Turkish warplanes kill 6 Kurdish militants in northern Iraq

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies Washington and Ankara have struggled to find a common strategy in the fight across the border in Syria , which includes a civil war against Syrian President Bashar Assad, whom Turkey has long opposed, and a battle against Islamic State, al Qaeda and other jihadist groups operating in the country. [Full Article...]

US asked that 1934 Americans' names be 'unmasked' in intel

US asked that 1934 Americans' names be 'unmasked' in intel In 2015, Congress enacted the Freedom Act to end the bulk collection of American phone records but allow the NSA to obtain records from phone companies about phone numbers suspected of belonging to suspected terrorists via a court order. [Full Article...]

US Says THAAD Missile System In South Korea Is Now Operational

Later, White House clarified that before a meeting would take place, North Korea would need to meet many conditions. Yonhap, in another story, questioned whether Trump's comments on Kim might be a strategy to justify future USA moves to strengthen pressure against North Korea . [Full Article...]

Plagiarism or a 'wink'? Le Pen's copied speech targets right

Ms Le Pen was praised by her 88-year-old father Jean-Marie, the co-founder of her National Front party whom she expelled in 2015 after he reiterated anti-Semitic comments. "The National Front is a racist, xenophobic party that is anti-women and anti-workers because it is also an economically liberal party", he said. Some groups want a united front to keep Le Pen from the presidency, but unions fea... [Full Article...]

Megyn Kelly has first NBC assignment: interviewing Vladimir Putin in June

Megyn Kelly has first NBC assignment: interviewing Vladimir Putin in June Kelly will moderate the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum , an annual conference that will take place from June 1-3. Sources also reported that Kelly was pursuing interviews with George and Amal Clooney, as well as Beyoncé and Jay Z. Kelly was spotted in California last week after scoring an interview with nearly the entire Kardashian family for one of her... [Full Article...]

Trump says 'eventually' North Korea will have 'good missiles'

The military options under active consideration include displays of U.S. power in the region meant to deter North Korea and reassure USA allies South Korea, the official said . "Now that the USA is kicking up the overall racket for sanctions and pressure against the DPRK, pursuant to its new DPRK policy called "maximum pressure and engagement", the DPRK will speed up at the maximum pace the measu... [Full Article...]

Venezuela, Maduro: "Riformiamo lo Stato". Scontri in piazza

Venezuela, Maduro: Nicolas Maduro ha annunciato , proprio oggi, un decreto con il quale convocherà un '"Assemblea Costituente del popolo" per riportare la pace e riformare la struttura giuridica dello Stato . La situazione si complica inoltre con la denuncia di Delcy Rodriguez , ministro degli Esteri, che accusa Argentina , Cile , Colombia , Costa Rica , Peru' , Paraguay , Uruguay e Brasile di fav... [Full Article...]

Trump Admin Will Make School Lunches Salty Again

Trump Admin Will Make School Lunches Salty Again Obama debuted her " Let's Move " campaign, in addition to providing healthier and smaller lunch portions in schools under the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. "School Nutrition Association [SNA] is appreciative of Secretary Perdue's support of school meal programs in providing flexibility to prepare and serve healthy meals that are appealing to students", said SNA CEO Patricia Montague, CAE in a sta... [Full Article...]

Duterte: Philippines Military Could Team up With China for Naval Exercises

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte might end up RSVPing "no" to Donald Trump's controversial White House invitation. Duterte said his conversation with Trump had been amicable, and that he had urged the United States leader to tread carefully with North Korea. [Full Article...]

Primarie PD, Cenni: "Solo Andrea Orlando può ricostruire una prospettiva di centrosinistra"

Primarie PD, Cenni: Questa forza e questo desiderio di rinnovamento ha trovato sintesi anche nella lista a sostegno di Orlando e che andrà a comporre l'Assemblea Nazionale del Partito Democratico, dando un autentico e tangibile segnale di costruzione di una proposta plurale e ampia (Emma Petitti, Alex Urbinati, Claudia Corsini, Alessandro Montanari, Giulia Corazzi, Carlo Alberto Miani). [Full Article...]

