Nurses back plan to ballot for strikes over pay

Nurses back plan to ballot for strikes over pay Members of the Royal College of Nursing voted overwhelmingly to support a ballot for industrial action. A further ballot would have to be held before any industrial action is taken. This summer we will be supporting our members to hold protests around the UK. The RCN's general secretary, Janet Davies, has warned that years of pay cuts have left nurses struggling to make ends meet. [Full Article...]

Senate moderates hold bipartisan health care talks

There can be no doubt that this legislation would erode protections for people with preexisting conditions. Carrying a baby also carries some risk, so insurance companies see pregnant women as risker - and more expensive - customers when they apply for coverage. [Full Article...]

Parole board declines to spare life of death row inmate

Parole board declines to spare life of death row inmate Tuesday, May 16, pursuant to a death sentence handed down for the 1992 murder of his former neighbor. He was convicted of murder in the January 1992 stabbing death of his neighbor, 73-year-old Dr. State lawyers agree that the lawsuit should be dismissed, calling it "just another manipulative attempt by another death row inmate to invalidate the Supreme Court's method of execution standard". [Full Article...]

Microsoft says WannaCrypt attack a wake-up call

Europol Executive, Rob Wainwright described the attack as "unprecedented in its scale" and warned that more people could be affected in the coming weeks. This will help you to prevent this ransomware from spreading. Vicente Diaz, a security analyst at Kaspersky, said big companies would have spent the weekend implementing such measures, but smaller firms without a dedicated security team could... [Full Article...]

Carne rossa ancora sotto accusa: "Aumenta malattie e tasso di mortalità"

Carne rossa ancora sotto accusa: Gli scienziati spiegano che la carne rossa è responsabile anche dello sviluppo sessuale precoce e dell'antibiotico resistenza. Impossibile ignorare una lista così esaustiva e preoccupante, ma quali sono i dati che hanno portato a questa conclusione? Valutando poi i decessi e le malattie contratte, gli esperti hanno constatato un aumento del loro numero correlato a un maggior consumo di ca... [Full Article...]

Ransomware Attack Could Herald Future Problems

Ransomware Attack Could Herald Future Problems Microsoft warned governments Sunday against storing computer vulnerabilities like the leaked one at the heart of the cyberattack that has crippled computers in more than 150 countries. Governments and private security firms on Saturday said that they expected hackers to tweak the malicious code used in Friday's attack, restoring the ability to self-replicate. [Full Article...]

Global computer virus likely to wreak more havoc

An global operation is underway to find the perpetrators behind the unprecedented attack that has infected 200,000 machines in 150 countries since Friday. With global security reports counting India amongst the worst affected countries, public and private agencies have been working overtime to firewall their systems from any possible attack. [Full Article...]

10-year-old boy overdoses on marijuana-infused sour gummy candy

10-year-old boy overdoses on marijuana-infused sour gummy candy Now the boy's father is facing child endangerment charges, with more charges pending. "It looks like a bad of candy, you would never think it was anything other than a bag of candy", said Ramapo Detective Lieutenant Mark Emma said. Additional possession charges against Zagelbaum are pending. Ephraim Zagelbaum was arrested on Sunday and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a misde... [Full Article...]

Aggrediti tre poliziotti penitenziari nel carcere di Rossano

Aggrediti tre poliziotti penitenziari nel carcere di Rossano E la Polizia Penitenziaria paga una pesantissima carenza di organico: "mancano infatti oltre 500 Agenti in servizio". Le idee e i progetti dell'Amministrazione Penitenziaria, in questa direzione, si confermano ogni giorno di più fallimentari e sbagliati - prosegue -. [Full Article...]

Gas Prices See Slight Drop Across Miami Area This Week

Gas Prices See Slight Drop Across Miami Area This Week In the short term, motorists in Manatee and Sarasota counties should continue to see incremental drops this week after costs fell almost 5 cents last week. In South Carolina, the lowest average fuel prices can be found in the Greenville-Spartanburg area at $1.94 per gallon, according to AAA. However, AAA said it may not be enough demand to increase prices significantly. [Full Article...]

