Egyptian security forces kill eight Muslim Brotherhood members in shootout

Egyptian security forces kill eight Muslim Brotherhood members in shootout An Egyptian court on Monday sentenced the head of the Muslim Brotherhood and two other group leaders to 25 years behind bars for the roles they played organizing a major Cairo sit-in that was violently dispersed following Egypt's 2013 military coup, according to a local judicial source. [Full Article...]

Back on TV, Kimmel zings critics of his health care plea

Back on TV, Kimmel zings critics of his health care plea He is sleeping well. I want to make sure...that if a child is born and has tetralogy of fallot [like Kimmel's son]...that they would receive all the services even if they go over a certain amount [of covered costs]. Bill Cassidy, Louisiana's senior senator and a physician, will appear on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss health care in America. Unfortunately, as Kimmel noted on Monday night,... [Full Article...]

Texas Lt. Gov. on Sanctuary Cities: Backers are 'Flat Wrong'

San Antonio police chief William McManus ripped into the Republicans who pushed the law through despite the objections of every big-city police chief in the state. El Cenizo and Maverick County's lawsuit, filed in a San Antonio federal court, argues that the new law violates both the Texas and USA constitutions. [Full Article...]

Mexico and police chief slam Texas' new 'sanctuary city' ban

The ordinance bans city employees from inquiring about immigration status, according to the Associated Press . "We can not accept that law and we fully intend to continue working against the hate and xenophobia that lie at the heart of Senate Bill 4 ". [Full Article...]

Liberal Moon Jae-in set to win South Korean presidency

Or will he end up yet another in a growing list of disgraced South Korean leaders? South Korean presidential candidate Moon Jae-in of the Democratic Party gives his supporters a thums-up sign during an election campaign in Seoul, South Korea , Monday, May 8, 2017. [Full Article...]

Kentucky lands 4-star OG, top recruit from MI

Kentucky lands 4-star OG, top recruit from MI According to, the Oak Park, Michigan, native clocks in at 114 overall among players in his class and No. 3 among all offensive guards. McCall is Kentucky's seventh recruit in the 2018 class and committed to the Wildcats over in-state schools Michigan and Michigan State, as well as Ole Miss, Missouri, Penn State, and Wisconsin. [Full Article...]

Texas stokes immigration debate with 'sanctuary cities' ban

Abbott recently signed a law effectively banning sanctuary cities across in Texas. Abbott explicitly named Hernandez while signing the bill, which he did Sunday night on Facebook Live, prompting accusations of cowardice. Attorney General Ken Paxton's office filed the federal lawsuit Monday, a day after Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed it into law. Texas' law takes effect in September and... [Full Article...]

The Nintendo Switch eShop Finally Lets You Save A Credit Card

The Nintendo Switch eShop Finally Lets You Save A Credit Card There have also been other problems such as the hybrid console warping after being docked for a considerable amount of time and connectivity issues with the left Joy-Con controller. "Shaq Daddy..." with special Shaq-themed memorabilia and content, extending his legacy as the most dominant center in National Basketball Association history." read a 2K statement. [Full Article...]

North Korea detains another United States citizen

Citing unidentified diplomatic sources, the Japanese newspaper wrote that in return for North Korea foreswearing its nuclear and missile technologies, the USA promised it "would not seek regime change, regime collapse or an accelerated reunification of the Korean Peninsula, nor would it look for an excuse to advance north of the 38th parallel, the de facto inter-Korean border". [Full Article...]

Social media reacts after Trump adds his own tweet to profile

Social media reacts after Trump adds his own tweet to profile President Donald Trump's Twitter strategy has never been subtle, but his decision Monday to top his header with one of his own tweets was bold even by his standards. "The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for president in the run-up to the election raises further questions about the FBI's independence from politi... [Full Article...]

Dozens Hospitalized, Several Killed As Severe Weather Hits The South And Midwest

A fire chief reponding to the storm was killed on Sunday in Cleburne County, the county sheriff said. In Northern Arkansas, where massive flooding caused multiple road closures, the 10-year-old girl died after being swept away by an overflowing river. [Full Article...]

First Data to Power Alipay in North America

First Data to Power Alipay in North America Alipay, part of internet conglomerate Alibaba (NYSE:BABA), has launched its payments platform in the USA thus challenging other established players in the space such as Apple Pay. Owned by Jack Ma's Ant Financial, it is Alibaba's digital payments arm. The deal is chiefly aimed at Chinese tourists visiting North America. During the Alipay transaction, Acculynk will tokenize the Alipay QR co... [Full Article...]

May vows to cap energy bill increases if Tories win election

May vows to cap energy bill increases if Tories win election The Conservatives said they will cap standard energy tariffs, which will affect around 70 per cent of customers of the so-called Big Six energy firms. Richard Neudegg, head of regulation at price comparison website, says: "Energy bills are too high for many customers, but the suggestion that a price cap will fix the market is a red herring". [Full Article...]

Cramer: Investors are changing, thanks to Warren Buffett

Cramer: Investors are changing, thanks to Warren Buffett It has been decades since anyone thought of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc, or even its insurance operations, as "very, very small."But that's how a senior executive describes biBERK, a unit that lets owners of small businesses shop online for commercial vehicle, general liability, property, workers' compensation and eventually professional liability insurance". [Full Article...]

Cavaliers take 3-0 series lead over Raptors

The Cavaliers went into the fourth quarter with a 2 point lead. Kyrie Irving scored 16 points and Kyle Korver had 14 for the Cavaliers, who have posted three straight double-digit wins over Toronto . The feisty point guard sprained his left ankle on Wednesday, joined his teammates for Friday's warmup, but was limping noticeably, and spent the night on the bench. [Full Article...]

Francia, Valls sarà candidato per Macron

Francia, Valls sarà candidato per Macron Valls dopo essere stato alla guida del governo di Hollande, si prepara, quindi, a concorrere sotto le insegne della lista del neo presidente francese. Ma allo stesso tempo ne ha delineato un profilo: dovrà avere l'esperienza politica per poter assicurare una maggioranza presidenziale. "Tutti quelli che si riconoscono nel progetto riformista di Emmanuel Macron dovrebbero impegnarsi pienamente", ... [Full Article...]

Bomb wounds 20 at supermarket in southern Thailand

Bomb wounds 20 at supermarket in southern Thailand A security source said the pickup truck which was used in the second explosion at the entrance of the supermarket was stolen in Yala some time ago and the authorities were still trying to trace the owner of the vehicle. Another suspicious object was found at the Diana department store in Muang district, though nothing unsafe was detected, police said. Insurgents have fought a decades-long ethnic... [Full Article...]

CBI to examine Kapil Mishra's complaints

But I would like to say that if you have a morality then accept my challenge and contest elections from either of our seats. He said these charges are baseless and he as th eonly leader who was more vocal and critic of saffron party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. [Full Article...]

LG X Power2 to begin shipping globally this month

LG X Power2 to begin shipping globally this month The fast charging battery in the LG X power2 is created to last an entire weekend before requiring recharging. North America will be the first market to get the phone, followed by Asia, Europe, Latin America, and other regions, the press release says. [Full Article...]

Zimbabwe: President Mugabe Off to Singapore Again

Zimbabwe: President Mugabe Off to Singapore Again President Mugabe who is rumored to be battling a number of age related health problems flies to see Far East doctors who provide him and his family with first class life saving treatment not available in Zimbabwe or neighbouring South Africa where his ministers usually go at the expense of the treasury. [Full Article...]

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