WhatsApp, vuoi cancellare un messaggio inviato? Ecco la novità

WABetaInfo sul suo profilo Twitter mostra una screenshot di come potrebbe essere l'interfaccia dell'applicazione spiegando che la funzionalità è già visibile nella beta, ma ancora non applicabile. Da lì, si ha la possibilità di cancellare semplicemente il messaggio dalla conversazione (dal nostro punto di vista) oppure di " richiamarlo ", ovvero cancellarlo sia dal nostro smartphone che da qu... [Full Article...]

New South Korean president talks to China, Japan leaders

Beijing sees the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, newly installed in the South meant to guard against threats from the North, as a threat to its own military capabilities and has slapped a series of measures against South Korean businesses seen as economic retaliation. [Full Article...]

Liberals win tight poll in Canada's British Columbia, lose majority

The final election results won't be known for at least two weeks when tens of thousands of absentee ballots are counted. "We won the popular vote, and we have also won the most seats and with absentee ballots still to be counted, I am confident that they will strengthen our margin of victory". [Full Article...]

Gypsy: teaser trailer e poster per la nuova serie Netflix

Gypsy: teaser trailer e poster per la nuova serie Netflix La serie sarà divisa in dieci parti ed arriverà sulla piattaforma on demand il 10 Giugno. Le sue fantasie personali, come pure la sua vita professionale, iniziano ad avere confini sfocati e lei lentamente scende in un mondo dove la forza del desiderio e la realtà si scontrano creando disastrosi accadimenti. [Full Article...]

Massive ransomware attack hits 99 countries

Massive ransomware attack hits 99 countries The ransomware locks down all the files on an infected computer and asks the computer's administrator to pay in order to regain control of them. Spanish authorities confirmed the ransomware is spreading through the vulnerability, called "EternalBlue", and advised people to patch. [Full Article...]

Scammers turn to social media and threats

Scammers turn to social media and threats Australian Competition and Consumer Commission deputy chair Delia Rickard says it is not hard to see why Australians are losing money to these scams, which are often very sophisticated and targeted. Another form of scam that saw a sharp increase in 2016 was fake advertisement on social media. Also on the increase are fake online stores, with victims often reporting seeing ads for these stores on... [Full Article...]

South Korea urges 'parallel' talks, sanctions to rein in North

The North's state-run Korean Central TV Broadcasting Station aired two pictures showing what were described as THAAD components installed at a golf course at the southern South Korean county of Seongju during a TV talk show aired on Monday. [Full Article...]

Gli sviluppatori possono ora usare mouse e tastiera su Xbox One

Gli sviluppatori possono ora usare mouse e tastiera su Xbox One Dalla Microsoft's Build si apprende anche l'arrivo di un restyling per gli Xbox Avatar , dell'introduzione di Xbox VR Room e di un nuovo interfaccia denominato Fluent Design . Mentre tutti i dettagli e tanti altre novità saranno svelate nel corso dell'E3 di quest'anno. Non sappiamo se si tratterà di un'esclusiva, questo accordo potrebbe, infatti, tradursi in un titolo che verrà pubblicizzato... [Full Article...]

Google Play Store rinnova la sua icona e non solo! [APK download]

Google Play Store rinnova la sua icona e non solo! [APK download] Con un solo tocco, si vedranno le informazioni dettagliate su vari risultati, come il titolo dell'evento, la data e l'ora in cui si tiene e in quale posizione. Google può comunicare anche se la fila per l'autografo di un libro è lunga, il che significa sapere se c'è tempo di prendere un caffè durante il tragitto, e quante persone sono previste in un determinato evento o in qualsiasi altro giorno ... [Full Article...]

Conditions behind cyberattack may be hard to mimic

The cyberextortion attack hitting dozens of countries spread quickly and widely thanks to an unusual confluence of factors: a known and highly risky security hole in Microsoft Windows, tardy users who didn't apply Microsoft's March software fix, and a software design that allowed the malware to spread quickly once inside university, business and government networks. [Full Article...]

