May says minority government talks 'productive', Brexit negotiation starts next week

May says minority government talks 'productive', Brexit negotiation starts next week May's botched election gamble, which saw her lose her parliamentary majority, left her so weakened that supporters of closer ties with the European Union publicly demanded she take a more consensual and business-friendly approach to Brexit . [Full Article...]

Police launch criminal probe into Grenfell Tower fire

I'm advised there's not a single building in New Zealand where people are advised to stay in the building [this was reportedly the advice in the Grenfell Tower ]. Part of that project involved wrapping the building in an aluminum cladding so that it would blend in better with the luxury towers nearby. "Fire safety of the building is a combined thing it's about the cladding that's on the build... [Full Article...]

Doctors: Scalise arrived at hospital in 'imminent risk of death'

Doctors: Scalise arrived at hospital in 'imminent risk of death' A 66-year-old man from Illinois, James Hodgkinson , has been identified as the shooter in the Alexandria incident, in which four people were shot and a fifth injured by shrapnel at a GOP practice for the upcoming Congressional Baseball Game. [Full Article...]

Deputy AG Rosenstein: Special counsel will have 'full independence' for Russia probe

One of President Trump's close friends, Christopher Ruddy , chief executive of Newsmax , floated a trial balloon Monday when he suggested that the President was considering terminating Mueller at this position. "And I'm not going to speculate on what he will or will not do", Sekulow said. Mueller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein . Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, cou... [Full Article...]

London tower fire death toll expected to grow beyond 12

Twenty-four people are still in the hospital, 12 of them in critical condition. "This morning I was in one of the hospitals meeting some of the victims there, and one of the women said to me she ran out of this Grenfell Tower basically with a T-shirt and pair of knickers - she had nothing, that's why the Government is putting that funding in". [Full Article...]

Warriors Green makes fun of Cavaliers

The main reason people are getting on Kevin Durant is because he was and is a great player that chose to join an already powerhouse team in the Golden State Warriors . "I'm sure as a team we're gonna have a conversation (about a potential visit)", he said . "I remember exactly where I was this time previous year, and it wasn't a great feeling", Curry told the crowd at a rally after the parad... [Full Article...]

Tory deal may breach Good Friday pact

Sky sources said earlier there had been "slower progress" in talks between the Tories and the DUP, with an agreement unlikely to be announced on Wednesday. The prime minister was less enthusiastic about meeting the same parties a month ago when she jetted into the north for a flying visit to Balmoral Show and a entirely coincidental meeting with Arlene Foster , the party leader who just weeks l... [Full Article...]

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says there's no cause to fire Mueller

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says there's no cause to fire Mueller Multiple House Republicans said that there was no discussion about the special counsel at the weekly GOP meeting. Mr Trump can not directly dismiss Mr Mueller . "Special counsel Mueller may be fired only for good cause, and I am required to put that cause in writing". The Senate panel also plans to hear at some point from Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and one of his closest White House ... [Full Article...]

Ireland Will Have a Gay Prime Minister

Ireland Will Have a Gay Prime Minister The outgoing Taoiseach , or prime minister, Enda Kenny, stepped down in May. When Varadkar takes office, he'll become the fourth openly homosexual world leader since 2009, according to LGBT media outlet Pink News . The votes will be counted this afternoon along with those already cast by Councillors and party members. Some commentators dubbed Varadkar "the Thatcherite" candidate after his ... [Full Article...]

Scalise has more surgery as authorities track shooter's path

Before the event, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters, "Tonight we will go to the game, play our hardest, but we will all be Team Scalise ". MedStar trauma director Jack Sava says Scalise sustained damage to his bones, internal organs and blood vessels. That triggerman, 66-year-old James T. [Full Article...]

European Union warns United Kingdom of the consequences of delaying Brexit talks

That problem is compounded by the fact that May has yet to strike a deal with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party that would give her the extra votes in Parliament she needs for a working majority. "I'm suggesting that the Conservative Party works with those both within the House of Commons and with people without to ensure that as we leave the European Union, we have a Brexit that wo... [Full Article...]

White House Says Trump Won't Fire Special Counsel Leading Russia Probe

Democratic senators repeatedly criticized Sessions for dispatching Rosenstein to testify Tuesday in his place about the Justice Department's budget to an Appropriations subcommittee. I do believe it was considered as an option. From a conservative radio talk show: "I think Congress should now intervene and they should abolish the independent counsel, because Comey makes so clear that it's the po... [Full Article...]

Brexit negotiations to go ahead on Monday, Government confirms

May faces the task of satisfying both the pro-European and eurosceptic factions of her party, keeping Northern Ireland calm and negotiating a divorce with 27 other European Union members whose combined economic might is more than five times that of Britain . [Full Article...]

Jurors in Bill Cosby trial deadlocked, judge orders them to try again

Jurors in Bill Cosby trial deadlocked, judge orders them to try again Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt says the deadlock shows that Cosby is not guilty of the crime, but is not a total win for Cosby. It will be important to continue to stay tuned in the next few days as more relevant news about this criminal trial is sure to come about, and a verdict could be reached any moment. [Full Article...]

Tapwrit's final finish makes up for Triple Crown letdown at Belmont

Tapwrit's final finish makes up for Triple Crown letdown at Belmont The 2017 Belmont Stakes was an interesting race from the onset. Five of the last nine Belmont winners did just that. But we felt really good coming in that actually both horses were doing very well. He implored his colt for all he was worth during the stretch run, and Tapwrit gradually wore down Irish War Cry under steady left-handed urging. The Tampa Bay victor caught front running favo... [Full Article...]

Rand Paul Discusses Role of Security During Morning Shooting

Rand Paul Discusses Role of Security During Morning Shooting Steve Scalise and the "courageous" Capitol Police officers who engaged a gunman during the congressional baseball practice shooting - saying that America will show how it pulls together at Thursday's game. We are deeply indebted for their service, we again salute their continuing and unfailing bravery on behalf of the Capitol community. Without Capitol Police, "it probably would have been a ma... [Full Article...]

Woman accused of leak indicted, faces detention hearing

Justice Department announced that victor, a former Air Force linguist who was raised in the small South Texas town of Kingsville, had been arrested as the Trump administration's first prosecution of someone under the century-old Espionage Act . [Full Article...]

PMO disputes report that Trudeau appeased Trump on climate

PMO disputes report that Trudeau appeased Trump on climate President Donald Trump , reports German magazine Der Spiegel . The U.S. view, meanwhile, appears in a footnote at the bottom of the second page of the document, stating that "we the United States do not join those sections of the communique on climate and MDBs, reflecting our recent announcement to withdraw and immediately cease implementation of the Paris Agreement and associated ... [Full Article...]

Usa, Trump pensa di licenziare procuratore Russiagate

Usa, Trump pensa di licenziare procuratore Russiagate Impossibile infatti non fare il parallelo con lo storico Saturday Night Massacre dell'ottobre 1973, quando Richard Nixon ordinĂ² di cacciare via il procuratore speciale Archbald Cox che indagava sullo scandalo che alla fine travolse il presidente. [Full Article...]

French Open takeaways: Ostapenko's fearlessness ruled the day

French Open takeaways: Ostapenko's fearlessness ruled the day His first title of any sort, Kuerten winning the French Open that year - the first of his three titles in Paris - catapulted his name to great heights, even as it went on to establish an unending and enduring legacy at the venue. It's just the way I play . "I have faith that eventually she will get over it". Playing a fearless brand of tennis with a level of danger that shares similaritie... [Full Article...]

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