Faster, Multi-Process Firefox Finally Arrives

Faster, Multi-Process Firefox Finally Arrives With today's release , Firefox uses up to four processes to run web page content across all open tabs. "Firefox aims to strike the "just right" balance between speed and memory usage". So, your first 4 tabs each use those 4 processes, and additional tabs run using threads within those processes. Having more than one process in the working assures something wrong happening with one browser tab w... [Full Article...]

Bollywood Musicians for Na Peru Surya

Bollywood Musicians for Na Peru Surya Allu Aravind was also spotted at the pooja ceremony. Na Peru Surya , which is made with a tagline - Naa Illu India, is produced by Lagadapati Sirish and Sridhar under the banner Ramalakshmi Cine Creations. Even though he will be behind the camera for the first time, Vamsi has written for superhits like Salman Khan's Kick , Junior NTRS's Temper and Ram Charan's Yevadu. [Full Article...]

London fire: Blaze engulfs apartment block in West London

As many gathered outside evacuation centres to await news of loved ones, they reported people following official advice to stay inside, unaware of the true extent of the danger unfolding. Ronnie King, the Honorary administrative secretary of the House of Commons All Party Parliamentary Group Fire Safety and Rescue Group told LBC Radio that the government had failed to take up recommendations o... [Full Article...]

Crash Bandicoot - Activision: 'Aspettatevi un annuncio all'E3'. Sarà CTR?

Crash Bandicoot - Activision: 'Aspettatevi un annuncio all'E3'. Sarà CTR? Activision ha annunciato la sua line-up dell'E3 2017 con alcuni dei suoi franchise leader di mercato. Una nuova dinamica per Call of Duty , dove Allies e Axis si scontrano in missioni strategiche sia in fase di attacco che difesa. Nel ruolo di Guardiani, in Destiny 2 , i giocatori dovranno padroneggiare nuove abilità e nuove armi, per riunire le forze della città, restare uniti e combattere per... [Full Article...]

Google Drive on Mac and PC is Getting a Lot More Sensible

Google Drive on Mac and PC is Getting a Lot More Sensible Posting on their blog, the company announced a new product, Backup and Sync from Google, which is a new version of Google Drive for Mac/PC which is now integrated with the Google Photos desktop uploader . It will enable users to back up files and photos from their computers so that they can be accessible from anywhere. They could even select their entire PC desktop for backing up, although it... [Full Article...]

26 minutes of Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay

26 minutes of Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay During Nintendo's Treehouse livestream, the publisher showed off almost 30 minutes of gameplay. Unfortunately, the town is attacked by an evil dragon which essentially leaves the land in a ruined state. Two new original characters, Lian and Zion, are sent to take back the village and put an end to the evil that now roams there. Today we also got a release window of Fall 2017. [Full Article...]

Apple's iPad Pro is closer than ever to replacing your laptop

Most of the smartphones before the iPhone were crap. As a reminder Apple's new iPad Pro comes with a 10.5 inch display that features a resolution of a resolution of 2,224 x 1,668 pixels. Well , you don't claim that you have something "more powerful than most PC laptops" if you can't back it up, right? "This one? Even better", Pierce writes . [Full Article...]

Erendira Wallenda to discuss plans for Niagara Falls stunt

Erendira Wallenda to discuss plans for Niagara Falls stunt A chance of rain was in the forecast for Thursday morning but Mrs. Wallenda said the only condition that would force postponement is lightning. Erendira's goal is to break her husband's record. "Remember that world record that you set years ago hanging by your teeth under a helicopter about 200 feet above the ground?" The Niagara County Legislature last month approved spending $35,000 for the ac... [Full Article...]

At least 12 dead in west London tower block fire

Throughout the night, the fire crews worked and the death toll rose. "This is going to be a long and complex recovery operation and I do anticipate that the number of fatalities will sadly increase beyond those 12". Sprinklers are not a legal requirement, but we made a decision to install them anyway, having listened to the advice of the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, and having taken on boa... [Full Article...]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: 40 minuti di gameplay all'E3 2017

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: 40 minuti di gameplay all'E3 2017 In attesa di novità vi lasciamo con il trailer, se invece volete recuperare altre informazioni sul titolo potete leggere il nostro precedente articolo . [Full Article...]

