Watch the 1st teaser for the final season of 'Star Wars: Rebels'

When last we saw Phasma, she was being led by Finn and Han Solo to a trash compactor-y demise, which would probably lead many moviegoers to suspect that she did not make it off-world before the Starkiller base exploded. Star Wars Celebration Orlando is taking place at the Orange County Convention Center and includes appearances by Felicity Jones (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Ian McDiarmid (Em... [Full Article...]

No winners if North Korea and United States fight

Xi swayed Trump on North Korea, but who has Chinese president's ear on crisis? Any US strike on North Korea could prompt retaliation against allies or US forces in South Korea or Japan. mainland, are all within reach of North Korea's strategic missiles. Any fighting on the Korean peninsula would be likely to draw in China, which has repeatedly expressed concerns about a wave of refugees and t... [Full Article...]

Samsung's Bixby won't say hello to you until later this spring

After its much ballyhooed presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and its Bixby smart assistant, Samsung is delaying the best part of Bixby - voice control. It did not explain why Bixby voice support in the United States has been delayed, but Axios noted that in a series of media demos, the assistant "failed to work properly". [Full Article...]

CBSE files FIR against author, publisher

CBSE files FIR against author, publisher In a statement, the CBSE had said, "Schools are expected to exercise extreme care while selecting books of private publishers and the content must be scrutinised to preclude any objectionable content that hurts the feeling of any class, community, gender, religious group". [Full Article...]

South Korea: North Korea missile test ends in failure

In his New Year's address, Kim said North Korea had entered the final stage of preparing to test-launch an ICBM, which would lead to a game-changing security environment as it could potentially deliver a nuclear warhead to the USA mainland. [Full Article...]

Uber says never used Waymo files on self-driving

Uber says never used Waymo files on self-driving Levandowski sold Otto to Uber for $680 million in August. In other words, Uber says, the files were never used to develop the autonomous driving component that's key to the dispute, LiDAR, which stands for "light detection and ranging" and helps the vehicle "see" the road. [Full Article...]

India 'too poor' to consider expansion: Snapchat CEO

India 'too poor' to consider expansion: Snapchat CEO While Snapchat is a trending social media platform among Indians, Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat feels India is "too poor" to consider expansion of its user base. In his lawsuit, Mr Pompliano says that he was anxious about Snapchat's growth. In 2015, the lawsuit says, Pompliano prepared a PowerPoint presentation for CEO Evan Spiegal. [Full Article...]

Russia Cool Over Prospects for Warmer Ties With US

Earlier Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said after talks with his USA counterpart in Moscow that if there is not an worldwide inquiry then it will mean that the global community is not interested in establishing the truth. Slate looks at a couple reasons for why President Trump hasn't been almost as pro-Russia as candidate Trump, including the possibility that he's been prevented from ... [Full Article...]

Eight engineering students from Belagavi drown in Sindhudurg

Eight engineering students from Belagavi drown in Sindhudurg Local fisherfolk managed to rescue three students, one of whom is in critical condition in a local hospital, IANS reported. Sindhudurg SP Amogh Goankar told The News Minute that of the eight people whose bodies were recovered, one of them is that of a teacher. [Full Article...]

Saturn's moon may have the recipe for life

Saturn's moon may have the recipe for life However, in a major breakthrough, two of NASA's veteran missions have found compelling evidence of life on one of Saturn's moon Enceladus . On Thursday, NASA scientists said they have detected evidence that this kind of chemical reaction is likely occurring under the surface of Enceladus. [Full Article...]

IPhone 8: cambio design per problemi di Touch ID?

IPhone 8: cambio design per problemi di Touch ID? Se dal punto di vista funzionale la soluzione di Apple ci sembra piuttosto ovvia, non lo è per niente su quello del design , una caratteristica su cui la Mela punta da parecchio tempo. Ma si sa, ogni analista ha le proprie considerazioni. Secondo un ultimissimo report, il prossimo iPhone 8 potrebbe non avere una delle più attesa caratteristiche e cioè il sensore 3D . [Full Article...]

