France's Emmanuel Macron talks to Angela Merkel, discusses Brexit with UK's May

France's Emmanuel Macron talks to Angela Merkel, discusses Brexit with UK's May Still, the relief of the centrist's victory was palpable. Macron's election was welcome news at the United Nations as it battles to ward off plans from US President Donald Trump to cut funding to the world organization. En Marche's 577 candidates will be announced by Thursday. The turning point came when Dutch elections returned Prime Minister Mark Rutte back into office. [Full Article...]

Qualcomm's Quick Charge 4 is coming in phones midyear

Qualcomm's Quick Charge 4 is coming in phones midyear Currently, it's unclear why the current crop of Snapdragon 835 devices out there do not support Quick Charge 4.0, but it is at least refreshing to know that there will be Quick Charge 4.0-compatible smartphones coming rather soon. Of course, since Quick Charge 4 is an internal specification of the phone, there are certain software tweaks that have also been made to optimize the charging potential ... [Full Article...]

Dreams come true for Derby hero

Dreams come true for Derby hero Always Dreaming will leave Churchill Downs between 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. Tuesday for a short van ride to Louisville International Airport for a Tex Sutton Forwarding Company equine flight to Baltimore. That's where the second leg of the Tripe Crown will take place and where another name could start to be etched in history. Still, it appears the Preakness may come up a bit light on quality this ye... [Full Article...]

Police Filmed Shooting A Woman In London Terror Raids

He said six people had been arrested in the Willesden security operation, five at the house, and another in Kent, in south-east England. A man was detained near the Houses Parliament and the prime minister's office in Downing Street while allegedly carrying large knives in a backpack. [Full Article...]

Nicola Sturgeon hails 'fantastic' result in Glasgow despite failing to win power

Over one in ten votes on May 4 were cast for independent candidates - in the Highlands and the Islands in particular, council elections are often still genuinely local rather than partisan battles. They can reward Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond by sending another SNP cheerleader for independence to Westminster. Ms Sturgeon said: " Theresa May's extraordinary attacks on our European partners d... [Full Article...]

Major gains for Tories in council elections but SNP hails 'emphatic' victory

Senior SNP politicians in the city were at the count to witness the historic moment the party finally after years of trying took control of the largest council in Scotland. Much could change in the coming weeks of what's likely to be a brutal general election campaign. "This has the possibility to reshape not just the electoral map of Scotland but the politics of Scotland and the framework of th... [Full Article...]

Trump moves to lift bans on Arctic drilling

Oceana vice president Jacqueline Savitz had this to say: "Seven years, nearly to the day, after offshore drilling caused the worst environmental disaster in usa history, President Trump is taking aim at expanding this dirty and unsafe industry into new areas like the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific oceans, as well as the Eastern Gulf of Mexico". [Full Article...]

North Korea accuses Central Intelligence Agency of plotting to kill Kim Jong

North Korea accuses Central Intelligence Agency of plotting to kill Kim Jong KCNA , which often carries shrill, bellicose threats against the United States, gave lengthy details about the alleged plot but said it could never be accomplished. North Korean news agency KCNA said the alleged plot included the use of "biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance". [Full Article...]

UK's Labour Party vows to ditch May's Brexit plan if elected

UK's Labour Party vows to ditch May's Brexit plan if elected She is backed by more than 60% of votes to do a more capable job than Mr Corbyn, who was supported by only 23%. Labour's 2015 general election candidate for Peterborough says she is "devastated" she can't stand again in June's election as she is due to move house. [Full Article...]

Thai husband kills baby live on Facebook

Another Facebook Live killing - a man hanging his 11-month-old daughter - is putting the social media giant under heavy scrutiny again, especially because the broadcast was left online for 24 hours. Wuttisan's wife, Jiranuch Triratana, told Reuters she had lived with him for over a year. Facebook president-general manager Mark Zuckerberg then announced that his company would do everything ... [Full Article...]

North Korea detention of fourth USA citizen 'concerning' - White House

This image captured from footage of North Korea's state TV station on May 8, 2016, shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (C) speaking at a congress of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea. The university, founded in 2010 with donations from South Korean and American Christians, including the Illinois-based Church of the Brethren, remains the only private university in the country. [Full Article...]

Facebook told it must remove hate speech postings by Austrian court

Facebook told it must remove hate speech postings by Austrian court As Facebook reaches almost 2 billion users worldwide, the social network has faced a new battle in the dissemination of user-generated content. Reuters reports an Austrian court has ruled the company must remove a post that is considered to be hate speech. [Full Article...]

Judges to hear appeal of Hawaii's travel ban win

What happened at the hearing? Trump argues the ban is necessary to keep terrorists out of the country and that it is within the powers of the executive branch to issue executive orders in the interest of protecting national security. Is this the only case of its kind at the moment? Two of them originally were on the list of 21 candidates that the Trump transition team considered for the ... [Full Article...]

Takeaways From Buffett's Address To Berkshire AGM

Berkshire Hathaway CEO and billionaire Warren Buffett delivered condemning remarks about President Trump's new health care plan that passed the House of Representative last Thursday. As usual there was an bad lot from the Berkshire Hathaway AGM in Omaha on the weekend. In contrast, the billionaire offered little defense of one major holding of Berkshire: IBM. [Full Article...]

Congressman Comer on Voting for American Health Care Act

Congressman Comer on Voting for American Health Care Act Collins was critical of the bill because she believed there were too many unknowns, noting that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) still hadn't provided an analysis of the new bill, and she added that she would be troubled by a bill that defunds Planned Parenthood. [Full Article...]

Judge: New York-New Jersey bombing trial won't be moved

Judge: New York-New Jersey bombing trial won't be moved She said most of the news coverage of Rahimi has been national in scope and would follow him wherever a trial would occur. "The population is vastly sufficient in my opinion to seat a fair and impartial jury", the judge said in an opinion delivered from the bench. [Full Article...]

Israel Rebukes Sweden Over UNESCO Vote

The Israeli foreign ministry yesterday summoned the Swedish ambassador, Carl Magnus Nesser, and reprimanded him over Stockholm's support for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO) resolution that criticised Israel's policy in Jerusalem. [Full Article...]

Sinclair to Buy Tribune Media, Expanding Its Local TV Reach

Sinclair was also already the largest Fox station group with 54 affiliates, and the Tribune will add to that list. The Sinclair-Tribune deal was made possible in part because the FCC recently revised its ownership rules to make it easier for TV-station conglomerates to acquire more stations without running afoul of market-share caps, which are created to prevent any single operator from hav... [Full Article...]

Turkey slams 'occupation' of Jerusalem, draws Israel's ire

Turkey slams 'occupation' of Jerusalem, draws Israel's ire Erdogan also spoke out against plans by Israeli lawmakers to place restrictions on the Muslim call to prayer, or Adhan, Anadolu said. Speaking at a forum in Istanbul, Erdogan said everyone should be careful on issues that concerned the status of Jerusalem, warning that even "relocating a stone" in the city could have serious implications. [Full Article...]

Liverpool in advanced talks with Burnley defender Michael Keane

Liverpool in advanced talks with Burnley defender Michael Keane Klopp is keen to shore up his defence in the summer after seeing his side struggle to keep clean sheets this season. Latest development's of Liverpool's search for a new defender have seen reports suggest a deal is close for Burnley's Michael Keane. [Full Article...]

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