Apple's iPhone 6s is the most popular smartphone in the world

Apple's iPhone 6s is the most popular smartphone in the world The researchers said the iPhone's user-friendly design, extensive supporting apps, and easy accessibility is what led the handsets to top the list. Overall, the global market for smartphones grew 6.1% year-on-year, after suffering a 3.4% drop this time last year. [Full Article...]

Waymo, Lyft team up on self-driving cars

Waymo, Lyft team up on self-driving cars Waymo and Uber are fighting in court over self-driving technology that Waymo says was stolen by a former employee who founded another company that Uber later acquired. Alphabet , Google's parent company, spun Waymo out of Google's X project lab in December after more than eight years of research. The partnership is the latest indicator that fully autonomous vehicles will soon be common on some USA... [Full Article...]

Andrew Liveris to retire from combined DowDuPont company mid

Andrew Liveris to retire from combined DowDuPont company mid The projects announced today extend Dow's USA growth investments to more than $12 billion over a 10-year period and are expected to employ approximately 5,500 workers at peak activity, as well as 300 permanent jobs. Some $400 million will be directed to Dow's Midland, Mich., manufacturing operations to enhance integration with the Dow Corning silicones business, which Dow took over a year ago. [Full Article...]

IIHS test finds semi trailer side impact guard works, wind deflectors don't

IIHS test finds semi trailer side impact guard works, wind deflectors don't The group released test results Wednesday indicating that strong side guards on semi trailers could prevent numerous deaths that result from these sorts of crashes. The side underride guards are not now required by law, but rear guards are. This proportion increased to nearly 90 percent when restricted to crashes with tractor-trailers. [Full Article...]

S. Korea's leader willing to visit North, talk to US, China

China says the system does little to curb the threat posed by North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, which Pyongyang has been pressing ahead with in defiance of US pressure and United Nations sanctions. "How to respond to North Korea.is an urgent issue". I will go to Beijing and I will go to Tokyo. South Korean President Moon Jae-in, second from left, takes off his jacket at the president... [Full Article...]

Arctic Is Changing as U.S. Mulls Climate Policy, Tillerson Says

Arctic Is Changing as U.S. Mulls Climate Policy, Tillerson Says President Donald Trump has expressed doubts over the human role in climate change and has said he may pull the USA out of the Paris Accord to fight it. Russia, too, has shown ambivalence towards the climate agenda. The U.S. was formally handing over the rotating chairmanship to Finland . "Like no other generation before us, we have the knowledge, technology, the money, and the capacity to sav... [Full Article...]

British cyber whiz hailed 'accidental hero' after stopping global virus

NHS systems were infected with a ransomware virus, which locked down machines and access to patient records, and demanded money to release them. An worldwide effort is under way to track down the criminals behind an unprecedented global cyber attack that wreaked havoc across the NHS. [Full Article...]

E3 21017: Nintendo annuncia i suoi piani

Nintendo sarà presente con Super Mario Odyssey, l'avventura di Mario in stile sandbox che sarà giocabile per la prima volta alla fiera losangelina, e molti altri titoli per Nintendo Switch. Tra le novità per 3DS e Switch, grande spazio sarà riservato a Super Mario Odyssey . Nintendo Treehouse ci riserverà qualche sorpresa visto che sicuramente torneranno nuove immagini di gioco per Super Ma... [Full Article...]

NBC Reviving 'Must-See TV' Thursdays With 'Will & Grace'

Thanks to the success of This Is Us and the presumed success of its Will And Grace revival, NBC has found itself feeling something it hasn't felt in many years: optimism. Post-football, it's Little Big Shots , Ellen DeGeneres show Ellen's Game of Games and the return of Jennifer Lopez drama Shades of Blue . The on-again, off-again way TV operates will be a barrier for NBC: the Thursda... [Full Article...]

LI woman killed by vehicle during walk with daughter on Mother's Day

LI woman killed by vehicle during walk with daughter on Mother's Day Police say a Toyota Corolla, driven by 80-year-old Ann Riolo, of Lindenhurst, mistakenly drove onto the sidewalk in reverse, striking the pedestrians before slamming into the Lindenhurst Fire Department. Her 16-year-old daughter was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, as was the driver of the auto. "At the last second you could see the mother kind of throw the daughter out ... [Full Article...]

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