NASA reveals discoveries on 'ocean worlds' in our solar system!

NASA reveals discoveries on 'ocean worlds' in our solar system! It is already known that three crucial ingredients are required for life to exist - water, right chemical matters which are the building blocks of life like carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulphur and a source of energy for metabolism. [Full Article...]

Why is it called Good Friday and what's so good about it?

Why is it called Good Friday and what's so good about it? According to Fr Robert Athickal, who is associated with St Xavier's Chapel and St Xavier's College, a day after Maundy Thursday , Christians observe Good Friday, which marks the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. Today, April 14, is Good Friday . We have all rebelled against God in one way or another. "It commemorates the night Lord Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and instituted the... [Full Article...]

Easter egg hunts for April 15, 16

Easter egg hunts for April 15, 16 John's at 8:30 a.m. "We're looking forward to our annual Easter & Earth Day in the park", including the Easter Egg Hunt for different age divisions of children starting at 11 a.m. As well as local egg hunts, Cadbury is organising events at National Trust sites in York and the surrounding area. The Easter Bunny is coming to Birmingham Zoo . [Full Article...]

Russian Federation pulls out of Eurovision Contest over Ukraine ban

Russian Federation pulls out of Eurovision Contest over Ukraine ban Last week, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko reaffirmed the ban , saying his country acted consistently towards all who entered Crimea without asking Ukraine's permission. Due to the travel restrictions, organizers offered Russian Federation some alternative options. "Sadly both proposals have been rejected by Channel One and they have now announced they do not intend to broadcast the... [Full Article...]

Whitbread plc's (WTB) Neutral Rating Reiterated at JPMorgan Chase & Co

Finally, Macquarie reaffirmed an underperform rating and issued a GBX 300 ($3.73) price target on shares of BT Group plc in a report on Monday, December 12th. The stock had a trading volume of 997,831 shares. The firm also recently disclosed a dividend, which will be paid on Friday, July 7th. Stevens Capital Management LP boosted its stake in shares of BT Group plc by 54.0% in the third quarter. [Full Article...]

Vodafone Tv si accende in tutta Italia

Vodafone Tv si accende in tutta Italia Con Vodafone TV è possibile vedere anche i canali tradizionali del digitale terrestre oltre a quelli di Discovery Italia, De Agostini Editore e di Viacom International Media Networks . È disponibile anche l'app per smartphone e tablet per vedere ogni contenuto anche in mobilità e addebitare tutti i servizi in una sola fattura. [Full Article...]

West Bengal, Kanthi Dakshin by-election Results: TMC leader Chandrima Bhattacharya wins

There is no denying that a section of Left voters averse to the Trinamool is opting for the BJP. "Bam kokhono Ram hoy abar Ram kokhono Bam (the Left sometimes votes for the BJP and the BJP sometimes goes with with Left)". Accusing the BJP and the CPI-M of having an "understanding", Banerjee said, "I have earlier stated that the BJP and the CPI-M are working hand-in-glove". [Full Article...]

Trinamool wins, but Bengal opposition space turns saffron

Even in 2016 Assembly election- about a year back- in West Bengal, the Left-Congress alliance did reasonably well in Kanthi-Dakshin constituency. The BJP was in the second place 52843 votes, leaving the CPI in the third place with 17423 votes, and the Congress in the fourth and last place with only 2270 votes. [Full Article...]

British spies first spotted Trump-Russia links in 2015

British spies first spotted Trump-Russia links in 2015 Britain's Government Communications Headquarters noticed the interactions between Trump allies and known or suspected Russian agents as the agency was doing its routine surveillance of Russian targets, the Guardian reported . On October 15, the task force set up by Brennan was reportedly granted a warrant by a judge in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to intercept the electronic reco... [Full Article...]

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