Father of college football star accidentally shot, killed at strip club

Father of college football star accidentally shot, killed at strip club Palm Beach County Fire Rescue transported Rudolph to an area hospital, where he passed away on Saturday. He was rushed to St. Mary's Medical Center where he died. The gesture of kindness so touched the boy's mother, that she posted a heartfelt thank you on Facebook that went viral. "A friend of mine sent this attractive picture to me today and when I saw it with the caption "Travis Rudolph is ea... [Full Article...]

Turkey's Erdogan says he's set to meet Trump in Washington

The decision led protesters in Istanbul to call for the resignation of board members while the main opposition party said it would take the decision to Turkey's top court. The global monitors noted that the electoral board's move to validate ballots without the official stamps removed an important safeguard against fraud and was "contrary to the law". [Full Article...]

Pence warns North Korea: 'The sword stands ready'

AP reporter Jonathan Lemire reported from NY. Their faces were covered in black and camouflage paint, and they carried rifles with grenade launchers. code for new sanctions. Beijing has signed up to United Nations sanctions against North Korea's missile and nuclear programs, and in February vowed to halt coal imports, but trade and finance continue. [Full Article...]

Australia unveils major changes to citizenship process

The Government has not decided exactly how it will assess "Australian values" in the citizenship test, saying it will consult with the public before it settles on the questions it will ask. "Any conduct that is inconsistent with Australian values will be considered as part of this process", he said. "Our country shouldn't be embarrassed to say we want great people to call Australia home", Dutton... [Full Article...]

Corea del Nord pronta a ''cancellare gli Usa dalla faccia della Terra''

La Casa Bianca , nella serata di sabato, ha annunciato un giro di telefonate di Trump , molto probabilmente per fare il punto sulla situazione nordcoreana sia col premier nipponico Shinzo Abe sia col presidente cinese Xi Jinping . E la Corea del Nord non rimarrà ad osservare, anzi. Si tratterrebbe di un ex professore della Yanbian University in Cina con una sede anche nella capitale nord co... [Full Article...]

Exxon seeks OK to resume Russian oil venture

With the sanctions still in place under President Trump, Exxon's Black Sea exploration rights are nearly due to expire, putting pressure on the oil company to negotiate a waiver from the US Treasury Department. For example, John McCain's response was a succinct, "Are they insane?" He also voiced his opposition to sanctions that were imposed in 2014 in response to what the U.S. [Full Article...]

France's presidential election today has consequences for Europe and financial markets

France is now steaming into unchartered territory, because whoever wins on May 7 can not count on the backing of France's political mainstream parties. The current president, Socialist Francois Hollande, is not among them, having decided that his historic unpopularity would hurt his party's cause. Its final count had centrist Macron on 24 per cent and far-right leader Le Pen on 22.1 per cent. [Full Article...]

Morto cardinal Nicora, ex presidente Aif

Morto cardinal Nicora, ex presidente Aif Il presidente di Assoedilizia e dell'Istituto Europa Asia Achille Colombo Clerici esprime profondo cordoglio per la scomparsa del Cardinale Attilio Nicora nel ricordo della pluridecennale amicizia e della profonda stima per le preclari doti di umanità, di spiritualita', di integrità morale, di alto senso etico al servizio della Chiesa e della società tutta. [Full Article...]

Trump won't comment on Le Pen's advancement in French election

With Le Pen wanting France to leave the European Union, and Macron wanting even closer cooperation between the bloc's 28 member states, the projected outcome Sunday means the presidential runoff would have undertones of a referendum on France's EU's membership. [Full Article...]

Caretaker's suspicions led cops to missing teacher, student

Caretaker's suspicions led cops to missing teacher, student Invesitgators zeroed in on their location Wednesday night in a remote Cecilville, Calif. cabin, almost 2,500 miles away, when a tipster contacted authorities. WBIR reports that the cabin owner was with a neighbor when he first met Cummins and Thomas. "It was a very traumatic experience for her", Sgt. [Full Article...]

