Darawshe Family Of Duma Files NIS 10 Million Lawsuit Against Israel

Darawshe Family Of Duma Files NIS 10 Million Lawsuit Against Israel The only surviving member of the family was Ali's 4-year-old brother, Ahmed. He said on Monday that the family lived in a West Bank village under Israeli control and therefore the government is liable for not protecting them. Has the Israeli government said anything? This does not apply to Palestinians "who are not citizens of residents of Israel", he continued. Has anyone been charged i... [Full Article...]

Warren Buffett To Shareholders: 'We Messed Up By Not Investing In Amazon'

Buffett has repeatedly challenged the value of hedge fund managers at Berkshire's annual shareholder meeting and in his letter to investors. "They were totally wrong on that", Buffett said Saturday in Omaha, Neb., at the annual meeting of his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. [Full Article...]

Trump Tabs Minnesota Justice for Federal Appeals Court

This week, Trump is expected to announce at least five nominees (possibly as many as ten) to federal appeals courts around the nation, and there's no reason to doubt that his selections will be cut from the same conservative, constitutional cloth as Gorsuch. [Full Article...]

Macron wins French presidency, promises more lawmakers new to politics

Macron wins French presidency, promises more lawmakers new to politics While his supporters were jumping for joy at the Louvre and commentators all over the world were hailing Emmanuel Macron's victory as a triumph for liberal and centrist values, a majority of French people won't have seen it as a cause for celebration. [Full Article...]

Post office annual food drive set this Saturday

Post office annual food drive set this Saturday Northern Nevada residents can join Food Bank of Northern Nevada and support community members who struggle with hunger by simply collecting non-perishable, non-expired food items and leaving them in a sturdy bag near their mailboxes on Saturday, May 13. [Full Article...]

Girls' School Targeted in Peshawar

Girls' School Targeted in Peshawar The second blast, in a different area, targeted a counter terrorism unit vehicle that was returning from the school attack site. CTD officials told APP that three officials of the CTD and one passer-by sustained injuries in IED blast that targeted their vehicle at Khatko bridge, when they were en-route to a girls school where an improvised explosive device had exploded. [Full Article...]

The Harman Kardon Invoke speaker puts Cortana on your countertop

The device itself, which is made from metal, will be available in two colors: black and white (though the white version looks more like silver). We previously reported that Microsoft had partnered with Harman Kardon to bring Cortana to your living room or wherever you may desire a smart speaker with a digital assistant. [Full Article...]

Shot, 2 killed in 'brazen' Chicago gang shooting

Shot, 2 killed in 'brazen' Chicago gang shooting In September, 2016, an 18 year old woman was shot and killed while two teenage boys were wounded at a vigil for another man who had been murdered earlier, according to ABC 7 Chicago . Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said on Twitter the incident is "believed to be a gang related retaliation for" the earlier shooting. Some parents said they ran to cover their kids who were playing outs... [Full Article...]

Credit Suisse Group AG Initiates Coverage on Microsoft Co. (MSFT)

TN now owns 182,304 shares of the software giant's stock valued at $10,501,000 after buying an additional 6,213 shares during the last quarter. By reviewing stock prices from the stock market history of the company and examining its analysts ratings can give an investment picture with updated information of stock which helps investors to make investing decision. [Full Article...]

LI man among 18 Penn State students charged in hazing death

They range from involuntary manslaughter to furnishing alcohol to minors and evidence tampering. Eight of them were arraigned on Friday afternoon, while the rest are scheduled to be arraigned next week, prosecutors said . In his last fall, he fell down basement stairs where he remained until he was discovered the next morning, around 12 hours later. Timothy died in February 2017 at a fraternity e... [Full Article...]

'Saber trees' light up Gardens by the Bay on Star Wars Day

A new report from franchise fan site Nerdist has suggested that Leia will actually face off against Snoke (played by Lord of the Rings' Andy Serkis) in the opening act of The Last Jedi. Mr. Sadler said, "To me Star Wars is what I grew up on". Other events in the United States included special Star Wars-themed activities at the Walt Disney Co .'s Disneyland amusement park in California. [Full Article...]

Hamas, Which The US Considers A Terror Group, Elects A New Leader

Hamas, Which The US Considers A Terror Group, Elects A New Leader The new program omits the old charter's specific language about seeking Israel's destruction and raises the possibility of a Palestinian state in lands Israel occupied in 1967, but only as a step toward "liberating" all of historic Palestine. [Full Article...]

Android 'O' Beta coming soon, says Google

Android 'O' Beta coming soon, says Google On an average, the number equates to almost 8,400 new malware instances every day. In fact, the amount of malware on Android has increased each year since 2012, with the greatest increase occurring over the past year, with instances of malware jumping from 2.3 million to 3.2 million, the report found. [Full Article...]

Rudy Gay to opt out of contract, become free agent

Rudy Gay to opt out of contract, become free agent Gay averaged 18.7 points, 6.3 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 1.5 steals and 1.4 3-pointers in 30 games this season. He was promptly traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, where he played the first six-and-a-half years of his career before being dealt to the Toronto Raptors midway through the 2012-13 campaign. [Full Article...]

Putin, Trump agree to work together on Syria, set up meeting

Russia supports the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and senior USA officials have stopped just short of suggesting Russian complicity in a deadly sarin gas attack on civilians in northwestern Syria . Finally, they spoke about how best to resolve the very unsafe situation in North Korea . Relations have worsened in recent weeks following Trump's decision last month to bomb the Syrian ... [Full Article...]

Russia-brokered Syria No-fly Zone Deal Bans U.S. Aircraft, Too

Russia , Turkey and Iran agreed in a memorandum signed on May 4 to establish four separate de-escalation zones in Syria after rounds of talks in Kazakhstan capital Astana. The group also criticized Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, saying he was trying to partition the nation into useful and non-useful regions. "The only place where the coalition's aviation can operate is certainly on target... [Full Article...]

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron begins official duties at WWII ceremony

All 577 seats in the National Assembly are up for grabs. But the debate highlighted divisions within his camp over how best to deliver on one of Macron's biggest election promises: turning the troubled Franco-German couple into a force for closer integration in Europe. [Full Article...]

Here's What Obama's $500M Presidential Center Will Look Like

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama's former chief of staff attended, along with many community leaders. Obama did not engage in politics during the event, clearly putting the focus on the Presidential Center and not once mentioning President Donald Trump. [Full Article...]

Facebook Will Add 3000 More Staff To Monitor Videos And Content

Facebook was found taking this magnanimous task head on when it recruited some 3,000 new employees in the community operations team making it a 7,500 strong department. We're going to make it simpler to report problems to us, faster for our reviewers to determine which posts violate our standards and easier for them to contact law enforcement if someone needs help. [Full Article...]

Trump's plan to cut corporate tax would be profit tailwind

Warren Buffett passed up on the opportunity to significantly invest into either company, which is something that he regrets to this day, as the business magnate admitted on CNBC's " Squawk Box " earlier today. But he also said it would be a " terrible mistake " if capital allocation were not the "main talent" of his successor. (But BNSF has suffered weaker profits since oil production fell and... [Full Article...]

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