New Microsoft Surface Laptop: Specs, Design and New Windows 10 OS

New Microsoft Surface Laptop: Specs, Design and New Windows 10 OS The "crisp, clear and concise" message hammered home around the new OS - namely that it is cheaper and less versatile than Windows 10 Pro - was diluted by the "all-encompassing" Surface Laptop, the piece argues. Windows 10 S: Chrome OS Challenger Or Windows RT 2.0? "We built Surface Laptop to do two things: refresh the classic laptop form factor that our customers, especially college students, ... [Full Article...]

Facing triple murder charge, Derek Saretzky back in Alberta court

Facing triple murder charge, Derek Saretzky back in Alberta court Following the voir dire , jury selection will begin, and the judge and jury trial will go from May 29 to June 30. The case attracted national headlines when Blanchette was found dead and his daughter missing from their home in Blairmore, Alta., a town of 2,000, on September 14, 2015. [Full Article...]

Canada's Montreal declares state of emergency after floods

In Quebec, the province hardest hit by the flooding, more than 1,500 homes have been flooded in 121 towns and cities and almost 1,000 people evacuated. The military had 800 soldiers on the ground Monday and will have 1,650 soldiers on the scene by the end of the day. In the western Quebec community of Gatineau, 380 residences were evacuated and some federal employees were advised not to go to wo... [Full Article...]

Former US AG Sally Yates Under Fire in Senate Judiciary Hearing

Former US AG Sally Yates Under Fire in Senate Judiciary Hearing Graham and Whitehouse also said they heard of no effort to stop her from coming before them. For the first time publicly, Yates recounted to a Senate panel a January 26 meeting - and a follow up session the next day - in which she alerted White House Counsel Don McGahn that Flynn had lied to administration officials about his conversations with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak before Trum... [Full Article...]

'Ndrangheta, arrestato il boss latitante Rocco Barbaro

'Ndrangheta, arrestato il boss latitante Rocco Barbaro Duro colpo alla cosca dei Barbaro, considerata egemone nel traffico di cocaina in Calabria ed in Lombardia . I carabinieri lo hanno arrestato nel "cuore" di Platì e in pieno giorno all'ora di pranzo. A fermarlo, i Carabinieri del Gruppo di Locri (Rc ) e in particolare dell'aliquota operativa della Compagnia di Locri , insieme ai colleghi della Stazione di Platì e dello Squadrone Elip... [Full Article...]

Theresa May's Conservatives open up 'record lead' ahead of British election

To show they can't take Scotland for granted. She focussed her attack on the Prime Minister claiming "the Tory mask" has slipped in recent days after spat over Brussels leaks on Brexit talks. All in all, there is little in these local election results to suggest that Labour is on course to reverse the losses it suffered at the hands of the SNP in its Clydeside heartland two years ago. [Full Article...]

Migranti: Oim, altre 113 vittime in naufragio vicino Libia

Migranti: Oim, altre 113 vittime in naufragio vicino Libia Domani mattina alle 8 nelle scuole, nei luoghi di lavoro, ovunque ci troveremo, dedichiamo un minuto di silenzio a lui e a tutti i bambini che in questi anni non siamo riusciti a salvare. Ieri sera si era avuta notizia di un altro naufragio , avvenuto sempre al largo della Libia , nel quale secondo iracconti dei superstiti sarebbero morte un'ottantina di persone. [Full Article...]

What does President Trump's tax plan look like?

It would also boost wages, increasing the take-home pay of the average household by as much as $4,000 a year. President Donald Trump's proposal favors more affluent taxpayers and would add considerably to the federal deficit. He suggested that if Jackson had been president "a little later, you wouldn't have had the Civil War". Meanwhile, Mr. Trump continued his outreach to rogue leaders Monday... [Full Article...]

Suspect in Boston penthouse slayings has criminal history

Suspect in Boston penthouse slayings has criminal history Officers conducting a sweep of the apartment found a man, who started to shoot at them. Two years later, he committed the same crime, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. "His tragic and sudden passing leaves an inescapable void in all of us". Bolanos was a pediatric anesthesiologist at Mass. Eye and Ear and lived with Field, who Mass Eye and Ear said was her fiance. [Full Article...]

