Horse-lovers to host Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt

Horse-lovers to host Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt Christopher Hallmark, special events coordinator for Odessa, said he wasn't exactly sure for how long the Easter egg hunts had been running, but was very familiar with it. "I said, 'Well, why not have it?'" she said. The event was led by For-Mar park naturalist and environmental educator Anna Darzi. This hunt, all ears as visually impaired children search for the eggs making a beeping noise. [Full Article...]

US Bomb Death Toll Rises to 94

The 21,600-pound GPS-guided bomb that is capable of destroying an area equivalent to nine city blocks, smashed IS's mountain hideouts and a tunnel-and-cave complex that had been mined against conventional ground attacks on April 13. "As [ISIS'] losses have mounted, they are using IEDs, bunkers, and tunnels to thicken their defense", Gen. John Nicholson, commander of US forces in Afghanistan , sai... [Full Article...]

Legitimacy of referendum open to debate, Turkey opposition head says

But according to the state-run Anadolu Agency, with 100 percent of the ballots counted, Erdogan appeared poised to win with 51.2 percent of voters casting ballots in his favor. They quoted Erdogan as saying the referendum result was clear. One of the key concerns of the "No" camp was the fact that both presidential and parliamentary elections would be held on the same day. [Full Article...]

Pope Francis opens free laundromat for homeless

The US President is also due to attend a meeting of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Brussels on 25 May prior to the G7 meeting in Taormina, in Sicily, on 26-28 May. Washington has had full diplomatic relations with the Vatican since 1984, when President Ronald Reagan saw the Vatican under Pope John Paul, a Pole, as a crucial ally against communism. [Full Article...]

North Korea's missile launch threatens whole world, South says

Four huge green ballistic missiles, rolled out on articulated trailers in increasing order of range also caught the attention of military specialists. China opposes THAAD as a threat to its own security, but also has spoken out against North Korea's missile and nuclear tests and has supported United Nations sanctions. [Full Article...]

New dossier to be shared with United Nations, world community

New dossier to be shared with United Nations, world community The dossier will also include a timeline of Jadhav's alleged militant activities and court proceedings. The charge sheet against Jadhav accused him of working for India's external intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and of being involved in sabotage in Pakistan, including sponsoring and directing improvised explosive device and grenade attacks in the port city of Gwadar in Baloc... [Full Article...]

Thousands expected to be evacuated in Syria after blast

Thousands expected to be evacuated in Syria after blast On Saturday a suicide vehicle bomber targeted stranded buses holding thousands of evacuees on a road near Aleppo . An initial report from the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 16 people were killed in the blast. The refugees were been evacuated when a huge auto bomb blasted the convoy of coaches carrying them as they waited in a rebel territory near Aleppo . [Full Article...]

19-year-old killed in motorcycle crash on I-10

19-year-old killed in motorcycle crash on I-10 Florida Highway Patrol blamed the crash on the teen driver, Armani Santi De Jesus, of Tampa. The driver is charged with careless driving, driving without a license, and additional charges are pending, according to the FHP. Vecchio had been wearing a helmet, the Highway Patrol said. A sixth passenger, 16-year-old Johnathan Occide, had minor injuries. Authorities said Sunday afternoon that it ... [Full Article...]

Legislators target British citizenship of Assad's wife

Legislators target British citizenship of Assad's wife Social media accounts in Mrs Assad's name have some 500,000 followers and are used as pro-regime tools. It comes after the Assad regime was blamed for the recent chemical attack on his own people which killed at least 80. He added: "The Government is entitled to deprive someone of their citizenship if it is conducive to the public good because that person has prejudiced the interests of the UK". [Full Article...]

Egypt acquits US-Egyptian citizen after 3-year legal ordeal

Egypt acquits US-Egyptian citizen after 3-year legal ordeal Egyptian American Aya Hijazi and her husband, Mohamed Hassanein, are co-founders of the Belady Foundation . Prosecutors provided little if any evidence to support the allegations. The Trump administration has proposed massive cuts to US foreign aid, but the White House has said it expects that the $1.3 billion in USA military aid to Egypt will continue. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump, Xi Jinping announce plan to avoid trade row

But there was little indication as to how the two new friends got along over contentious issues such as China's use of the South China Sea and the North Korean crisis. "In terms of North Korea, we've been very clear that our objective is a denuclearized Korea peninsula", he said. There was little to show that the two leaders had come to some kind of agreement on North Korea except for the fact... [Full Article...]

BC NDP promises to freeze BC Hydro rates

The Opposition would replace our tax cuts with tax hikes. The B.C. Liberals forecast this will cost $2.5 million a year. While Premier Christy Clark is expected to visit Government House to start the 29-day campaign, the parties have been in election mode since mid-March when the legislature adjourned, allowing politicians to return to their ridings. [Full Article...]

Quotes from North Korean official about tensions with US

Despite that, military experts believe that North Korea learnt from those setbacks and might even be able to develop a nuclear-tipped, intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach the United States within the coming four years, during Trump's presidency. [Full Article...]

Manhunt for man who broadcasted shooting on Facebook live in Cleveland

Manhunt for man who broadcasted shooting on Facebook live in Cleveland The FBI was providing assistance, a spokeswoman told NBC News. Stephens said he was shooting because of "Joy Lane". And Stephens also claimed to have killed 15 other people in the video posted today. The video, which was posted about 2 p.m. ET and was later taken down, is captioned, in part, "Easter day slaughter". He is wearing a dark blue, and gray or black striped polo shirt. [Full Article...]

2nd suspect arrested as Swedish police reveal 1st sought asylum

2nd suspect arrested as Swedish police reveal 1st sought asylum The suspect behind the Stockholm truck attack had been facing deportation and had extremist sympathies, Swedish police say. According to the report , the man applied for a residence permit in 2014, and that it took until 2016 for it to be rejected, with the Asylum board ruling he should be deported. [Full Article...]

Trump fires back at protesters demanding tax returns: 'The election is over'

Protesters and political rivals have said he should make a fuller disclosure to remove any inkling of potential conflicts of interest between his business interests and his political decisions. "My whole family did", she said. Other events took place without major incidents in such USA cities as Chicago, New York, Seattle and Washington, D.C., and outside pf Trump's south Florida resort home, Ma... [Full Article...]

Italy plucks 2000 migrants from the Mediterranean Sea

Six years since a revolution that toppled dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has become a key departure point for refugees risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean to Europe . In all, Italy's coast guard coordinated about 20 separate rescues on Friday. Italian prosecutors have accused these groups of having ties to traffickers, a charge that the groups deny. [Full Article...]

US Treasury says China does not manipulate its currency

Trump had dismissed North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as "obsolete", but now says it is "no longer obsolete". The US and China are working on a response to the North Korean missile crisis, Donald Trump's top security adviser has said. "I think what you saw last week with the President's decisive response to the Assad regime, to mass murder of innocent people, including children, with chemical w... [Full Article...]

Samsung Delays English-Speaking Bixby Personal Assistant On Galaxy S8

You can see what Samsung has to say about the launch of Bixby on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus below. Unlike Cortana or Google Assistant, Bixby is deeply engraved to both software and hardware which is why Samsung was bullish about it at the time of the unveiling of Galaxy S8. [Full Article...]

Sisi vows to hunt down Egypt church bombers in Tawadros visit

Many Copts fear the enhanced security will not stop attacks on churches. "No security measure can stop a suicide bomber with jihadist beliefs from blowing up a church", Coptic engineer Emad Thomas told The Associated Press on Wednesday. [Full Article...]

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