Lorenzin: "obbligo vaccini a scuola, decreto pronto"

Lorenzin: Nel pomeriggio da Palazzo Chigi precisano però che " domani all'esame del consiglio dei ministri non è previsto alcun testo di legge relativo ai vaccini ". E' dal fronte M5S che non cessano le bordate: "I vaccini sono gratis?" L'obbligo di vaccinarsi per poter essere iscritto a scuola decadde nel 1999 , dopo che per oltre trent'anni, e cioè dal 1967, era stato invece indispensabile... [Full Article...]

Long gets first Republic of Ireland call-up

Long gets first Republic of Ireland call-up The Burnley defender has been named in the extended squad for the friendlies with Mexico and Uruguay, as well as the World Cup qualifier with Austria in June. It might not do anything for already strained Ireland-Everton relations, yet Martin O'Neill hopes that James McCarthy will be fit to play against Austria in the crucial World Cup qualifier next month. [Full Article...]

Assad's Regime Builds a Giant Crematorium

However, the US government does want Russian Federation specifically to hold the Assad regime accountable for the atrocious acts. Calling for Russian Federation to press its ally Assad to curb excesses, Jones cited newly declassified reporting as well as photos taken by nongovernmental organisations, media and intelligence community assessments in listing Assad's alleged actions against civilian... [Full Article...]

Cyber attack hits 200000 in at least 150 countries -Europol

Friday's attack, spread by email through a ransomware worm known as WannaCry , locked more than 200,000 computers across 150 countries. Australia, according to the Prime Minister's special adviser on cyber security, Alastair MacGibbon, has missed the worst of the "WannaCry" virus - a massive global cyber "ransom" attack affecting 150 countries and hundreds of thousands of users - but he is expe... [Full Article...]

Inflazione, Istat rivede dato:ad aprile all'1,9%, al top dal 2013

Inflazione, Istat rivede dato:ad aprile all'1,9%, al top dal 2013 Una spinta di questa portata alla domanda interna è fondamentale per innescare una nuova fase di crescita, che attivi un sistema virtuoso in grado di generare occupazione e dar luogo ad un ulteriore aumento della capacità di acquisto delle famiglie. [Full Article...]

Ransomware attack should be a 'wake-up call' for governments

Smith said that Microsoft has been "working around the clock since Friday to help all our customers who have been affected by this incident", and we'll let you know if we learn anything new about the cyberattack. Computers booting up to start the workweek might continue the spread of "WannaCry", a ransomware attack where hackers lock down a computer and threaten to delete all its data unless a ran... [Full Article...]

Who got hurt by the ransomware attack

And it has potential to create much more damage because it's likely to be lurking on computers in offices around the world that haven't been used since Friday. As NHS organisations start a new work week, it appears the attack is far from over, with the previously unaffected Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust added to the list of victims. [Full Article...]

Theresa May woos Labour voters with pledges on workers' rights

Theresa May woos Labour voters with pledges on workers' rights British Prime Minister Theresa May was confronted by an angry voter as she campaigned in the Conservative-held constituency of Oxford West and Abingdon overnight. "I want my disability living allowance to come back, not have PIPs and get nothing". Cathy set out how she was struggling and angrily corrected May when the prime minister responded: "We've got a lot of plans for people with mental hea... [Full Article...]

East Liverpool officer accidentally overdoses on fentanyl after making drug arrest

East Liverpool officer accidentally overdoses on fentanyl after making drug arrest The suspects then told officers that the drug was in fact fentanyl . Green is said to be doing well. A police officer in OH barely escaped death after a powdered drug from a suspect got on the officer. Wright says fentanyl and carfentanyl, opiods containing drugs used to tranquilize elephants, are often ingested under the assumption it's heroin . [Full Article...]

Ransomware cyber attack: 5 steps to protect your computer

Ransomware cyber attack: 5 steps to protect your computer As this rapidly spreading threat evolves, more cybercriminals are likely to attempt to profit from this and similar vulnerabilities. WannaCry wins 2017's prize for most ominously named ransomware, and it has seemingly lived up to its name. [Full Article...]

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