YouTube Says It Has Uncensored LGBT Content

YouTube Says It Has Uncensored LGBT Content YouTubers cried foul last month when the site's Restricted Mode , an optional feature created to block "potentially objectionable content", began inexplicably filtering out LGBT videos, even when they were family-friendly. Last month YouTube came under fire for hiding LGBT-related videos in Restricted Mode , an optional feature that users can activate on their YouTube accounts to avoid content d... [Full Article...]

What's our next move with North Korea?

What's our next move with North Korea? Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who hosted Pence for talks in Tokyo, said he appreciates the Trump administration's "all options" approach. What is our goal with North Korea? On Saturday, North Korea tried unsuccessfully to test a real missile, which blew up before it launched. [Full Article...]

Elezioni francesi Macron e Le Pen al ballottaggio per le presidenziali francesi

Elezioni francesi Macron e Le Pen al ballottaggio per le presidenziali francesi Nella notte glis crutini diranno chi va al ballottaggio . I primi exit poll, con numeri leggermente diversi a seconda delle differenti società incaricate delle rilevazioni, danno un leggero vantaggio per l'indipendente Emmnuel Macron col 23,8% seguito dalla signora del Front National Marine LePen con il 21,6. [Full Article...]

European Union says ready to welcome back United Kingdom if it decides to stay

Convinced Labour can win, he said: "We will build a new economy. and we will build a country for the many not the few". Victory for May's Conservatives in the June 8 election "gives her a strong hand in selling to the domestic audience in the United Kingdom whatever she wants to sell, but it does not give her any advantage in selling in Poland or in Romania or in France or Germany", he said. [Full Article...]

Theresa May will not take part in TV debates

Theresa May will not take part in TV debates David Dimbleby will present the BBC's election night programme, his tenth national poll in the hotseat. Earlier on Sky News, the shadow chancellor claimed the Prime Minister was refusing to take part in a televised debate because she was afraid that Mr Corbyn would give a strong performance. [Full Article...]

North Korea 'ready for nuclear attack'

North Korea 'ready for nuclear attack' That raised questions about Trump's plans for North Korea, which has conducted missile and nuclear tests in defiance of United Nations and unilateral sanctions. China's national airline, Air China, weeks ago canceled some flights to Pyongyang due to poor demand but it has not suspended all flights there, it said on Friday, denying a report by Chinese state broadcaster CCTV that all flights run b... [Full Article...]

Airtel leads Internet speed, Jio tops 4G reach: OpenSignal

Airtel topped both the 4G download speed and 3G download speed categories, at 11.53Mbps and 4.77Mbps, respectively, while Jio took home the 4G availability gong and Vodafone India won in the 4G latency and 3G latency categories. 724 Mbps speed, Vodafone at 3.714 Mbps, Idea 3.082 Mbps, Tata DoCoMo 2.524 Mbps, BSNL, 2.268 Mbps and Aircel at 2.018 Mbps. In second place was Vodafone at 8.59 Mbps and ... [Full Article...]

2 victims identified in fatal South Carolina boat crash

2 victims identified in fatal South Carolina boat crash There were six people on the two boats. Authorities say a 32-foot Intrepid power boat and a 16-foot bass boat collided. The crash is still being investigated. Two other people involved in the crash were taken to an area hospital for treatment. The body of 28-year-old Christopher Shawn Lanier, of Blythewood, was recovered by divers about 18 hours later not far from where the crash happened. [Full Article...]

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif survives the 'April jinx'

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif survives the 'April jinx' Khan termed the verdict as indictment of Sharif as the bench did not absolve him of the allegations. The 3-2 ruling sparked a rally in the country's financial markets, with the Karachi Stock Exchange 100 index rising 1,254.37 points, or 2.64%, to close at 48,857.85 points. [Full Article...]

Afghan officials: Gunmen attacked army base, 100 casualties

Navy spokesman tells NPR's Tom Bowman, while there were more than two dozen Coalition forces at the base at the time of the attack, they sheltered in place and there were no Coalition casualties. The area is now under the control of the local ISIS affiliate, known as ISIS-Khorsan (ISIS-K). President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday traveled to the base and strongly condemned the attack, according to a t... [Full Article...]

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