Canadian minister looking forward to Trump trade talks

On lumber, cheaper Canadian wood has reduced the cost of US homes but also caused recurring legal spats with the USA industry that alleges product-dumping. Trump said that what Canada had done to US dairy farm workers was a "disgrace". Asked about Trump's remarks earlier in the week about dairy, Trudeau acknowledged the likelihood that the message from the White House might occasionally switch f... [Full Article...]

Moons of Jupiter & Saturn May Hold Ingredients For Life

The latest findings suggest that Enceladus - a small, icy moon a billion miles farther from the sun than Earth - has almost all of these ingredients for habitability. Several moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn are known to contain underground oceans, but Enceladus is the only one where scientists have found proof of an energy source for life . [Full Article...]

Samsung heir accused of bribery, perjury as trial opens

Industry watchers, however, said Samsung's strong performance in chip sales is forecast to have helped improve its bottom line. The company also expects to report a rather flat revenue figure - 50 trillion won (approx $44 billion), which is 0.4 percent higher than analyst estimates. [Full Article...]

Is there life on Saturn's ocean-bearing moon Enceladus?

The finding have also provided further evidence that warm, mineral-laden water is pouring into the ocean from vents in the seafloor, as reported. During the final Cassini flybys of Enceladus, the spacecraft's Open Source Neutral Beaming instrument searched for hydrogen in the plume by sampling the gas. [Full Article...]

Call of Duty: World War II verrà annunciato questa settimana?

Call of Duty: World War II verrà annunciato questa settimana? L'indiscrezione è nata da IGN , più precisamente dall'ultimo episodio di Gamescoop durante il quale uno dei conduttori, Marty , ha affermato che nei prossimi giorni arriveranno notizie " fresche " accompagnate da un annuncio molto importante . [Full Article...]

Apple produrrà solo con materiali riciclati, stop al consumo di materie prime

Apple produrrà solo con materiali riciclati, stop al consumo di materie prime Attraverso la partnership con il WWF , quasi 130 ettari di foresta in Cina sono stati proposti per la certificazione 'Forest Stewardship Council' (FSC): è una foresta 'funzionale' che è tanto sostenibile quanto necessaria per coprire la produzione di carta da imballaggio di prodotto. [Full Article...]

Three exciting new features coming to your Facebook

Zuckerberg imagines AR experiences breaking down into three major categories: augmenting objects in the physical world with additional information , layering virtual objects onto reality like a board game or a television, and enhancing objects that are already there with extra effects. [Full Article...]

Microsoft changes Windows update programme

Microsoft changes Windows update programme With each release , System Center Configuration Manager will support this new aligned update model for Office 365 ProPlus and Windows 10. Moreover, Microsoft is adding a lot of new Office 365 application compatibility, upgrade assessment tools and monitoring, to try to make Office 365 ProPlus upgrades much easier. [Full Article...]

Man stabbed in India 'for supporting Sonu Nigam's Fajr Azaan tweet'

Man stabbed in India 'for supporting Sonu Nigam's Fajr Azaan tweet' We have always lived in a secular and strong country and we should be allowed to do so. I reacted because he insulted Islam by tweeting against the tradition of " Azaan ". He wrote on Twitter, "God bless everyone". When will this forced religiousness end in India. Within no time, he was trolled by Muslim community members and faced severe backlash on social media as his remarks were viewed as in... [Full Article...]

Why scientists are marching on Washington and more than 400 other cities

Why scientists are marching on Washington and more than 400 other cities Critics say the march is anti-Trump and anti-Republican. "The march is an opportunity for all people who support science and scientific research to take a public stand and demand evidence-based policies at the local, state and national levels", Ashley Souza, one of the march organizers, said. [Full Article...]

Goldman Sachs Maintains Sell on Tesla Inc (TSLA)

Goldman Sachs Maintains Sell on Tesla Inc (TSLA) Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has risen 51.41% since September 12, 2016 and is uptrending. (TSLA) reported its Actual EPS of $-0.69/share. The original version of this piece can be viewed at https://www.thecerbatgem.com/2017/04/21/tesla-inc-tsla-stock-rating-lowered-by-pacific-crest-updated.html. [Full Article...]

Letters: Time for war on science to stop

Letters: Time for war on science to stop For the upcoming "March for Science" on April 22, scientists will leave their labs and university lecture halls to fight for the recognition of their scientific and technological achievements. The 'March for Science' campaign aims to point out to the public why funding for science is important and highlight how this is now under threat and show support for evidence-based policy and academic ... [Full Article...]

Meteor shower to light up WA skies this weekend

Meteor shower to light up WA skies this weekend The Lyrids shower will peak in the early morning hours of April 22nd and 23rd. Stargazers will be able to see 10 to 20 meteors per hour, according to astronomy sites. Fireballs are meteors that become extremely bright as they burn up entering the Earth's atmosphere and can light up the entire sky for a few brief seconds. [Full Article...]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Zelda Top March 2017 Sales

Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Zelda Top March 2017 Sales After months of declines, videogame sales rebounded in March with the help of a new console from Nintendo (NTDOY -1.4%) and some strong game releases. Naji noted that the system "almost doubled" the total US hardware sales count for the month, to $485 million in all. You can see all of the top-seller lists NPD shared below. [Full Article...]

Samsung profits up 48% despite Note 7 fire troubles

The industry believes the memory chip market since the latter half of past year has entered a new super cycle, a period of an upturn as the result of replacements with high-performance memory in PCs and strong demand for mobile devices coupled with blossoming in aggressive investments from the makers. [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Pre-Orders Hit 1 Million Units, Report Claims

The Galaxy S8 is in fact the first smartphone to cross 1 million pre-orders. Samsung started shipping the new device for those who purchased it through preorders which ran from April 7-17. While Samsung has yet to ship its latest flagship smartphone line, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, all over the world, those who already got hold of the early units in South Korea already f... [Full Article...]

Trump calls Canada's dairy trade policies a 'disgrace'

Trump calls Canada's dairy trade policies a 'disgrace' MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Wisconsin and NY state officials have asked the U.S. Department of Agriculture to take action to help dairy farmers in their states who've been hurt by Canada's decision to change policy in pricing its own milk. USA prominence in the steel industry has been slipping for decades, and Mr. Trump is making some efforts to shore up the industry. "New York's dairy farms are esse... [Full Article...]

The UK would be welcome back in EU

The UK would be welcome back in EU The tough negotiating guidelines, obtained by the Politico.eu website, set out tight protections for EU citizens and budgets, as well as European businesses whose goods are traded in the UK. I am very clear that we want migration at sustainable levels. The Sun tabloid says European Union migrants would be allowed to come and work in British coffee shops, pubs and restaurants post-Brexit for two ... [Full Article...]

Final Fantasy XV si aggiorna

Final Fantasy XV si aggiorna Con questa modalità potrete godervi il gioco con un framerate stabile. I sottotitoli, così come le dimensioni dei caratteri di alcune schermate sono state aumentate. Molto probabile che l'aggiornamento sarà disponibile in contemporanea su PlayStation 4 e Xbox One , ma su questo non abbiamo ricevuto ancora conferma. [Full Article...]

President Trump Calls 100-Day Assessment 'Ridiculous'

President Trump Calls 100-Day Assessment 'Ridiculous' His regime has also been marked by controversy over United States intervention in Syria, and widespread dismay at his choice of the conservative Jeff Sessions as attorney general. Trump had promised huge changes during his first 100 days including cracking down on illegal immigration, a complete tax overhaul and the repeal and replace ObamaCare. [Full Article...]

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