Una larva che si nutre di plastica potrebbe ridurre l'inquinamento

Di polietilene sono fatti circa il 40% degli oggetti di plastica utilizzati in Europa, dove più di un terzo della plastica non viene riciclata. Il lepidottero in questione altro non è che un parassita degli alveari , conosciuto anche con il nome di tarma della cera . Dai loro risultati è emerso che i polimeri della plastica venivano effettivamente digeriti e scomposti in molecole... [Full Article...]

Erin Moran's Family Rips Scott Baio

Erin Moran's Family Rips Scott Baio The Harrison County Sheriff's Department and Harrison County Coroner's Office said Moran died of complications from stage 4 cancer. The type of cancer was not indicated. "So that's it", Fleischmann wrote in the letter . "For me, you do drugs or drink, you're gonna die". Scott "Chachi" Baio just assumed Erin Moran died of a drug overdose without checking the facts. [Full Article...]

Lebron James thinks Cavaliers are finally hitting their stride

The Pacers spent most of Game 2 chasing down the big leads the Cavs repeatedly built, then blew - nearly. For one moment during Game 2 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers, the Q Arena in Cleveland was turned into an ice rink, as Lace Stephenson , 26, went skidding out of control. [Full Article...]

Chipotle announces investigation into breach in payment system

Chipotle announces investigation into breach in payment system The company said it recently found unauthorized activity on a network used for payment processing in its restaurants.Chipotle immediately launched an investigation and believe it has stopped the unauthorized activity. In fact, CEO Steve Ells says Chipotle is developing two desserts, the first of which will begin testing at select stores this month. "The best advice for companies running point ... [Full Article...]

Forlì, mangia sushi al ristorante: va in coma e poi muore

Forlì, mangia sushi al ristorante: va in coma e poi muore La ricostruzione della vicenda è semplice. (.) La donna, insieme al marito, dice di avere cenato al Sushiko di Savignano la sera di Pasqua , il 16. La donna invece, malata di asma , comincia a dire che le manca il respiro. Il pm , proprio per le suddette ragioni, ha disposto di verificare accuratamente il regolare svolgimento del lavoro da parte dei sanitari che si sono presentati sul posto ... [Full Article...]

Inps: aumentano le assunzioni, ma calano i contratti stabili

Inps: aumentano le assunzioni, ma calano i contratti stabili I dati dell'Osservatorio Inps sul precariato (che esamina attivazioni e cessazioni di contratti nel settore privato ) mostrano che a gennaio e febbraio il saldo dei nuovi contratti è stato positivo per 211mila unità, in crescita rispetto alle 182mila dello stesso periodo 2016, ma i nuovi rapporti stabili sono stati il 12,5% in meno. [Full Article...]

Artificial 'Biobag' Womb For Premature Newborns Now Being Tested

Scientists announced successful tests of an artificial womb continuing the development of premature lambs, in a study published this week in the journal Nature . Just like any new research, the experiment has been met with both praise and criticism. The study supported lambs in a bio bag sat on a hotplate at 39.5C and filled with electrolyte solution to mimic a ewe's womb. [Full Article...]

Draghi: tassi bassi a lungo, decisioni Bce non basate su risultati elezioni

Sono andati sistematicamente a vuoto i tentativi dei cronisti di carpire da Draghi qualche indicazione dell'umore della Bce rispetto alle prossime elezioni dei governi in diversi paesi, in primis in Francia dove si confrontano l'europeista Emmanuel Macron e l'euroscettica Marine Le Pen . [Full Article...]

Judge blocks part of Trump's sanctuary cities executive order

While lawyers for Trump's Justice Department argued that the order applied to a small number of federal grants and merely required local governments to provide information already required by law, Orrick said the wording of Trump's order, and the president's public statements, were far broader. [Full Article...]

Charley Casserly final mock draft: Jaguars trade with Browns, draft Deshaun Watson

One could say it's a big reason why they haven't been able to quite reach the top despite fielding some really good teams. "I can't wait to get to Houston and call it my new city". Question: How will they feel in five years about missing out on Trubisky and Watson? They've got one more chance to make it work- and maybe, with a rookie quarterback, they'll get an extra year to develop him if he st... [Full Article...]

