Assange taunts Ecuador opponent after election

Moreno, a paraplegic former vice president, secured 51.15 percent of the votes, compared with Lasso's 48.85 percent, with almost 99 percent of votes counted, according to the electoral council on Monday morning. But in the decade since, conservative politicians have taken power in Argentina and Brazil. Given Ecuador's potential recount, it is too early to tell whether Moreno's apparent win will bu... [Full Article...]

Nintendo Switch: presto ci sarà un annuncio dallo sviluppatore Xseed

La somma raccolta fino a questo momento è di quasi 140 mila dollari, quindi in pochissimo tempo l'obiettivo minimo per la realizzazione di questo accessorio è stato superato. Manterremo il servizio online e andremo ad aggiungere nuovi contenuti che non abbiamo mai avuto prima d'ora, e che comportano dei costi. È per questo che abbiamo deciso così. [Full Article...]

Qualcomm controquerela Apple, si accende lite su brevetti

Qualcomm controquerela Apple, si accende lite su brevetti Le "accuse" sono state formalizzate in un documento, sottoscritto da Qualcomm , di ben 134 pagine, che è stato depositato presso il tribunale distrettuale del Sud California . Un punto su cui i legali della casa produttrice di chip battono molto è quello della violazione di contratto. Ricordiamo infatti che non tutti gli iPhone 7 hanno chip identici per quanto riguarda i modem: una partita ha ch... [Full Article...]

Swatch ticks Apple off with "Tick Different" ad campaign

Swatch ticks Apple off with According to Watson , Apple initially attempted to forestall the slogan usage by filing an official complaint with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. Swatch holds the same trademark in Switzerland. So much so that some even try to pay homage and tribute to that marketing spirit with their own Apple-like campaigns, like Swatch. [Full Article...]

NASA upcoming mystery conference has us baffled

NASA upcoming mystery conference has us baffled Bright auroras light up the planet's atmosphere in two newly released photos, which combine observations by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and the agency's Voyager 2 probe. Past similar events have revealed water being discovered on Mars and the recent announcement of a possible habitable solar system. NASA's Cassini spacecraft, which has been revolving around Saturn since 2004, has made deta... [Full Article...]

Frank Lampard: What I really think about Chelsea under Antonio Conte

Frank Lampard: What I really think about Chelsea under Antonio Conte Not just on the pithc, off the pitch. "I had a link there, which was a nice thing, Clem sold it brilliantly to me and it was one of those". The Belgian scored his 14th league goal of the season with a solo run and finish. "Now there's a real directness to his play". Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte, has revealed how he helped Eden Hazard back to his best, by telling the player to act and pla... [Full Article...]

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving ruled out for Cleveland

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving ruled out for Cleveland He appeared in 12 games with the Cavs this season before being sidelined by a knee injury. Cleveland would have to beat the Toronto Raptors at The Q and have Milwaukee beat the Celtics in Boston to get the top seed. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, although Cleveland own the tie-breaker. "The DJ started playing more Future songs throughout the evening". Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kay Felder, lef... [Full Article...]

2000-foot-long asteroid to fly past Earth in mid April

2000-foot-long asteroid to fly past Earth in mid April Asteroid 2014 JO25 will fly past the planet Earth at a distance of 1.1 million miles on April 19, 2017. This is approximately 4.6 times the distance from Earth to the Moon, according to Phys.org . The April 19 encounter will provide a remarkable opportunity to get up close to the asteroid and to better understand its shape and other relevant features. [Full Article...]

Google Fact Check Goes Global

Google Fact Check Goes Global The amount of content published online each day can be "overwhelming", with the sheer volume making it "hard for people to distinguish fact from fiction", Justin Kosslyn, product manager at Google's sister company Jigsaw wrote in a blog post. [Full Article...]

Overwatch Insurrection Event Trailer Leaks, Incredible New Skins Revealed

One thing we definitely won't see tomorrow is the abandoned "cat in a jetpack" hero the Overwatch designers once considered . In addition to the new skins and items, the video seems to show a new game mode that looks similar to last year's Halloween event. [Full Article...]

