President Trump meets with Russia's top diplomat

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said warplanes, thought to belong to the US -led coalition against Islamic State, hit al-Salihiya village before midnight and also injured several civilians. Turkey's top diplomat has criticized a US decision to provide arms to Syrian Kurdish fighters, saying every weapon given to them poses a threat to Turkey. [Full Article...]

2 die in shooting at Dallas-area college

Wednesday. The college went into lockdown as police secured the area in Dallas . James Mclellan from the Irving Police Department said to reporters that police officers found a body belonging to the suspect including one potential victim dead in one of the campus buildings. [Full Article...]

De-escalation agreement in Syria comes into force

A Russian diplomat confirmed Friday that the terms would prevent the coalition from carrying out strikes in the zones. It could be automatically extended on the basis of a consensus between the agreeing parties. He did not elaborate. The Syrian government and rebel groups are not signatories, and both sides spoke vaguely on May 6 about "violations" of the agreement . [Full Article...]

With Macron win confirmed, European market rally hits pause

With Macron win confirmed, European market rally hits pause Cohabitation has the potential to lead to a weak presidency and frustrating Macron's reform efforts, which could undermine his popularity and stoke support for politicians with a more populist bent. "Macron, Hollande's former economy minister, started his own independent movement "En Marche" (On The Move") in April a year ago but has no party structure behind him. [Full Article...]

WH highlights Clapper testimony on Trump-Russia collusion

Yates repeatedly declined to discuss details of the investigation in a public forum. The Flynn inquiry is one piece of the broader investigation, which FBI Director James Comey testified in a Senate hearing last week is led jointly by the Alexandria US Attorney's Office and the Justice Department's National Security Division. [Full Article...]

Sergei Lavrov, Russian foreign minister, jokes about Comey firing

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has thanked Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (SEHR'-gay LAHV'-rahf) for coming to Washington for talks with US officials. Also attending was Sergey Kislyak , the Russian ambassador to the US who is at the centre of numerous Trump administration's early Russia-related woes. [Full Article...]

Courageous dog chases away bear that went for swim in family pool

Courageous dog chases away bear that went for swim in family pool The bear, who is being shown on a live video feed, has already squared off with a dog and chased a deer, according to City News Service. After a brief stare down, the dog gave chase and the bear hightailed it off the property and onto a children's play area. [Full Article...]

North Korean missile test fails hours after United Nations meeting on nukes

A North Korean mid-range ballistic missile apparently failed shortly after launch Saturday, South Korea and the United States said, the third test-fire flop just this month but a clear message of defiance as a USA supercarrier conducts drills in nearby waters. [Full Article...]

This week's lesson is Sally Yates was right about everything

Or, will poor Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, continue to engage in diversionary banter and word games to distract attention from this grave matter of national security? Yates' concern: Flynn was subject to blackmail by Russia because it had become clear he was lying about his December 29 conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. [Full Article...]

Tillerson: United States ready to impose further sanctions

Four Asean nations- the Philippines , Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei- claim part of the resource rich waters. The United States has conducted freedom of navigation operations to challenge South China Sea claims, angering China, but not yet under Trump. [Full Article...]

No radiation reported after collapse of plutonium plant tunnel in Washington

Workers were told to evacuate and, "as a precaution, workers in potentially affected areas of the Hanford Site have gone indoors", according to the statement. The Hanford site is about 230 kilometers southeast of Seattle and is generally regarded as the most contaminated nuclear site in America. Operated by the federal government, it was established in the 1940s and manufactured plutonium th... [Full Article...]

Do-it-yourself Mother's Day gift ideas

Do-it-yourself Mother's Day gift ideas The price of gold, for instance, has grown four fold over the past 15 years. She may be your mother , but she's still a woman. Let mom enjoy a work-free day. Generalizing the appreciation by directing it to all mothers, and even to all people, including strangers, who may be presumed to be mothers, also dilutes the meaning. [Full Article...]

Law Enforcement United ride starts in Reading, heads to DC

They ride for the fallen. Officer David O'Brien was killed in the line of duty by a bomb explosion on November 24, 1917. The 210 officers that were honored died before 2016. "I have a deep respect for the work law enforcement officers do and feel it's more than fitting that we in turn honor the service of those officers who have fallen in the line of duty", said Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn. [Full Article...]

Flynn under defense investigation over foreign payment

Flynn under defense investigation over foreign payment A White House aide disputed that the White House was withholding anything from the committee, saying they could not provide documents they do not have access to. Michael Flynn's failure to adhere to disclosure requirements regarding these payments carries a potential prison sentence of several years. He was seated to the right of Russian president Vladimir Putin at the event. [Full Article...]

Comey dodges questions on Obama spying on Trump

Describing Comey as the best thing that had ever happened to Hillary Clinton, President Donald Trump said that the former had given a free pass for many bad deeds. He said he had been concerned for months about how to publicly report the investigation's findings, and because of Justice Department actions including an impromptu airplane meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lync... [Full Article...]

Comey aimed to expand Russian Federation probe before Trump fired him: congressional source

As recently as last week, the White House had said Comey had Trump's confidence. But Trump expressed support for Comey late in the campaign after he sent his October letter revisiting the Clinton email investigation, and White House press secretary Sean Spicer said just last week that Comey had Trump's support. [Full Article...]

Syria accuses Israel of bombing outpost near Damascus

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Wednesday while on a visit to Moscow that Israel "will not allow Iranian and Hezbollah forces to be amassed on the Golan Heights border". "The blast was huge and could be heard in Damascus", said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights . Earlier in the day, a large explosion was reported near the global airport in D... [Full Article...]

Russian minister jokes about Comey firing

And today, the White House's public schedule showed the president with just one meeting: Trump welcomed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to the Oval Office for a chat. "It is in our interest for the U.S. to make connective contribution into these processes". The timing of Comey's firing has led many to suggest that the agency's investigation into the Trump team's ties with Russian offici... [Full Article...]

Senate blocks moves to overturn Obama-era rule on drilling

Some Republican lawmakers balked at fully embracing the Trump administration's climate skepticism Wednesday, as the Senate failed to kill an Obama-era plan for containing methane emissions that had deep support among environmental activists and many landowners in the West. [Full Article...]

Despite Hubbub Over Michael Flynn, Clapper Says No Collusion with Russian Federation

Despite Hubbub Over Michael Flynn, Clapper Says No Collusion with Russian Federation She told White House counsel Don McGahn on January 26, less than a week into Trump's presidency, that Flynn had not been telling the truth about his contacts with Russia's ambassador to Washington . Yates said she explained to McGahn how she knew Flynn's statements were untrue. The president also said the "biggest story " to emerge on Monday "is on surveillance. [Full Article...]

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