Francavilla, muore investito dal treno in stazione

Francavilla, muore investito dal treno in stazione Gli inquirenti indagano sull'avvenuto. Sui binari sono stati trovati i documenti di un 71enne: apparterrebbero a Pino Ciccantelli , sindaco di Pescara dal 1990 al 1993. Per l'ex primo cittadino non c'è stato nulla da fare. "Alla famiglia e a tutti i suoi cari, giunga il cordoglio dell'Amministrazione". "Quanto accaduto è una tristissima tragedia per la famiglia certamente, ma anche per tutta la... [Full Article...]

FBI chief aimed to expand Russia probe before Trump fired him

Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has been very critical of Comey in recent days due to the bureau's failure to meet deadlines responding to his questions regarding its investigation into Russian meddling in the USA election. [Full Article...]

On The Milky Road - Sulla via lattea

On The Milky Road - Sulla via lattea Il direttivo Nazionale del Sngci ha scelto l'artista per un ruolo lontano da quelli che solitamente vedono protagonista la Bellucci: l'attrice, anche stavolta, è riuscita a cinquistare non solo il pubblico che da sempre la segue con affetto ed è ormai da tempo una vera star internazionale. [Full Article...]

Aaron Hernandez's 2015 Murder Conviction Is Thrown Out

Aaron Hernandez's 2015 Murder Conviction Is Thrown Out Garsh is the same judge who sat during Hernandez's murder trial. In her decision, Garsh dismissed the prosecutor's argument that the conviction against Hernandez should stand because the former tight end knew his suicide would lead to his conviction being vacated. [Full Article...]

Incidente a Imola: pirata della strada investe e uccide anziana

Un'auto ha travolto e ucciso una pensionata di 71 anni in via Montanara, all'altezza del civico 110/A. Sul posto sono arrivati i Carabinieri, che hanno avviato le indagini per ricostruire la dinamica, e i sanitari del 118. E' stato chiamato l'elisoccorso, ma poi si è deciso di portare la donna, già in condizioni molto gravi, in ambulanza all'ospedale Santa Maria della Scaletta dove è stato constat... [Full Article...]

Pibernik, la festa a un giro dalla fine

Ma superata Taormina e trovato sulla propria destra il mar Jonio, la carovana ha potuto sfilare senza patemi verso il traguardo di Messina , riprendendo Paterski e Shalunov a 15 km dalla conclusione. Se Pinot ha detto che hanno anche lavorato posso garantire che non è vero. Lo vinse Alfonso Calzolari, l'unico bolognese che è riuscito a portare la maglia rosa sotto le Due Torri. [Full Article...]

Fuoriuscite sospette: acqua non potabile in tutta la provincia di Teramo

Fuoriuscite sospette: acqua non potabile in tutta la provincia di Teramo Poi, miracolosamente, stamattina l'acqua è tornata ad essere potabile a seguito di verifiche effettuate in tempi record. La crisi idrica, comunque, ha indotto il sindaco del capoluogo Maurizio Brucchi a ritirare le dimissioni presentate il 21 aprile scorso. [Full Article...]

Jakarta governor given 2-year prison sentence for blasphemy

The sentence , which is more than prosecutors sought, comes less than a month after he lost his election bid to stay in his position. Wayan Sudirta, a lawyer for Ahok, said there was "so much pressure" for Ahok to be imprisoned. However, President Joko Widodo, who is a key ally of Purnama, had called for restraint over the trial and urged all sides to respect the legal process. [Full Article...]

Co-favorite Always Dreaming wins Kentucky Derby

Co-favorite Always Dreaming wins Kentucky Derby John Velazquez celebrates after riding Always Dreaming to victory in the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby horse race at Churchill Downs Saturday, May 6, 2017 , in Louisville, Ky . "He did it himself from there". Just like he did in the Florida Derby, Always Dreaming stayed near the front of the pack for much of the race before shifting into an extra gear down the front stretch earn the win. [Full Article...]