Can Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen win the French election?

While Macron remains the heavy favourite to win - polls show him defeating Le Pen roughly 65%-35% if the election's second round is between the pair - the possibility that four separate candidates could make the second round is making investors in French assets increasingly nervy. [Full Article...]

Gran Bretagna, tre adolescenti arrestate: "Preparavano attentati"

Gran Bretagna, tre adolescenti arrestate: La ventunenne ferita giovedì è stata dimessa dall'ospedale domenica ed è stata arrestata con l'accusa di " preparazione di atti terroristici ". Gli arresti di oggi e il fermo delle tre giovani fanno parte della stessa operazione, che avrebbe sventato un attacco. [Full Article...]

'The Bachelor' Star Chris Soules Arrested After Deadly Hit-and-Run Crash in Iowa

He was later identified as 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher , a farmer from Aurora. Police also noted that Soules must check in with a probation officer regarding his ankle bracelet monitor , and had to turn in his passport, as he was scheduled to film something out of the country that was Bachelor related. [Full Article...]

Venezuela's President Wants To Scrap Existing Government, Rewrite Constitution

Opposition leaders say security forces have unleashed excessive force in the near-daily clashes of the past month, while Maduro says snipers have been shooting his supporters. "They want peace, dialogue?" Maduro signed an executive order that will form a "Constituent National Assembly" - a body that could make those changes. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Edge Browser Updates To Be Separated From Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft Edge Browser Updates To Be Separated From Windows 10 Updates For now, though, here's what to expect from Tuesday's event. The Edge browser is updated with new features and performance updates only twice per year, that too when Microsoft has switched back to a bi-annual Windows 10 update cycle. Nokia phones used to be highly regarded for their camera quality over the years and Microsoft had hoped that Windows Phone 10 and the Lumia brand would have kept ... [Full Article...]

Syria chemical attack: Inspectors find 'incontrovertible' evidence of sarin gas

The findings supported earlier testing by Turkish and British laboratories. The reciprocal evacuation of 3,300 civilians and pro- and anti-regime fighters from four besieged villages in Syria - two in government-held territories; two in rebel-held enclaves - has resumed following a 24-hour delay, according to a report by Al Jazeera , citing the United Kingdom -based monitor Syrian Observato... [Full Article...]

US Supreme Court stops execution of Arkansas death row inmate

Eight inmates were scheduled to be executed before April 30, when one of the three drugs in a combination used for lethal injection expires. Despite the setbacks, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said Arkansas would press ahead with other planned executions , including two set for Thursday — Ledell Lee and Stacey Johnson . [Full Article...]

River to crest at 19.1 feet Tuesday, says NWS

River to crest at 19.1 feet Tuesday, says NWS The river is now lingering around flood stage, which could lead to various problems but police in the area have not yet heard of any issues. The widespread weekend flash-flooding led to hundreds of water rescues, including more than 70 in southern Missouri's Howell County, where several homes and businesses were destroyed in and around the town of West Plains. [Full Article...]

Thai husband kills baby, self on Facebook Live

Police said they believed the man had previously argued with the mother of the murdered child, an 11-month girl. That event was dramatic enough for Wired editor Nicholas Thompson to suggest that it could "change the game" for the way Facebook handles video, and this second tragic incident occurring in such quick succession is sure only to heighten the urgency. [Full Article...]

Trump to visit Philippines in November for East Asia Summit

Trump to visit Philippines in November for East Asia Summit Mr Abella's remarks reflect the friendlier attitude Mr Duterte has taken with Mr Trump versus the antagonistic stance he had toward President Barack Obama, who he once asked to "go to hell" for criticising the Philippine leader's bloody anti-drug crackdown. [Full Article...]

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