Nintendo Switch Exceeds Forecast with 2.4 Million Sales in the First Month

What's even more interesting in these numbers are the sale figures Nintendo shared for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Nintendo said it sold roughly 906,000 units of the Switch in the USA throughout March. After the flopping of the Wii U , the Nintendo Switch is a great comeback for Nintendo. Since launch, the Nintendo Switch has been the hot item to pick up. [Full Article...]

United: Airline won't use police to remove passengers

United: Airline won't use police to remove passengers The public expressing outrage over the viral United Airlines video has prompted the CEO to take to the airwaves to apologize a second time. His attorneys, along with some of his family members, are scheduled to talk to reporters Thursday. [Full Article...]

Lavrov: U.S. is guarantor of Syria's chemical disarmament just as Russian Federation

Only weeks ago, it appeared that Trump, who praised Putin throughout the U.S. election campaign, was poised for a potentially historic rapprochement with Russian Federation. Activists including the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said buses carrying rebels began leaving the rebel-held towns Madaya and Zabadani near Damascus on Friday morning in the first phase of the deal, which... [Full Article...]

Australia's best Galaxy S8 deal: Who has the best plan?

We're unable to verify the information as accurate at this point, but stay tuned for more as the official release of the Galaxy S8 approaches. Seriously, though, this is not a great start for the S8. As written in CNET , Samsung removed home button, introduced Bixby, a smart digital assistant, and reduced bezels. Earlier this week, Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S8 . [Full Article...]

Utah Judge-Rape Case

Utah Judge-Rape Case Vallejo, 43, appeared in court for sentencing on Wednesday before 4th District Court Judge Thomas Low in Provo, Utah. One of the victims, Vallejo's sister-in-law, told the court she attended BYU and was 19 when she stayed with Vallejo, who groped her multiple times, according to the Associated Press . [Full Article...]

April the giraffe in NY giving birth before online audience

April the giraffe in NY giving birth before online audience The zoo said it will conduct a contest to name the new born, who will stay with April for 6-10 months, following which it will be moved to another facility. Animal Adventure Park takes pride in their indoor housing and the level of enrichment and care to keep the giraffes happy and healthy. April and Oliver have also been enjoying their new enrichment toys, the park reports. [Full Article...]

Michael Flynn did not reveal Russian Federation speaking fees in White House

Michael Flynn did not reveal Russian Federation speaking fees in White House Mr Flynn's recent financial history, made available on Saturday by the White House, comes amid his effort to win immunity from congressional probers in exchange for his co-operation with official inquiries into contacts between Russian Federation and President Donald Trump's election campaign in 2016. [Full Article...]

Macron's lead narrows in French presidential election, polls show

Eleven candidates got the go-ahead on Saturday to run in France's presidential election in a vote that independent centrist Emmanuel Macron remains favorite to win. Last Saturday, Macron warned a rally in the southern city of Marseille: "Those who say Le Pen can't win the second round are the same as those who said Trump could never win". [Full Article...]

Bannon's Influence Over Trump Might Be Fading

The rise of President Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has only further isolated Priebus, the chief of staff, who himself has grown touchy about the constant questions about his competence and stature in the White House. Bannon had sparred with economic adviser Gary Cohn (or, as Bannon's allies call him, "Globalist Gary"), and suspected the economic adviser was trying to undermine natio... [Full Article...]

Children of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner perform for Chinese president

Children of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner perform for Chinese president President Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to reflect on his meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping and his wife, Madame Peng Liyuan. Recently Ivanka also posted a picture while celebrating her son Theodore Kushner's birthday in March by sharing Chinese "long life" noodles and captioned the photo saying "Birthday tradition!" Trump met with the Chinese First Family on April 6 and 7 at his M... [Full Article...]

Assad: Chemical Weapons Attack Is '100 Percent Fabrication'

Assad: Chemical Weapons Attack Is '100 Percent Fabrication' Trump replied that "it would be wonderful... if North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and our country could get along with Russian Federation". But he clearly wasn't counting on it. But he disputed the United Nations insistence, and US intelligence corroboration, of evidence that Syrian forces - rather than rebel or terrorist factions - unleashed the nerve agent sarin on Syrian civilians last week. [Full Article...]