Feds Arrest California Man for Posting 'Deadpool' Full Movie on Facebook

Feds Arrest California Man for Posting 'Deadpool' Full Movie on Facebook He was busted after a federal grand jury in April returned an indictment alleging he reproduced and distributed a copyrighted work, based on an investigation by the FBI . Franklin faces up to three years in federal prison on the charge. He appeared in court Tuesday afternoon for his initial hearing, but no plea decision was entered, reports the Fresno Bee . [Full Article...]

Fake developers, scammers secretly fooling Apple

App names are now limited to 30 characters - down from 50 - and these shortened titles can now be supplemented with a subtitle. Citing an App Annie report , he added that the App Store had generated twice the revenue of Google's Play Store in the March quarter. [Full Article...]

Apple iPad Pro da 10,5" è ufficiale: "caratteristiche, prezzo e disponibilità

Apple iPad Pro da 10,5 Il display Retina di iPad Pro è stato riprogettato con ProMotion , una nuova tecnologia con refresh rate più alti fino a 120Hz per uno scorrimento assolutamente fluido, una maggiore reattività e contenuti motion più scorrevoli. I preordini dei nuovi iPad iniziano già da oggi. Con ProMotion , Apple Pencil è ancora più reattiva con una latenza ai vertici del settore di appena 20 millis... [Full Article...]

Uomini e Donne: le foto esclusive del matrimonio di Ramona Amodeo

Uomini e Donne: le foto esclusive del matrimonio di Ramona Amodeo Stavolta Juan Fran Sierra ha lanciato la bomba nel vero senso della parola e lo ha fatto senza preoccuparsi minimamente delle ripercussioni che potevano esserci, anche per lui e non solo per l'ex tronista . Io soltanto volevo un amore pulito e vero che pensavo anche di aver trovato con lui, è per questo che mi sono ridotto ad accettare ed essere anche complice in tutto questo circo. [Full Article...]

Tim Cook Confirms Apple is 'Focusing on Autonomous Systems'

Tim Cook Confirms Apple is 'Focusing on Autonomous Systems' In the interview, Cook said that the self-driving vehicle is just one objective of autonomous systems . Cook, who didn't elaborate on Apple's work , would only say that he believes self-driving auto technology is "very important" to his company. [Full Article...]

Xbox and Switch are becoming online buddies, where is Sony?

Those with Minecraft on Xbox One Edition , Nintendo Switch Edition, will get the new version for free , and the current worlds and downloadable content will also come to the new version. Mojan will be rebranding the game on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile and VR as just " Minecraft ". That's because any DLC you purchase will be accessible amongst the various devices at no extra charge. [Full Article...]

Protesters clash at 'Anti-Sharia Law' demos; site of December 2 attack

Both sides carried signs, shouted at one another and occasionally tried to block the opposition's movement around the 8092 Plantation Drive entrance to the Islamic center. One anti-Trump demonstrator said, "Glad we ran into each other in a place like this". An event called "Wash Away the Hate in Michigan" was held later Saturday at the state Capitol Building in downtown Lansing. [Full Article...]

Razer Thresher Ultimate wireless gaming headset announced for PS4 and Xbox One

Razer Thresher Ultimate wireless gaming headset announced for PS4 and Xbox One Announced on Tuesday at E3 , the Thresher Ultimate is a wireless headset created to sit comfortably on your head during long gameplay sessions thanks to over-the-ear cups heavily cushioned with memory foam. People who need to wear glasses should have a comfortable experience with the Thresher, as it also has foam indentations for temple relief. The headset is created to work up to 40 feet away fr... [Full Article...]

Barrasso statement on Paris climate agreement

This decision comes less than a week after President Donald Trump announced the USA would withdraw from the agreement, alleging it imposed unfair environmental standards on American businesses and workers. "We will need to rely on leadership at the state, city, and municipal level as we await leadership at the national level."States and cities hold enormous economic clout". [Full Article...]

E3 2017 - Metroid Prime 4 annunciato ufficialmente per Nintendo

E3 2017 - Metroid Prime 4 annunciato ufficialmente per Nintendo Nintendo ha rilasciato nuove informazione riguardanti Xenoblade Chronicles 2 , grazie ad un approfondito gameplay walktrough tenutosi durante l'E3 2017 . Il gioco uscirà nel 2018 su Nintendo Switch . Saranno comprese inoltre tutte le espansioni e le feature presenti nelle altre versioni del gioco. [Full Article...]

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