Funerali Michele Scarponi, l'ultimo saluto al campione. "Ciao Capitano"

Non è stata una volata come avrebbe voluto , ma Michele Scarponi ha fatto il suo ultimo chilometro tra due ali di folla da grande campione. Abbiamo avuto l'occasione di fare la crociera insieme e di conoscerci meglio. La tragedia di Michele Scarponi , morto sabato a Filottrano dopo essere stato investito da un furgone, ha riacceso il dibattito sulla sicurezza in bicicletta. [Full Article...]

Coop "Alleviamo la salute": in vendita pollo e uova senza antibiotici

Coop Per questo motivo tutti gli Enti internazionali, a partire dalla stessa Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità e dall'Autorità Europea per la Sicurezza Alimentare, oltre ai ministeri italiani competenti, hanno da tempo lanciato l'allarme riguardo la necessità di ridurre l'abuso e l'uso non corretto degli antibiotici negli allevamenti di animali da reddito per preservare la salute pubblica. [Full Article...]

United Airlines CEO to visit China over dragged passenger

Munoz confirmed that he would remain in his position amid public calls for his resignation. Munoz's early statements described the passenger, who was forced from his seat to make room for a crew member, as being re-accommodated and suggested he had been "disruptive and belligerent". [Full Article...]

Canada introduces bill to legalize marijuana by July 2018

The penalty depends on whether someone was hurt or killed during the offence. The government will also standardize potency and serving sizes. The driving objective of the Liberal government's plan is to address Canada's "very high rates" of cannabis use among young people that are among the highest rates in the world, Philpott said. [Full Article...]

Mom of Elizabeth Thomas violently abused her, court docs allege

Elizabeth, who is from Tennessee, was discovered in a cabin in a remote part of northern California with Cummins on Thursday last week. Bozeman said, "She was abducted and she's grateful to be home". The 50-year-old is also facing the federal charge of transportation of a minor across state lines for criminal sexual intercourse. Cummins spoke only briefly in court to confirm his identity, ... [Full Article...]

Bowler Sets World Record with 300 Game in Less Than 90-Seconds

Bowler Sets World Record with 300 Game in Less Than 90-Seconds Bowling is set up so that it's not easy to bowl a ideal game, let alone do it without a lot of precision and focus, but one man - Ben Ketola , 23, of Preble, NY - pulled it off in 86.9 seconds. Ketola is pretty good-he averages 225-but this puts him on a whole new level. That actually happened for Ben Ketola - and he did it in 86.9 seconds which is a new world record . [Full Article...]

President George H.W. Bush returns to hospital with pneumonia

He is looking forward to going home, but won't be discharged Wednesday. "Bush who has been constantly by his side". Bush, 92, is being treated at Methodist Hospital but is doing fine, his spokesman said. He served as President of the United States between 1989 and 1992. Bush's health problems in January prohibited him from attending the inauguration of President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C... [Full Article...]

Specialists condemned over saturated fat claims

Specialists condemned over saturated fat claims However, they have been condemned by other medics, who accuse their editorial of being "simplistic", "muddled" and "misleading". The authors, led by Dr Aseem Malhotra, from Lister Hospital, Stevenage , wrote: "Despite popular belief among doctors and the public, the conceptual model of dietary saturated fat clogging a pipe is just plain wrong". [Full Article...]

Lavarsi poco o quasi per niente: è la nuova tendenza degli "unwashed"

Lavarsi poco o quasi per niente: è la nuova tendenza degli Come sottolinea il settimanale francese 'L'Obs' la moda dell " unwashed' è anche terreno fertile per le blogger di moda che dai loro canali fanno a gara a fornire la soluzione migliore. Non più di una doccia a settimana e uno shampoo ogni dieci giorni . Lui, che oggi ha 82 anni , rivela di non essersi mai fatto una doccia in vita sua e di non aver nemmeno usato un deodorante. [Full Article...]

Alitalia workers wrap up voting on deal to save airline

Alitalia workers wrap up voting on deal to save airline Alitalia workers have rejected a management restructuring plan to cut jobs and salaries, betting that the government will be asked to step in to save the loss-making Italian airline with an alternative plan.In the vote on Monday, nearly 90 percent of the airline's 12,500 employees had participated, with a clear majority of them opposed to management's proposals. [Full Article...]

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