Corea Nord, Usa pensano a raid preventivo. Pyongyang: pronti a guerra br

Corea Nord, Usa pensano a raid preventivo. Pyongyang: pronti a guerra br La Corea del nord grida alla "aggressione imperialista", ma preferisce non reagire , per preservare il più possibile il suo programma nucleare e il suo esercito. Del resto i nordcoreani impiegano lanciatori missilistici mobili proprio per sottrarre parte del loro arsenale balistico ad attacchi dal cielo. Contrariamente a quanto si potrebbe pensare, leggendo le dichiarazioni farneticanti del... [Full Article...]

Elezioni Francia, la rimonta di Mélenchon spaventa i mercati

Un incubo per i partiti tradizionali e per il favorito centrista Emmanuel Macron . Merito dello stesso Mélenchon , senza dubbio: col suo carisma e la sua ironia tagliente è stato il vero dominatore dei dibattiti svoltisi finora ed ha ottenuto una stima trasversale testimoniata dall'indice di popolarità passato in poche settimane dal 22 al 68%; quello che è oggi il politico più apprezzato dai f... [Full Article...]

Skype's Universal app is now available for the Xbox One

The company will soon be launching a "self-service refund" program that allows consumers to instantly refund their digital purchases. At least not often. You must return the unwanted game or app in the first 14 days after purchasing it. Buyers will also need to download and launch a game once before requesting a refund . [Full Article...]

South Korea Reacts To Trump's North Korea Moves

The bombing came as tensions are running high on the Korean Peninsula amid fears that the communist North could go ahead with its sixth nuclear test this weekend to mark the birthday of the North's late founder and grandfather of leader Kim Jong-un. [Full Article...]

Oklahoma Senate panel in favor of Ten Commandments display

Oklahoma Senate panel in favor of Ten Commandments display Lawmakers are in the final weeks of the 2017 legislative session. Republicans who back the measures call them needed reforms. The Washington state House approved a measure Wednesday that would ban holding hand-held devices while driving. My complete focus is on roads and budget now. "Often students deal with school resource officers (SROs) at the school campus, but the practices and procedures... [Full Article...]

Snapchat launches location-based ad product

Snapchat launches location-based ad product They issued a "reduce" rating and a $16.00 price objective on the stock. They issued a "neutral" rating on the stock. The stock has a consensus rating of Hold and a consensus price target of $23.05. Snap provided a diagram in the filing explaining how the measurement product works. The fund purchased 2,017,608 shares of the company's stock, valued at approximately $40,911,000. [Full Article...]

Hyundai, Kia recall 170000 cars in South Korea over engine

Hyundai, Kia recall 170000 cars in South Korea over engine The bulk of the vehicles - some 1.3 million - have been sold in the US and include the Kia Optima, Sorento and Sportage, as well as the Hyundai Sonata and Santa Fe, with another 171,348 vehicles in South Korea. All of the problem engines were made at Hyundai's plant in Montgomery, Alabama. The Hyundai spokesperson said the latest recall does not involve the same part involved in the previo... [Full Article...]

Usa lanciano super bomba su Afghanistan

Usa lanciano super bomba su Afghanistan In Afghanistan secondo gli Usa ne sarebbero presenti tra i 600 e gli 800. Ed è la sua enorme forza distruttrice, insieme all'acronimo Moab , ad averle fatto guadagnare il soprannome di "mother of all bombs", madre di tutte le bombe . La mossa di Trump sembra complementare alla "nuova strategia" attuata contro i militanti dell'Isis , concentrati nella provincia orientale di Nangarhar . [Full Article...]

Turkey: Russia agrees to Syria chemical probe

As Trump spoke, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was on an official visit to Moscow where he and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reaffirmed the two countries' joint fight against terrorism. -Russia relations. Russian Federation presented a separate draft text condemning the USA military strikes in Syria and requesting an OPCW investigation, but it was uncleaer whether that measure ... [Full Article...]

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