Amber Heard and Elon Musk Make Their Relationship Instagram Official

Amber Heard and Elon Musk Make Their Relationship Instagram Official A few days ago, it was discovered that Amber Heard was totally handed over from his divorce with Johnny Depp, and was even ready to hand over a ring to his finger. The photo with Heard stands out like a daisy in a field of weeds on Musk's Instagram account , where he usually posts only things related to his work and businesses. [Full Article...]

French police detain family members of Paris attacker

French police detain family members of Paris attacker Officials told the Associated Press the gunman was detained in February for threatening police, but was let go. Previously, he served 14 years in prison for crimes including attempted murder, after he grabbed a police officer's gun and shot him. [Full Article...]

Turkey's Erdogan says he's set to meet Trump in Washington

The decision led protesters in Istanbul to call for the resignation of board members while the main opposition party said it would take the decision to Turkey's top court. The global monitors noted that the electoral board's move to validate ballots without the official stamps removed an important safeguard against fraud and was "contrary to the law". [Full Article...]

General election: Tory victory 'will not strengthen May's Brexit hand'

The top-selling Sun newspaper splashed "No, No, No Prime Minister" on its front page while the Daily Telegraph said the prime minister risked a backlash, as the normally supportive newspapers attacked May's early campaign steps. News of the snap election also lead to 12 Labour MPs resigning. Even though her party has a majority in the Parliament right now, it is slim and her stance on Brexit a... [Full Article...]

North Korea marks late leader's 105th birthday

The vice president spoke at a dinner after attending Easter church services with service members at the garrison. Tension had escalated sharply in the region amid concerns that the reclusive North may soon conduct a sixth nuclear test or a ballistic missile test launch timed with the April 15 anniversary it calls the "Day of the Sun". [Full Article...]

Jimmy Kimmel Tears into Spicer's Astounding Holocaust Gaffe

Jimmy Kimmel Tears into Spicer's Astounding Holocaust Gaffe Spicer had also apologized Tuesday night in an interview with CNN . "There was not... He brought them into the Holocaust center I understand that". "I made a mistake". "I was trying to draw a distinction of the tactic of using airplanes to drop chemical weapons on population centers". The offer comes two days after Spicer caused a furor with his claim about Hitler, which was made in an effort... [Full Article...]

Pence warns North Korea: 'The sword stands ready'

AP reporter Jonathan Lemire reported from NY. Their faces were covered in black and camouflage paint, and they carried rifles with grenade launchers. code for new sanctions. Beijing has signed up to United Nations sanctions against North Korea's missile and nuclear programs, and in February vowed to halt coal imports, but trade and finance continue. [Full Article...]

Macron, Le Pen To Face Off In Final Round

The result upended traditional French politics: Neither candidate hails from the establishment parties that have dominated the country for decades. "A last-minute push by Fillon and far-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon was not enough to get them into the run-off", Philip Crowther, a correspondent for France 24 in Washington, told ABC News. [Full Article...]

Pence to North Korea: 'The sword stands ready'

However, contrary to earlier news hype that suggested that it was ready to launch air strikes against North Korea, it is at least a week's sailing time away, having passed north through the Sunda Strait in Indonesia, some 3,500 miles south of the Korean Peninsula, on April 15. [Full Article...]

British PM May says June election result 'not certain' despite front-runner status

It may mean voting Labour. May said voters will have the choice between "the strong and stable leadership" of the Conservatives, or the "weak and unstable coalition chaos" led by Jeremy Corbyn. Mr Farron said: "From Manchester to Newcastle, even lifelong Labour supporters are feeling let down by a party that has betrayed their values and taken their votes for granted". [Full Article...]

Macron on the lead at French exit polls, Marine Le Pen follows

The future of Europe is at stake as this country chooses a president in an election unlike any other, one that may reshape France's post-war identity and indicate whether global populism is ascendant or on the decline. There was a marked surge in turnout in the Paris region. Almost 47 million people were eligible to vote in the eurozone's second biggest economy and turnout was forecast to be h... [Full Article...]

Trump says Paris attack will help Marine Le Pen in election

Trump says Paris attack will help Marine Le Pen in election Some 200 angry wives of police officers held a protest near the Eiffel Tower on Saturday, demanding better protection for their spouses while on duty. She wants France to turn its back on Europe and immigration, and return to uniquely French customs and traditions. The top two candidates from Sunday's vote in Paris will progress to a winner-takes-all May 7 runoff . [Full Article...]

Israel Refuses to Negotiate With Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Strikers are demanding access to phones, better visitation and improved medical care inside the prisons . Israeli officials said some 1,100 prisoners joined the strike on Monday. Deliberately evoking Nelson Mandela - Barghouti himself is often called Palestine's Mandela - the article laid out the cruelties regularly inflicted on prisoners, many of whom are only children. [Full Article...]

Baby died after being found with severe head injuries

Police and paramedics were called to a house in Kooringal about 5:00am after concerns were raised about the baby's welfare. Details of the incident are still emerging but initial reports suggest the two-month-old was found with severe head injuries and was in cardiac when found by emergency services. [Full Article...]

N. Korea starts celebrating birthday of country's founder

USA retaliatory strikes earlier this month against Syria over a chemical weapons attack on civilians, coupled with Trump's dispatching of what he called an "armada" of ships to the region, touched off fears in South Korea that the United States was preparing for military action against the North. [Full Article...]

Australia, New Zealand hit back at North Korea threat

Australia, New Zealand hit back at North Korea threat The rogue state turned its sights on Australia on Saturday, threatening nuclear retaliation after Ms Bishop said North Korea could be subject to further Australian sanctions. Cha said the USA could also impose secondary sanctions, meaning Chinese companies doing business with North Korea would be penalized and Pyongyang's access to the world's financial system would be even further restricted. [Full Article...]

Texas governor gives first clear support for 'bathroom bill'

Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of the gay advocacy group GLAAD, said , "It's shameful and un-Texan for an elected official to view discriminating against transgender people and throwing Texas into a potential $3 billion economic panic as top priorities for the state". [Full Article...]

Corea del Nord agli Usa: "Pronti a cancellarvi dalla faccia della Terra"

Secondo le stesse fonti, che non hanno saputo spiegare i motivi dell'arresto, Kim aveva insegnato all'Universita' di Scienze e Tecnologia nella prefettura autonoma coreana di Yanbian, nella provincia cinese dello Jilin e si trova in Corea del Nord per programmi di cooperazione. [Full Article...]

North Korea 'ready for nuclear attack' amid show of force

In a test launch in August a year ago, the missile flew 500 kilometers (310 miles) after being launched from a submarine and crashed into waters near Japan, prompting Kim Jong Un to declare that North Korea had gained "perfect nuclear-attack capability". [Full Article...]

Preparations begin for a government shutdown the White House hopes to avoid

The White House budget director, Mick Mulvaney, says he thinks a government shutdown can be averted before the Friday deadline. My base definitely wants the border wall. "I think the Republicans on the border states do not support the wall", said Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D) California. Trump's GOP allies control Congress. [Full Article...]

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