AMD looks to cut the VR cord with Nitero tech

AMD looks to cut the VR cord with Nitero tech This was a lock, stock'n'barrel acquisition, with AMD making it abundantly clear that the engineering team was part of the deal, including Nitero CEO Pat Kelly becoming Senior VP of Wireless IP at AMD. AMD says it won't be getting into making wireless head-mounted displays (HMDs), but its long term goal will be to accelerate the adoption and nudge the market in the right way. [Full Article...]

Apple iPhone 8: foto mostrano una doppia fotocamera in verticale

Apple iPhone 8: foto mostrano una doppia fotocamera in verticale Di dettagli sul nuovo smartphone made in Cupertino ne sono trapelati tanti, ma nuove rivelazioni provenienti da fonti asiatiche, sembrano confermare qualcosa che già in passato era stato ipotizzato da alcune indiscrezioni . L'immagine mette in evidenza un display , quasi sicuramente a tecnologia OLED , che occupa l'intero pannello frontale, come pure una inedita configurazione a sviluppo ve... [Full Article...]

Security Council to meet Trump at White House — UN diplomat

The official also said Bannon had been initially placed on the NSC after Trump's inauguration to ensure the implementation of the president's vision - which included efforts to downsize and streamline the NSC. Despite the move, Bannon retained his security clearance, NBC said . Trump's White House team has grappled with infighting and palace intrigue. Until Wednesday, Bannon had been able to r... [Full Article...]

Severe bleaching killing Great Barrier Reef

Severe bleaching killing Great Barrier Reef In a breakthrough, a new way - power of attraction - that could help save Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef from starfish has been discovered by the scientists. Marine biologist James Kerry said bleached corals were not necessarily dead but it was anticipated high levels of coral would be lost in the central region of the reef, which experienced the most intense bleaching this year. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Surface Firmware Book Update, Surface Pro 4 arrive in April

Microsoft Surface Firmware Book Update, Surface Pro 4 arrive in April Aside from a new potential Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, the big news regarding the device is its features. According to the latest news online, a spring event this 2017 will probably pave the way for the introduction of the Surface pro 5, Surface Book 2 and Windows 10 Creators update . [Full Article...]

Would You Buy a PS4 Pro or a Project Scorpio?

Would You Buy a PS4 Pro or a Project Scorpio? The 6.0 teraflop GPU is a marked improvement over the Xbox One's 1.3 teraflops, and even the 4.2 teraflops for the PlayStation 4 Pro . Note that the games which I have mentioned are the games which run on Xbox one and Xbox 360. The PS4 Pro on the other hand only has 4.12 teraflops, which is clearly lower than the new contender to the console market. The illustrations are accompanied by some cap... [Full Article...]

Big asteroid to fly safely past Earth in mid-April

It is roughly the length of six American football fields one next to the other, and it will appear to be moving very slowly. It will come within around 1.1 million miles which is plenty safe. Can you see asteroid 2014 JO25? Its surface area is approximately 2 times as reflective as that of the moon. This asteroid's earlier near-earth passing was nearly 400 years ago. [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R esiste ma con una batteria da 3200 mAh

Siamo consapevoli che Samsung Galaxy Note 8 riprenderà il design di S8 come è sempre stato in questi ultimi anni, tuttavia tutti potrebbero prendere un S8, aprire la schermata di Bixby, affiancare la S-Pen di un Note 5 e fare notizia . Si evince che, nonostante il nuovo chip a 10 nm e le note ottimizzazioni, il Galaxy S8 + non riesce a superare l'autonomia dell'iPhone 7 Plus. Considerando ch... [Full Article...]

Apple Admits Microsoft's Windows 10 Is Four Times More Popular Than Mac

Apple Admits Microsoft's Windows 10 Is Four Times More Popular Than Mac Fortunately, Apple has recently broken its silence about the ubiquitous Mac mini, with Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller stating that the firm considers the little machine as an important product. " Apple is also working on [an] 8K display for the next generation of Mac Pros, which, by the way, will be much more like a PC with the next generation EFI BIOS", alleges Pike's Universum . [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition comes with extra apps

Samsung, along with its flagship smartphones, has also announced its new artificial intelligence (AI)-based voice-assistant called Bixby . Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 smartphones start at $750 (Rs 48,000 approx) and $850 (Rs 55,000 approx) respectively in the US. [Full Article...]

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