Judge Throws Out Aaron Hernandez's Murder Conviction

Judge Throws Out Aaron Hernandez's Murder Conviction A MA judge has agreed to erase Aaron Hernandez's conviction in a 2013 murder because he died before his appeal could be heard. MA courts have generally recognized a legal rule called "abatement ab initio ", or abatement, in which convictions are thrown out if a defendant dies before his or her appeal is heard. [Full Article...]

Act II for France's Macron: getting the majority to govern

Act II for France's Macron: getting the majority to govern Le Pen says the 10.6 million votes she won on Sunday will make her party the leading opposition. "Yesterday's election of centrist liberal Emmanuel Macron as the next French President bodes well for the revitalization of France's lackluster economy and the European project more generally", said Jessica Hinds of Capital Economics. [Full Article...]

Exit polls in South Korea forecast win for liberal Moon

His election could complicate the deployment of a US Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) anti-missile system, which the former Seoul government and the US military agreed a year ago to deploy in South Korea as defence against North Korean missiles. [Full Article...]

Trump administration delays Paris climate agreement decision

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron said he would defend the Paris agreement in a telephone call with Trump on Monday. This is the second time a meeting of top aides on the issue has been delayed. Many nations want Trump to remain in the agreement, which is meant to rein in rising world temperatures by shifting towards cleaner energies such as wind and solar power, even though he plans to bol... [Full Article...]

ACLU issues 'travel alert' for Texas following SB4

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said the law could divert police resources and added that it has sent a chill through immigrant communities, who fear that cooperating with police could cause them to come under immigration status review. [Full Article...]

Turkey must inform Iran of any border wall construction

Turkey must inform Iran of any border wall construction According to that information, the armed group would have camps in Maku, Dambat, Navur, Kotr, Keneresh and Sehidan areas in Iranian territory, and a number of combatants between 800 and 1,000. Reportedly, the wall will be constructed along 70-km of the border near Agra and [the eastern province of] Igdir, and the rest will be protected with watch towers and iron fences, the report further said. [Full Article...]

North Korea calls Cory Gardner "psychopath" and "human dirt"

North Korea calls Cory Gardner The move freezes any North Korean assets under US jurisdiction and forbids most business between USA companies and the North Korean officials. It was reportedly conveyed to China as well, likely after the meeting between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Florida early last month. [Full Article...]

Output Cut to Be Extended? Leveraged Energy ETFs to Play

Output Cut to Be Extended? Leveraged Energy ETFs to Play But countering those efforts, USA drillers added oil rigs for a 16th week in a row last week, extending a drilling recovery into a 12th month, energy services firm Baker Hughes Inc said last Friday. Crude oil prices are gaining ground after hedge funds capitulated and Russian Federation says they favor extending production cuts. "If OPEC announces a production cut, the surprise leads to an upw... [Full Article...]

Donald Tusk steps in to relieve Brexit tensions

Donald Tusk steps in to relieve Brexit tensions Michel Barnier, speaking at a conference in Florence, Italy, on Friday, said that residency protection rights for EU citizens living and working in the United Kingdom must be enforceable by the European Court of Justice, extend to relatives who may not be EU citizens and apply to people who may not have the paperwork to prove they have been residents. [Full Article...]

Is this joke Prince Philip's last zinger?

Prince Philip conducted 219 royal engagements a year ago, and was in good form when he opened a new stand at Lord's Cricket Ground in London on Wednesday. The royal, known as the Duke of Edinburgh , has suffered from heart disease and other ailments in recent years but has nonetheless maintained a vigorous public schedule. [Full Article...]

Zinke questions monument status as way to save sacred land

The Executive Order 13792 of April 26, 2017 directs the Secretary of the Interior to review certain National Monuments designated or expanded under the Antiquities Act of 1906. The monument review is rooted in the belief Trump and other critics that a law created by President Theodore Roosevelt to designate the monument has been improperly used to protect wide expanses of lands instead of plac... [Full Article...]

Blackmail of Flynn a risk, ex-AG warned

Democrats on the committee seemed fascinated by this question (Republicans, not so much). Mr Obama's stop in Germany will coincide with Mr Trump's first visit to Europe as president, likely setting up a stark contrast between the 44th and 45th presidents on the world stage. [Full Article...]

Trump delaying decision on Paris climate deal

Trump delaying decision on Paris climate deal Mr. Trump will wait to make his decision because he "wants to make sure that he continues to meet with his team to create the best strategy for this country going forward", press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters at Tuesday's briefing. [Full Article...]

Griffin dominates hometown Padres 11-0, Rangers hit 3 homers

It also left the Weaver contemplating what could prove a short-term future at this rate. "I know the nature of this business if it keeps going the way it is", Weaver said after allowing seven runs on six hits, two walks and two hit batters in three innings. [Full Article...]

Despite warnings on Flynn, Trump dismisses Russian collusion

They had proof - nearly certainly from routine surveillance of Kislyak's calls, though Yates wouldn't confirm this - that Flynn and Kislyak had spoken about sanctions back in December. But we were also left with questions about why the White House waited 18 days after finding out Flynn misled them to fire him. But Sen. Richard Blumenthal of CT deliberately raised the question of Flynn's possible... [Full Article...]

Apple has acquired sleep tracking company, Beddit

Apple has acquired sleep tracking company, Beddit For instance, the company sells its Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor, which is placed underneath a bed sheet for more accurate sleep tracking. Founded in 2007, Beddit creates both hardware and software based products. On Monday, May 8, Beddit updated its privacy policy to reflect that that company had been acquired by Apple. Beddit then creates a unique SleepScore by monitoring your sleep time, move... [Full Article...]

Kushner emerged as conduit for Canada on NAFTA talks

Kushner emerged as conduit for Canada on NAFTA talks There is also a fear if Trump tries to fix the trade deficit for other products, agriculture would lose ground. That's been the case with a number of his executive orders and legislative initiatives, including his Muslim travel ban, the wall on the Mexican border and trade agreements. [Full Article...]

Obama warned Trump against hiring Flynn before inauguration

Flynn had done, and the Russians also knew that Gen. Flynn had misled the vice president and others", Yates said . Yates briefly led the U.S. Justice Department until Trump fired her on January 30 for declining to defend his travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries. [Full Article...]

Watch Seth Meyers rip apart an email from Paul Ryan's office

Watch Seth Meyers rip apart an email from Paul Ryan's office After teasing Republicans who dodged a reporter asking them if they had read the entire health-care bill, Meyers turned to House Speaker Paul Ryan . We would LOVE to see Ryan and Meyers go toe-to-toe IRL! "For one thing, that three-page amendment is the reason a lot of Republicans changed their mind and voted for this bill, so you can't claim it's a small change", he explained. [Full Article...]

Progressive, Pro-Dialogue Moon Jae-in Likely Wins South Korea Election

Moon, who lost the 2012 election to Park by a million votes, frequently appeared at anti-Park rallies and the corruption scandal boosted his push to re-establish liberal rule. "We need a leader who can restore the people's trust in government that was damaged by Park's scandal". The scandal surrounding former president Ms Park highlighted widening inequality and the corrupt ties between regulato... [Full Article...]

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