New photo celebrates Princess Charlotte's second birthday

New photo celebrates Princess Charlotte's second birthday Prince William and Kate said they are "delighted" to share the photograph. Charlotte (left) and Elizabeth as a baby (right). Candid portraits have become a tradition for the royal family. Royal fans were treated to a new picture of the princess on Monday. Another notable appearance was during the family's tour of Canada, where she was seen several times including at a children's party in... [Full Article...]

Tunnel collapse latest safety issue at nuke site

Those working at the site were told to shelter and avoid eating or drinking anything. Both tunnels are covered with approximately eight feet of soil. Now, the site is the biggest depository of radioactive defense waste in the United States, with about 56 million gallons mostly stored in 177 tanks located underground. [Full Article...]

Trump aide known as Russia blackmail risk

President Donald Trump , the human embodiment of the word narcissism, has a unusual tendency to tweet most weird and factually incorrect things, be it a baseless story about former Miss Universe or a recent attack on ex-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, at all hours of the night. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Skips Another White House Tradition: Cinco de Mayo

Donald Trump Skips Another White House Tradition: Cinco de Mayo Today, in "Why Are Men Like This" and also "White Men Are Pretty Bad" and also "Republican Politicians Are Racist Motherfuckers" I bring you the holiday Cinco De Mayo . It's the Mexican St. Patrick's Day - that no one in Mexico really celebrates - but hey, who's above using whatever reason possible to throw back some ice cold cervezas and shots of tequila? In Puebla and Veracruz, however, Cinc... [Full Article...]

South Dakota watching Minnesota measles

South Dakota watching Minnesota measles But the outbreak of measles has changed minds and the health department says people are now flocking to get their children vaccinated. In the three weeks since the outbreak began, outbreak response efforts have involved more than 70 staff at the state level, working full or part time, at a cost of $207,000. [Full Article...]

Giro: Gaviria vince la quinta tappa

Come nella prima frazione siciliana, al km 5 parte la prima fuga , con Paterski e Shalunov , che dopo 20 km stabiliscono il loro vantaggio a 4'. La tappa scorre tranquilla fino a quindici chilometri dal traguardo, quando i due fuggitivi vengono raggiunti dalle squadre dei velocisti. [Full Article...]

House Passes Bill To Temporarily Avert Shutdown

House Passes Bill To Temporarily Avert Shutdown Many House Republican supporters of the measure insisted Friday that they are just a few votes shy - and that a vote could come, for real, as early as next week. They could also be exempted from Obama's mandate that insurers cover a list of services like maternity care, and from its bar against charging older customers more than triple their rates for younger ones. [Full Article...]

Zinke to visit Grand Staircase monument

U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke speaks at a news conference after having met with members of the Bears Ears Commission at the Bureau of Land Management office at the Gateway in Salt Lake City, Sunday, . A group of Bears Ears supporters greeted Zinke when he arrived to the trailhead. They believe the monument adds vital protections to tribal lands where members perform ceremonies, collect herbs ... [Full Article...]

House Passes Tax Bill, but Republican Plan to Pressure Dayton Hits Snag

House Passes Tax Bill, but Republican Plan to Pressure Dayton Hits Snag Nels Pierson, R-Rochester. Lawmakers are running out of time to finalize a deal with Dayton on a new, two-year budget. Republican Majority Leader Joyce Peppin says they'll continue talks with the governor, but the ball eventually lands in Dayton's court. [Full Article...]

Qui Torino, confermata la stangata a Mihajlovic

Qui Torino, confermata la stangata a Mihajlovic I tifosi del Torino non hanno neanche dimenticato il coro partito dalla curva Scirea che ha accompagnato Mihajlovic fuori dal campo, un "sei un zingaro" cantato con intenti offensivi che ha fatto infuriare il tecnico granata forse anche più dell'espulsione di Acquah . [Full Article...]

Flood fighting continues in Central, Eastern and Western Canada

In Quebec, the province hardest hit by the flooding, more than 1,500 homes have been flooded in 121 towns and cities and almost 1,000 people evacuated, the emergency services said. Many people are defending the way the government responded to the floods, but others a furious. " But sometimes we need to protect people from themselves ", he added. [Full Article...]

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