto C Plus different from the Moto C is its higher resolution. In terms of camera, the Moto C has a 5MP rear camera, and the Moto C Plus packs an 8MP sensor. Not only would that guarantee features like VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling, but it'd also mean that interested T-Mo customers co... [Full Article...]

NBA, scattano i playoff: Cavs subito in campo

NBA, scattano i playoff: Cavs subito in campo Partita tiratissima alla Quicken Loans Arena di Cleveland , dove i Cavaliers soffrono tanto per avere la meglio su dei Pacers mai domi. "Ma Indiana non ci sta, e risponde con un break di 11-0 che vale il sorpasso a 3'31" dalla fine (105-103); i Cavs , a loro volta, replicano con un mini parziale di 0-6 (105-109 a 1'16" dalla fine). [Full Article...]

U.S. to boost military defence against North Korea: Trump tells Shinzo Abe

In February, China announced it was halting coal imports from North Korea based on a sanctions resolution passed by the U.N. Security Council. South Korea and the USA have said the sole objective of the advanced system is to defend against missile launches from North Korea. [Full Article...]

United Nations votes to close Haiti peacekeeping mission

The UN mission will operate until mid-October of this year, when it will be replaced by a smaller mission with a narrower mandate focused on rule of law and human rights, reported the Miami Herald . "Countries that refuse to hold their soldiers accountable must recognize that this either stops or their troops will go home and their financial compensation will end". [Full Article...]

Mass evacuation in Syria to proceed after deadly blast

Mass evacuation in Syria to proceed after deadly blast The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the blast was targeting buses which were carrying residents who were evacuated from the northern towns of Fuaa and Kafraya. The evacuation of more than 3,000 Syrians that was scheduled to take place Sunday from four areas as part of a population transfer has been postponed, opposition activists said, a day after a deadly blast that killed more than... [Full Article...]

Modi for justice to Muslim women, AIMPLB against meddling with personal law

Modi for justice to Muslim women, AIMPLB against meddling with personal law What we have to do is that if there are any social evils, we have to wake up the society and make efforts to provide justice to them (Muslim women). "We appeal to members of the community to give their wards higher education and ensure property rights to female members along with mehar at the time of nikah (marriage)", he said, adding that the Board will use social media to educate community mem... [Full Article...]

Stranded solo yachtsman talked off yacht

Stranded solo yachtsman talked off yacht A cargo ship, the Key Opus , arrived late Saturday afternoon, but search and rescue mission coordinator, Dave Wilson, said the yachtsman stayed put until the Orion was sent out again yesterday morning. The crew of the Key Opus dropped a net down the ship's side to allow the man to clamber up, while the Orion continued to circle overhead, monitoring the rescue operation and providing updates to ... [Full Article...]

India, Australia Ink 6 Pacts; To Boost Counter-Terror Cooperation

A bilateral agreement between Australia and India for the supply of uranium was signed in 2014, and came into force in November 2015, although Australia's Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) recommended that uranium sales should begin only after conditions concerning India's nuclear regulatory regime, routine inspections and reactor decommissioning plans were fulfilled. [Full Article...]

Christians celebrate Easter across conflict-torn Mideast

Later, partak-ing in the family lunch and visiting friends in the evening. "Our faith is alive, because it is based on the event of the resurrection of Christ", Bartholomew said. The families prepare a special food that could be share to other Christians or even the non-Christians people. Easter Sunday has come this year amidst the conflicts arising between the United States and Syria. [Full Article...]

Trump defends Syria strike on Twitter

So Trump's decision to launch the strikes - which President Barack Obama declined to do after a 2013 chemical attack - has raised optimism among rebels that Trump will more directly confront Assad. When CNN asked about USA allegations that Russian Federation might have been complicit, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov replied via text message: "That is not true". [Full Article...]

Russia vetoes UN draft resolution on Syria gas attack probe

Tillerson's trip to Russia , his first as secretary of state, followed just days after a US missile strike against the regime of Assad, a Russian ally. "We discussed our view that Russian Federation as their closest ally in the conflict perhaps has the best means of helping Assad recognise this reality", he said. [Full Article...]

Egypt church attacks: Congregations 'won't celebrate Easter' after twin Palm Sunday bombings

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi declared a three-month state of emergency following the attacks. The Cairo-based Al-Azhar, an influential Sunni Muslim authority, said the attacks aimed to "destabilise security and... The attack was condemned by leaders worldwide, and many expressed their solidarity and intent for prayer on behalf of the loved ones of the victims. [Full Article...]

Trump administration says Russia, Iran enabled Syria chemical attack

Trump administration says Russia, Iran enabled Syria chemical attack Advisers said the U.S. leader was outraged by images of young children who were among the dozens killed in the chemical attack. She also said that Iran and Russian Federation bore "heavy responsibility" for the chemical attack, either by allowing Assad to use such weapons or through "incompetent" oversight of their ally's obligations. [Full Article...]

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