China defends N. Korea trade after its trucks haul missiles

China defends N. Korea trade after its trucks haul missiles And that's worth having not as good a trade deal as I would normally be able to make", Trump told The Wall Street Journal in an interview last week , a day after he spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping by phone. Former South Korea nuclear envoy Chun Yung-woo, who later served as vice foreign minister, gave a less flattering assessment, calling Wu China's "most incompetent official", citing his... [Full Article...]

Trump security adviser urges Russian Federation to rethink Syria support

Russian Federation has said that the airstrikes have "completely ruined" Moscow's relationship with Washington . Washington accused the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad of the attack and on Friday launched cruise missiles at a Syrian air base that the Pentagon said was involved. [Full Article...]

What you need to know about Susan Rice and the unmasking controversy

What you need to know about Susan Rice and the unmasking controversy However, senior national security officials can request the identities of the Americans if that helps understand the intelligence better. Officials say they have yet to uncover any evidence to support those allegations. Rice said reports she would receive would occasionally refer to "U.S. persons" who were caught up in legal surveillance. Rice denied this allegation during her MSNBC interview . [Full Article...]

Tip-in by Ryan lifts Senators over Bruins 4-3 in overtime

Mike Hoffman scored two goals and Derick Brassard added another for the Senators. Then, early in the second period, Hoffman scored on a power play, and the once-rocking Garden turned back into the same, somber atmosphere it had only 24 hours earlier when the Celtics gagged against the Chicago Bulls in Game 1 of their playoff series. [Full Article...]

Gorsuch confirmation rolls Supreme Court to the right

Gorsuch confirmation rolls Supreme Court to the right Only three Democrats voted in favor of Gorsuch: Senators Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Joe Donnelly of Indiana. Johnny Isakson of Georgia did not vote. 'Gorsuch's legal philosophy is far to the right of most Americans who believe in a woman's right to vote or to reproductive freedom, a separation of church and state, equal protection, marriage equality for same-s... [Full Article...]

The tone of tensions: Korean voices, North and South

The tone of tensions: Korean voices, North and South According to the newspaper, Kim showed off "a lot" of its newest missiles, including a submarine-launched ballistic missile and a land-based missile, which theoretically could reach all of the United States . "All the brigandish provocative moves of the United States in the political, economic and military fields pursuant to its hostile policy toward the DPRK will thoroughly be foiled through t... [Full Article...]

Zuckerberg to transform Facebook New Camera to depict reality

Zuckerberg took a moment to mention the incident. Other major companies dipping into AR include Microsoft, Google and Apple. And it also can track hands and human skeletons for those all-important effects that will involve people. The new camera update already implements some of these features with the ability to add animations. "Now Facebook is going after them hard", Mahaney said. [Full Article...]

Turnbull works on strategic ties in India

Thereafter, Australia put in place a safeguards agreement and last December passed the legislation to start supplying uranium to India, a trade viewed as the cornerstone of a bilateral strategic partnership. Modi has promised to provide power to the entire country by 2019 and needs uranium imports to fuel India's nuclear power plants. Previous year two-way trade in goods and services was almost $2... [Full Article...]

Zuckerberg mentions Facebook murder video at F8

Lane spoke about the ordeal and what her life has been like for the past 48 hours after Stephens said her name in the disturbing video, according to the Washington Post. Troopers initiated a chase that lasted for roughly two miles before they attempted a move to try to disable the white Ford Fusion he was driving, officials said. [Full Article...]

Suspect In Cleveland Facebook Killing Dead Of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

Acting on a tip from the McDonald's employee, Pennsylvania State Police spotted Stephens leaving the restaurant in Erie and went after him, bumping his auto to try to get it to stop, authorities said . Stephens fled in his vehicle, but was stopped after as short chase. "Period", Cleveland's police chief said. "We work hard to keep a safe environment on Facebook , and are in touch with law en... [Full Article...]

Pence: US won't rest until N. Korea gives up nuclear weapons

McMaster, Trump's USA national security adviser, said in an interview with CNBC . Pence repeated that the US would no longer focus on the Trans-Pacific Partnership - an agreement Abe strongly backed - and instead will explore bilateral deals based on fairness. [Full Article...]

Johnson to call for more pressure on Russian Federation over Syria

Johnson to call for more pressure on Russian Federation over Syria The massive strike - US President Donald Trump's biggest military decision since taking office - marked a dramatic escalation in American involvement in Syria's six-year civilwar. Moscow has sought to deflect blame from its long-time ally Assad over the suspected gas incident and says Syrian jets struck a rebel arms depot where "toxic substances" were being put inside bombs. [Full Article...]

PM's call for snap General Election

But an early election can take place if two-thirds of lawmakers in the House of Commons vote for it. Some voters questioned on social media whether they wanted to cast yet another ballot less than a year after the June referendum on European Union membership and two years after they voted in the last parliamentary poll. [Full Article...]

Pence kicks off Japan talks, both sides seek 'near term' results

Pence kicks off Japan talks, both sides seek 'near term' results Stewart said he has confidence in President Donald Trump to handle North Korea and praised diplomatic efforts by Vice President Mike Pence , now in the region, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The vice president earlier visited a military installation near the DMZ, Camp Bonifas, for a briefing with military leaders at the joint U.S. During the United States presidential campaign past yea... [Full Article...]

Judge halts Arkansas plan to execute 8 inmates in 11 days

Judge halts Arkansas plan to execute 8 inmates in 11 days Rutledge on Saturday filed an emergency petition with the state Supreme Court after Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen granted a temporary restraining order blocking the drug's use. Attorney General Leslie Rutledge on Saturday also asked the state's highest court to vacate Griffen's ruling, citing the judge's participation in anti-death penalty events before and after he issued it. [Full Article...]

No Evidence Mashal Khan Committed Blasphemy

No Evidence Mashal Khan Committed Blasphemy Mashal Khan was murdered with stones, clubs, kicks and his skull was perished for allegedly publishing blasphemous content online. The mob instead seems to have been incited by rumours circulating among the university's student body. Those who knew a Pakistani student who was accused of blasphemy and beaten to death say he was intellectually curious and asked many questions, but openly professed... [Full Article...]

Pope Easter Sunday Mass: Hold fast to faith

Easter is observed by Christians across the world to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Francis spoke of Europe's problems, mentioning the continued conflict and bloodshed in Ukraine, and prayed for hope for those struggling with high unemployment, especially young people. [Full Article...]

Trump targets visas program for highly skilled workers

The president is targeting the H-1B visa program, which the White House says undercuts USA workers by bringing in large numbers of cheaper foreign workers, driving down wages. The order calls for a review of the H-1B visa program for the purposes of reforming it. The administration says it will attempt to change the current " lottery " system for applications to one that prioritizes higher-wage wo... [Full Article...]

In Japan, Vice President Pence Pushes For Bilateral Trade Deal

Other state-controlled and pro-Kremlin media have walked back their initial euphoria for Trump in recent weeks too, but Kiselyov tends to set the tone for everyone else and his intervention is the most robust on Trump yet. In the comments to Fox News, Trump cited the strength of his newfound relationship with President Xi Jinping in explaining why he has dropped his past criticism of China. [Full Article...]

Gorsuch asks his first questions from Supreme Court bench

Gorsuch asks his first questions from Supreme Court bench Then it was off to the races with three cases interesting only to true legal nerds. At this point, Justice Samuel Alito stole the show, lamenting that the statute itself was so obtuse that only a lawyer might possibly be able to understand it. [Full Article...]

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