Tornadoes, storms kill 11 in U.S

Even though the dealership only suffered property damage, Canton Mayor Lou Ann Everett confirmed Sunday evening that four people were killed in the storm. As emergency crews continue rescue and recovery efforts, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott surveyed areas ravaged by a series of tornadoes , about 60 miles east of the Dallas metro area. [Full Article...]

Trump blasts press for making healthcare vote look bad

Trump blasts press for making healthcare vote look bad The CBO estimated that under the first bill, 24 million more Americans would be uninsured by 2026, while premiums for individual plans would jump 15 to 20 percent over two years. As Republicans crossed over the vote threshold to pass the bill, Democrats in the House began singing 'Na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye, ' a rowdy suggestion that Republicans will lose seats in the 2018 congressio... [Full Article...]

Rihanna shines at New York Met Gala

Madonna opted for a camouflage dress from Moschino, while models of the moment Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner nearly bared all - the former in a black mesh body suit from Alexander Wang and Jenner in slashed-at-the-chest-and-leg La Perla. [Full Article...]

Trump congratulates Emmanuel Macron for 'big win' in French election

France's mainstream right-wing and left-wing parties are still trying to work out how to recover from their respective first round defeats in this election. An estimated 11 million people voted for her, twice as many voters for her father Jean-Marie Le Pen in 2002. His 64-year-old wife Brigitte, who he wooed when she taught him drama at school, joined him on stage with her children and grandchil... [Full Article...]

Kushner Companies' Pitch To Chinese Investors Raises Conflict Of Interest Questions

His family's promotional efforts in China come amid widespread criticism of the EB-5 visa program , which has grown popular among wealthy foreigners seeking to move to the USA but faces allegations of fraud and misuse. Over several hours of presentations and PowerPoints, company executives described the advantages of the controversial EB-5 program, which provides big foreign investors with U.S. [Full Article...]

Nigeria presidency releases names of 82 freed Chibok girls

Nigeria presidency releases names of 82 freed Chibok girls About 21 Chibok girls were released in October in a deal brokered by Switzerland and the International Red Cross. He also thanked the security agencies, all the non-profit organizations, including the Red Cross, and local authorities who he said were key in the negotiations that culminated in the girls' freedom. [Full Article...]

Judges raise thorny questions about revised Trump travel ban

Trump has vowed to fight the latest "flawed" ruling all the way to the Supreme Court. Cached pages from confirmed that the statement was on Trump's campaign website on Monday morning, but it seems to have disappeared after ABC News' Cecilia Vega asked White House press secretary Sean Spicer about the wording. [Full Article...]

Became known, who headed the radical Islamist movement Hamas

Became known, who headed the radical Islamist movement Hamas Full reliance on Islam as the group's sole source of authority for its strategies and objectives. "The intimation is that Hamas now accepts the state of Israel", Netanyahu continued. "Hamas is an institution - it is not a one-man show", he said. In recent years, however, the group's policy has changed. When it comes to war with Israel, neither Hamas nor Israel wants a new conflict in Gaza , y... [Full Article...]

Renzi eletto Segretario del Pd: 10 piemontesi nella Direzione Nazionale

Quindi, difende la linea dura sulla legittima difesa e torna a chiedere il taglio delle tasse. In molti sono rimasti sorpresi soprattutto dal passaggio rivolto a Sergio Mattarella . Quanto durerà non dipende da noi , ma dal Governo stesso e dal lavoro parlamentare ". Anche l'altro grande escluso dalla nuova squadra della segreteria della maggioranza, Beppe Fioroni, potrebbe rivelarsi una p... [Full Article...]

Barack Obama warned Donald Trump about hiring Michael Flynn

McGahn that the underlying conduct that General Flynn had engaged in was problematic in and of itself", Yates said . She did not specify what that was. McGahn expressed his concern that taking action might interfere with the FBI investigation of Flynn, and Yates said it wouldn't. Russia's electoral interference is the subject of three major USA investigations - one in the House, one in the Sena... [Full Article...]

Scottish Conservatives launch Angus general election campaign

A vote for the SNP is to have a strong and effective opposition to the Tories. Labour experienced one of the party's worst polling days for many years, losing 382 council seats and control of seven councils. And although the SNP will certainly "win" the general election in Scotland, just as they have the local government elections, they now have cause for concern. [Full Article...]

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